kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 18)


Episode – 18
Manjiri along with others reach the hospital. She sees gauri and rushes to her.
MANJIRI-gauri where is kali?
Gauri points to her ward. Manjiri sees kaali in c.c.u. She breaks down totally, she is knelt to her knees.
MANJIRI- o ramji! What did my daughter do to u? Why r u punishing her? I can’t see her in this condition.
Vishwa tries to console her. Gauri comes out of the hospital.
GAURI-oh god!!! What a family drama going in there. I was feeling exhausted in there.
Neelu arrives there.
NEELU-where is kaali?
GAURI-why don’t you go in and see yourself. I am busy.
Neelu gets upset by gauri’s rude attitude.

At yug’s house chulbul gets worried for yug. Leela sees her worried.
LEELA- oh chulbul! Why are you worried?
CHULBUL-maa ji yug has not reached home. He told that he will be here by 11 o’ clock. But the time is 3 o’ clock. Samjhe ki samjhay?
Yug arrives. Leela runs to him. She sees his shirt full of blood.
LEELA- yug what happened to u?
YUG- dadi nothing one of my friend’s sister got hurt so i helped her to reach the hospital.
LEELA-how is she? What’s her name?
YUG-i don’t know her name but her sister’s name is gauri.
LEELA-is her full name gauri jha?
YUG-yes how do u know dadi?
LEELA-her father was my friend. That’s all. U go and change.

PRECAP : yug says ok for the girl whom leela selected.

Credit to: Saasha

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  1. Super . iam reading your story daily . thanks for uploading

  2. Good.thanks for uploading

  3. Pls make it kaali not gauri

  4. Hey Sasha sorry for the super late comment and so sad and this Yug uff why he accept the alliance anyways ur ff is awesome an getting better day by day nice twist 🙂

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