kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 17)


Episode – 17
Raju meets leela and tells everything to her.
LEELA-are you mad? I told u to kill gauri infact i had even given her photo but instead of her u hit another girl.
Police searches for raju. They find him and put him in the jail as this a hit and run case. Leela bails him out.
LEELA-will u do the next work properly or shall i hire somebody else?
RAJU- i will complete the work properly.
In the hospital kaali is taken to c.c.u ( critical care unit ). Doctor gives gauri the prescription of medicines and asks her to bring it immediately. She goes and buys it. But she doesn’t go to kaali’s ward. Yug comes.
YUG-gauri what r u doing here?
GAURI-oh yug i bought medicines for kaali but i got an impotant phone call so i was talking.
YUG-is the phone call more important than ziddi rani’s life. Give it to me i’ll give it myself.
Yug goes.
GAURI-another plan spoiled.

Raju calls leela.
Raju-the work is done.
Leela gets very happy knowing about it.
LEELA-jha babu get ready to meet ur death.
Chulbul listens to it.
CHULBUL-maa ji whose death?
LEELA-oh nothing my friend’s husband jha had died. U go from here.
Chulbul leaves.
LEELA-jha parivaar ur bad time has started.
She laughs hysterically.

PRECAP : manjiri breaks down seeing kaali’s condition.

Credit to: Saasha

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  1. Please make long updates

    1. Hey aishwarya actually thiss ff i had written like last month by splitting the episodes so i update it accordingly so it might be short. Sorry for the inconvinience.

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