kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 15)


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Episode – 15
Kaali and gauri are returning from college. Gauri sees some dresses and likes it. She goes to shop those dresses. Both cross the road and complete their shopping while crossing the road gauri is about to get hit by a truck.
She runs and pushes her. The truck hits kaali. Gauri falls down.
GAURI- don’t u have any sense. Why did u push me?
She turns and finds kaali bleeding.
KAALI ( in a low voice )-gauri r u alright?
GAURI- i am alright but i won’t let anything happen to u.
Kaali faints. Gauri thinks about yug and thinks to let kaali die. She doesn’t call for the ambulance. People crowd near kaali. Yug passing from there sees people crowded. He gets down from the car and goes near the crowd. He sees kaali bleeding and gauri playing in her phone.
YUG-gauri r u mad? Can’t u see her bleeding and ur playing.
GAURI-oh god! No yug u r thinking wrong. I was waiting fr ambulance and i got bored so thought to play a small game.
YUG-we can’t wait fr ambulance. We will take her to ambulance by my car.
Yug lifts her in his arms and runs to his car. Sajna plays.
GAURI (in her mind)-he spoiled all my plans.

Sharmila and neelu r in the coffee shop.
SHARMILA- do u love somebody?
NEELU-y r u asking?
SHARMILA- I just wanted to know.
NEELU-no .
SHARMILA-y r u telling lies!!
She narrates everything.

PRECAP : no precap. Sorry guys.

Credit to: Saasha

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  1. chih!!!!!!!!i hate kali serial….cz she is toooooooooo good….in this world no one can b sooo good like her…no one just cant sacrifice her or his love for a selfish sister….just stop or finish this serial please please please

    1. I want to knw whether u like my ff’s current track. Pls and thanks for sharing ur opinion

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