kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 14)


Episode – 14
Sharmila reaches home.
LEELA- sharmila where is yug?
SHARMILA- i don’t know.
Leela asks her to phone yug. She takes her phone out of her handbag. She sees that it is not her phone.

SHARMILA ( in her mind )-oh no!! Neelkand has my phone. It must have got exchanged in the hotel.
She thinks to call to her number. When she is about to call she gets a call in neelu’s phone. She attends it thinking the call must be from neelu. The call is from neelu’s friend.
NEELU FRIEND- hello neelu. You told me that u were going out with the girl u love. What was her name. Ahh sharmila. Did u go? How things went? What happened?? Tell me evryhing. Hello neelu u ther? Hello hello .
Sharmila cuts the call. She is stunned to hear this. Sharmila goes to neelu’s house. She rings the doorbell. Kaka comes and opens the door.
KAKA-whom do u want to meet?
SHARMILA-neelkand jha. This is his home am i right?
KAKA-yes. I will call him right now.
Kaka goes and calls neelu. He comes.
NEELU-hey sharmila what a surprise!
SHARMILA-actually our phones got exchanged. I came here to give u ur phone.
Neelu checks. He sees he is having sharmila’s phone. They exchange their phones.
SHARMILA-can we meet tomorrow at 5pm?
NEELU-yeah sure. Where to come?

SHARMILA-to the coffee shop.

The unknown person whom leela hired talks to somebody.
UNKNOWN PERSON-i want the work to be done at any cost.
ANONYMOUS-ji raju bhaiya.
RAJU-i want this work to be done by tomorrow.

PRECAP : no precap today.

Credit to: Saasha

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