kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 13)


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Episode – 13
Kaali decides to discontinue her studies. She tells this to manjiri.
MANJIRI-sona don’t stop ur studies. It’ll help u in the future.
KAALI-please manji maa.
MANJIRI-ok do whatever is right. I told what’s good for u .
KAALI-manji maa u got angry. Please don’t do this.
She does sit ups. But manjiri is still upset. She tries to entertain her but nothing works out. Lastly she makes funny faces. Manjiri laughs. Gauri listens to it.
GAURI( in her mind )- thank god!! she is discontinuing now yug is one and only mine.
Kaali goes with gauri for getting her discontinuation form.

Neelu is waiting for sharmila in the hotel to discuss about their project. Sharmila comes late.
SHARMILA-i’m so sorry. Traffic. I am very sorry for making u wait.
NEELU-no problem.
They both discussand leave for their homes.

PRECAP : sharmila is shocked.

I think u guys don’t like my ff so i am gonna stop it. Thank u for supporting me.

Credit to: Saasha

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