kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 12)


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Epispde – 12
At vishwa’s house vishwa is looking for a groom for gauri. Gauri keeps on rejecting everyone with one or the other reason.
GAURI-he is not handsome i don’t like him.
VISHWA-you have rejected everybody whom i have shown so far. How will i find a groom for u my princess ??
Kaali walks by listens to it.
KAALI- i will find gauri a perfect groom.
VISHWA- what?
KAALI-i will find a groom for gauri. Please let me do this task. Please please.
VISHWA- will u do it ?
KAALI- yes papa. I will do it.
Gauri goes to her room kaali follows her.
GAURI( in her mind )- thank god kaali has taken this task now she will help me to fix my marriage with yug.
KAALI- hey where r u lost ?
GAURI- i want to tell u something.
KAALI- yes tell me.
GAURI- if i marry i will marry only yug. Understood.
KAALI- i will try my best.
GAURI- u should not try u have to fix my marriage.
KAALI- ok.

Leela hires somebody. She tells her plan to him.
UNKNOWN PERSON-understood. Just think ur work will be done.
LEELA- i won’t think, the work should be done.

PRECAP : kaali discontinues her studies.

Credit to: Saasha

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