kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 11)

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Episode – 10
Gauri is seeing the profile of yug in friendzbook. Kaali knocks the door but gauri is so lost she didn’t notice. Kaali enters the room. She sees gauri seeing yug’s profile in friendzbook.
KAALI-ahmm. Somebody is so lost in work that she didn’t see her sister coming.
GAURI-kaali u!!! How dare u enter my room without my permission and from when r u standing here. And u dare call me ur sister u r just my kaala teeka understood.
KAALI- i had knocked the door.
GAURI-i asked u from when r u standing here??
KAALI-from the time u were seeing mr.angrybird’s profile.
GAURI-u have no rights to enter my room like this. Just get lost!
KAALI- i said i am sorry please forgive me.
GAURI-just get lost!!!.
Kaali goes put of the room. She is hurt by the words of gauri. She goes to temple and prays to ramji.

Kaali is doing household works. She slips and falls.
KAALI-oh ramji it’s paining very much.
She doesn’t say this to anyone. Vishwa calls kaali to do nazar utaarna of gauri as she is going out somewhere. She does it with great difficulty. Manjiri obseves this. Kaali later goes to her room. Manjiri follows her.
MANJIRI-kali show me ur leg. I saw u moving ur leg with great difficulty.
KAALI-arey manji maa nothing happened.
MANJIRI-i told to show right then show.
She shows her leg. She sees her leg is swollen. Manjiri applies ointment.
MANJIRI-how did u get this hurt?
KALI-nothing i just slipped.

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Credit to: Saasha

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..