kaala teeka : an unusual story (Episode 10)

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Episode – 10
At the hospital all are shocked because of nysha’s decision.
KAALI-yes u guys heard it right i am kaali and i am the kaala teeka of gauri.
Doctor comes and informs that manjiri has regained consiousness. Kaali runs to her ward.
MANJIRI -nysha !
KAALI -manji maa first time in my life i have done something without ur permission. Please forgive me.
And she narrates the whole story. Manjiri is shocked. Vishwa comes and asks her to do the nazar utaarna of gauri. Kaali complies. After few hours doctor informs that there is betterment in gauri’s health. Vishwa thanks kaali. After a few days gauri gets discharged.
GAURI -papa where is nysha?
Vishwa narrates everything to her.
GAURI (in her mind)- now she will do everything i tell her to do cause she is my kaala teeka better known as my slave.
VISHWA-where are u lost?
GAURI -nothing.

At yug’s house sharmila is thinking about neelu.
YUG- di are u thinking how should i select my boyfriend ?
SHARMILA – no of course not. Why u little brat!!.
They both start pillow fighting. They’re faces are covered with feathers.

PRECAP :gauri talks rudely to kaali. Kaali is hurt.

I know i update small episodes and i am sorry for that. Please do comment.

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  1. OMG I feel so bad for Nysha/Kaali

  2. So kaali n yug in this story ttoo?

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