Kaala Teeka Review: Sharp narrative of an unkind superstition with innocent-inspiring layers

Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka is a story with a different angle of superstition. This show brings an unseen concept on TV, of evil sight and process to get rid of it. Many people keep the bad sight off their children for their protection from evil sights. This show has a father who gets a poor girl to protect his daughter from all the evil sights. He remarks her as Kaala Teeka ‘Kaali’ to his daughter Gauri. Kaali is kept around Gauri always.


Though Gauri shares all her best things, Kaali is not provided all comforts. Kaali is given just plain black clothes. When innocent Kaali questions about her black color clothes, she is explained that she is just Gauri’s shadow, wherein shadow is black. Kaali is commanded to be with Gauri wherever she goes. This is the superstition rooted in Vishwaveer. His friend Raj Purohit just randomly suggested Vishwaveer being afraid of the latter’s anger. Raj Purohit regards Kaali as the evil sight extractor from Gauri. He feels whenever Gauri gets into any danger, Kaali will be facing dangers while Gauri will get safe. Vishwaveer makes Kaali a shield for Gauri.

Main Characters:

Vishwaveer Jha:kala22 Vishwaveer is a rich, dignified and respected astrologer. He turns into an overprotective father after Gauri’s birth. Vishwaveer’s happiness doubles when he gets a child and that too a girl as per his longing desire. He is well known for his accurate futuristic predictions. He can calculate the planetary positions and tell about the Kundlis, how the planets affects the human life. At the time of Gauri’s birth, he gets very concerned for Gauri’s safety. He loves Gauri a lot and is a caring father. He leaves the astrology practice for Gauri. He feels Kaali will protect Gauri from all hazards.

Manjiri Jha:kala9 Manjiri is Vishwaveer’s wife. She could not give him a child and gets her sister Madhuri married to Vishwaveer. Manjiri is a good natured, humble and soft hearted woman. She regards Vishwaveer’s superstition wrong and is in favor of Kaali. She treats Kaali equal to Gauri and is often shows affection to Kaali. She is much caring towards Kaali, seeing Kaali not getting enough respect. Manjiri knows what Kaali goes through and is supportive of her. She believes in doing good deeds and saves Kaali from getting scolded by Vishwaveer. Manjiri is a positive person and unbiased towards Gauri and Kaali.

Kaali:kala2 Kaali is an innocent, enthusiastic, positive and good hearted girl. She is regarded the hope for Gauri’s safety. Kaali is inspiring figure. She will be shining despite being Gauri’s shadow. Kaali has many duties and she finishes everything heartily. Kaali is believed to be Kaala Teeka of Gauri. Kaali is Gauri’s best friend. Kaali is loved by Manjiri and often finds a mum’s love in Manjiri’s company. Kaali feels caged to be limited around Gauri all the time. She wishes to get free some day and fly high as ray of light, not grounded as shadow.

Gauri Jha: kala16Gauri is the most loved member in the family. Gauri is the only girl child in the Jha family born after 80 years. Gauri is sweet, beautiful and good natured girl. She is Vishwaveer’s dearest daughter. She is much cared by her father. She is close to Kaali and has a good bond with her. She shares all her belongings with Kaali. Gauri studies in the best school and provides knowledge to Kaali, as Kaali is not allowed to attend school. Gauri loves to be pampered by Manjiri, Madhuri and Vishwaveer. Gauri cares for Kaali. Gauri is very young and does not realize Kaali is kept as her Kaala Teeka.


Bhupinder Singh as Vishwaveer Jha
Dalljiet Kaur as Manjiri
Mita Vashisht as Jethi Bhabhi
Sargam Khurana as Kaali
Adaa Narang as Gauri
Rajesh Puri as Raj Purohit

Story So Far:

kala32This is the story of an astrologer Vishwaveer residing in Mithila city. He does tough Tapasya to get a daughter. He prays to Sita Maa. He wishes Sita Maa comes his home and ends the 80 year old curse on his family. Jethi Bhabhi is Vishwaveer’s Bhabhi who is insecure to lose her place in the household. Jethi Bhabhi was left by her husband years ago and she took up sainthood. She tells Vishwaveer that neighbors should not see any good thing happening in our home. She says Madhuri is going to deliver the child by doing propaganda. Madhuri gets her gown washed in phenyl and talks to Manjiri about hygiene. The minister calls Vishwaveer and troubles him.

kala31Manjiri expresses her grief of not giving a child to Vishwaveer and hence got him married to her sister Madhuri. Manjiri hopes Madhuri delivers the daughter Vishwaveer has been longing for. Vishwaveer is tensed to depict Kundlis. He says once his daughter is born, he will see that minister. Madhuri visits the temple. Vishwaveer worries and Raj Purohit assures nothing wrong will happen. Vishwaveer prays to Mata Rani for some help, and promises to leave his precious thing. Madhuri gets critical. Few women come there and deliver Madhuri’s child. A poor couple comes with their 6th female child and feel burdened. Their little just born baby becomes a savior for Madhuri’s baby girl by her auspicious presence near Madhuri. Raj Purohit has observed how the poor couple’s girl has strong Pariknama. He feels both girl’s lives are linked. Manjiri tells Vishwaveer that Maa Sita has come in their house.

kala35Vishwaveer thanks Maa and is very glad. He leaves his astrology work for the sake of his daughter’s safety, as per his promise to Mata Rani. Jethi Bhabhi starts manipulating the situation and says the baby can catch their family’s bad sight. She applies Kaala Teeka to the girl. Manjiri sees the girl getting blue and holding breath. She informs Vishwaveer. He rushes his daughter to hospital. The poor man Hariya buries his daughter, while his wife tries to stop him. Raj Purohit tells Vishwaveer that its his own bad sight to his daughter. Vishwaveer asks did he go mad, how is this possible. Raj Purohit says your happiness was too high to catch your own bad sight. He tells a remedy to get rid of bad sight. He suggests to transfer the bad sight on someone else. Raj Purohit tells them about Hariya’s daughter who is beneficial for Gauri. Vishwaveer and Raj Purohit rush to Hariya to ask about his daughter. Hariya says he has buried his daughter and cries.

kala37Vishwaveer starts digging to find Hariya’s daughter. Vishwaveer tells Hariya that this girl has born to make my daughter’s curse away. Madhuri asks the doctor to save her daughter. Manjiri consoles Madhuri. Vishwaveer gets the poor girl and tells Raj Purohit. They get her to the hospital. Vishwaveer feels his daughter is a blessing, and this poor girl was unwanted by her poor parents. He tells Manjiri that he will change their fate now and makes the poor girl catch his daughter’s bad sight. Manjiri gets shocked by this strange superstition and cries.

kala39Vishwaveer gets glad seeing his daughter getting fine. He keeps the poor girl aside. Manjiri sees the poor girl and takes her. Manjiri welcomes the poor girl in her home and hugs her with motherly love. Madhuri takes care of her daughter, while Manjiri brings poor girl. Vishwaveer gets a call about his land problems getting solved and regards his daughter lucky. Madhuri tells him that it’s their daughter’s good luck. Vishwaveer tells Raj Purohit that he will give a grand party today. Jethi Bhabhi gets jealous seeing them celebrate. Vishwaveer asks Jethi Bhabhi to let this celebrations happen. Jethi Bhabhi scares him of bad sight. Raj Purohit asks them not to worry as they have this Kaala Teeka girl. Manjiri feels bad.

kala44 Vishwaveer shows his daughter to the guests and tells them that a daughter is born in their family after 80 years. Jethi Bhabhi takes Kaali from Manjiri and taunts her. She thinks if Kaali exists, Vishwaveer’s daughter will not be harmed. She plans to kick out Kaali from home. Jethi Bhabhi goes to Hariya and gives him money, asking him to manage his daughter. Hariya is drunk and then gets conscious. She leaves Kaali near the dustbin. Hariya picks the cash and does not see Kaali there. A dog comes near the bin and barks at Kaali.

kala50Raj Purohit says Gauri is fine by the miracle. Jethi Bhabhi calls it Mata’s grace. A chandelier is about to fall on Gauri, while the road pole shakes up and is about to fall on Kaali. The chandelier and pole fall down. Gauri and Kaali remain unharmed. Manjiri goes to find Kaali, while Vishwaveer saved Gauri. Manjiri brings Kaali back home. Manjiri confronts Vishwaveer for leaving Kaali on road to die. She considers Kaali pure and asks Vishwaveer not to make a human an object. Vishwaveer tells everyone that Kaali will become Kaala Teeka for his daughter Gauri. He covers Kaali in a black cloth and permits her to stay in his house, only to cut all the bad sights off Gauri forever. He finds it better step as Kaali would get a life, even after getting abandoned by Hariya.

Our Take:

kala135This show brings the extreme superstition in picture. To regard someone as a symbol of hope and happiness is common, but here a human is kept as an evil sight cutter. It brings lots of emotions and inspiring moments in the show, wherein one little girl is kept as shield for the rich girl. The concept is clear and raw. The cast is well justified. Watching the show gives a very filmi feel attached to every scene.

kala13It has powerful dialogues, impactful performances and lots of tears to add up high drama. Bhupinder Singh is marvelous in his portrayal. Mita Vashisht is superb to portray a jealous, insecure and manipulative character. The child actors will be shown in next few weeks. Dalljiet Kaur as Manjiri justifies every scene by her natural screen presence. This story will unfold into an inspiring one to show how a superstition victim turns into a amazing personality. Kaali will be shining and breaking all limits set by Vishwaveer. Kaali’s hardships, countenance and innocence will surely be interesting journey to watch. As per first week, the show looked pleasant and draws attention. The storyline went on well, as first week covered good amount of track quickly. Not many dull moments in it. Some comic relief is there by Madhuri’s modern bahu character.


kala15The show would be loved watching the child actors’ chemistry and innocence brought by them. The superstition concept will turn into an inspiring story of how a little victimized girl transforms into a great personality. The girl Kaali would make everyone realize she is human and not a lemon/object to cut evil sight. Kaala Teeka would be a good watch, instead long running – no result romance drama and much disturbing saas-bahu fights. This show has a unique concept and might draw your interest.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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