KAALA TEEKA: when love takes over (Intro)


thank u guys for motivating me to write..I would try to make it the best i can so that it is enjoyable to read…n there might be a few parts coming that actually none of us would like bcuz no food is tasty with a variety of spices added in it! n at the end i am kali n yug lover ….n since this is my first ff please be there wid me to point out whats ridiculous n whats amazing..PS i need ur support….umm so here is it

Beforehand i had thought to start off with the current track but i feel it wud create a haphazardic situation..so i ll start with the leap n i may just copy paste things at some pt of thing..when i fell tht this aint no better….n most of the characters are the same but there r slight differences

YUG will 90% be the same! the 10% change is that he is academically excellent n is on verge of running business ..n here he has to find the truth of…
KAALI – i would prefer her to be bold n strong and a girl who is tuff n ready to stand for herself..she lacks confidence at times n her main motto is to get respect frm vishwa, protect
gauri n to be free of all the stereotypes tht vishwa create..n to stop the mess taiji creates..
NEELKANTH will be not someone who works under influence of anyone..and has a stud sort of personality..he is good to everyone but at the same time harsh to those who try to do something bad with his loved ones…..n he loves his both the sisters most…n dosent like vishwa much
SHARMILA is sweet n not a revengious personality…also she isint ill treated by any1..though there r still little boundaries for her bcuz she is already engaged

n about GAURI we all want her to be good,dont we? but there is one thing which hits me is that can u eat the same kind of food everyday even though there r different spices..we cant..similarly if al of us start making gauri good(except the real show:i want her to be good) then what will be the fun of reading each n every ff…u know then the things would be around 15-20. there wont be 100% difference..n i feel its good to try each variety of food..So i promise it wont be that bad n infact good..so she wont be goddie to shoes but she wont be a vamp too..she will be just like a leo..a little arrogant,fear-free,n she cud speak anything in front of anyone withouth thinking n she too is fond of kaali..(I hope its nt bad till nw)

N MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT THERE WOULD BE A NEW ENTRY ..A NEW MAIN LEAD..n also a few entries..which will come time to time with their character sketch…
so this is how it will start ( a small glimpse)

the curtains are raised and a profound sculpture of ramji is shown
An immense crowd is listening to the sweet voice of her..n she.. she is lovingly singing “sunlo meri iltejaah oh ramji!” she is kaali….when she stops singing a huge crowd head her starts hooding n there is only one fragrance around, the fragnance of her warmth voice n a beautiful song..the judges praise her..n soon the anchor announces that the time has come when we announce the much awaiting result of the evening..The voice of Mithila is…

PRECAP: Yug says that i am in love with her voice when gauri n kaali arrive at the cafeteria….

i made it very short so that i could aask that is this style of writing suitable n convincing or should i mould it…n make it to fully to a dialogue conferencing rther than making it a play n a story sort of a structure..i will only continue when i get the reviews that this start is convincing or not and this writing is good or not…so that u like it further

PLEASE SUPPORT ! THANKU FOR READING! n suggest a title also: someting related to yug n kaali love forever which is their biggest strength n something related to destiny

Credit to: NONAME

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  1. nice waiting for next episode

    1. thanku….
      u are nt making one..?

  2. Story is too good. Ya there will be no spicy without opponents. Ok I agree (but still don’t want) with gauri’s character which you chose. And both dialogues or story its a choice for you. You can prefer what you want. Surely you can continue dr ? waiting for your new thoughts (ff)…

    1. dont worry…gauri is not going to be bad..she may at times like in show but she wont..anyhow..
      cuz i dont even like bad gauri..well i wont bring abt major change in the first half n then i will chnge it(cuz i dont like what is happening) n idk y m i saying this to u bt there is something ecstatic which happens when i see kaali n yug.. they romance n i feel good seeing them…
      so i prefer a happy ending!
      n thanku so much!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. well there was one thing i wanted to ask..might make u anxious bt r u a salman khan fan
      PS ‘devil’ sorry to ask

      1. hey how did you guess? ya me nice fan of salman…. but pls tell me how?

  3. It’s gud…plz keep posting …

  4. hey dear thanks for continuing and i know no one can be perfect so yaa gauri is also not a devi or something to be perfect , no problem with that but please don’t make her to separate kayu and new male lead , hopefully you’ll consider my last request , i am surely gonna read you ff ,and a title related to your story can be : kaliyug ki prem kahani!!!
    kayu -ek alag dastan…
    or something like
    Kayu -a pair made in heaven….
    dear i am not at all good at all this but just thought to give you a few suggestions and about writing format ,i would prefer it to be dialogues but at the end its your wish , do continue and all the best for your ff….

    1. IK..I M IN LUV WITH KAYU… though i might not like theiracting seperately bt together they form a great pair.. gives #lovegoals at times xD.. n thts why i told new entries gauri will have some1 else

      1. hey dear , didn’t understood your comment fully , but i guess , i did a blunder in my first comment , i meant that please don’t make guari to separate kayu ,and then i was saying that bring a new male lead,
        i guess you misunderstood it due to my punctuation error
        dear i also like them both , actually as individuals as well as pair …..
        so here i think i cleared my point , if not do tell i’ll surely clear my point…..

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