KAALA TEEKA: when love takes over (Epi – 1)


so..thanku for replying and supporting..to DEVIL(I dont get Kick until i think alot 😉 might be a coincidence yet i thought devil=devi lal=kick=salman khan n since devil cant be ny1s name) … nw u guys really didnt like the idea of gauri being 50-50 n u were telling so i would unfold the main part right now n not later
ARJUN(saw kapoor n sons so cudnt think of any better nme)- he is the best frnd of yug aka rohan n his other frnd who often comes idk his name..n they form a gang, three musketeer sort off…he is a frnd of gauri since alot of time..bt here is a negative, mithila is his hometown bt he shifted in mumbai..n now he is bak for an year
(PS u can take this role to be of parth samanthan–specially for u piya)


Anchor: the voice of mithila is Gauri Jha
(gauri is shown)
gauri goes to backstage…
Gauri:kaali we won..i wonder what wud i have done without u…i mean ur voice…now in no time i will become a superstar..n i will go to mumbai,click selfies n then hollywood!
now i have to go n give my friends a treat, u go home
Kaali: bt gauri badhke papa has come to home u should meet him..he would ask for u..
Gaauri:u dont tell me what i have to do n what i dont have to..u r my kaala teeka u just take care of me n sing
Kaali: bt..
(gauri leaves)
g is for guards here
yug: please let me go inside i have to congratulate her…
g:sorry bt we cant let any1 go inside like this..
yug:bt i am her frnd
g:no sir we cant let u go to back stage
y:ohk i ll sing! he starts singing ramji…
gauri has left kaali turns and see him singing n smiles…yug is only able to see her rear view…..
YUG leaves…

at the cafe….
yug arjun n mr.3 are sitting n having tea
yug: the depth originality melody of the voice..i cant forget her voice..i think i have fallen in luv with her….
gauri n kaali arrive there…
gauri says to kaali that u can go home now i will wait for my frnds n will come late..
kaali:bt badhke paapa…
gauri:where was he all the time?jail se aa rahe hai he is not coming after winning something!
kaali:ramji..now u have to make her understand..
(kaali passes by yug n yug starts to feel n turns…….she has gone)
yug: how do i find her?
arjun: u do onethhing just fit in a mike somewhere n announce this..
yug: u just like to tease me..

n then their first meeting same as in the show ..if u dont remember ( manji maa called yug went out bt here yug himself listens n tell i ll help her he kidnaps gauri n takes her n then thanku ramji on the car)

I know this isint tht original almost 95% goes around the show bt i found it the best…i ll change things prominently after yug n gauri meet..!
n secondly yug kaali gauri arjun are the main lead..i wont focus on others much except on manjima,kalyni,vishwa n at times on sharmila n neel kanth

i didnt write much today bcuz i wanted to post a bigger n better section oh holi..happy holi guys….
n maybe this isint tht good bt it will gt bettr day by day

just keep commenting

Credit to: no name

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  1. Patricia Ramrup

    Thanks for posting. I love it. Thoughts from the USA, Connecticut.

    1. welcome,glad you liked it….n its wonderful to see people all around the world liking indian serials n infact commenting on them.. Greeting from India,northern hemisphere. xD

      1. well this i a ff..bt i thought if u read ff then u might be seeing the show too

  2. hey , nice start , looking forward to the next part and thanks for considering my request ,
    HAPPY HOLI !!!!!

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