Kaala teeka- kali (Epi-4)


A year past with kali gone. everything was going wrong for gauri, first she had to quit her career, than yug divorce her saying he wasnt going to lie to himself anymore. she cried for days until her vishwa came to get her. he blamed it all on kali for leaving and to add more to the fire kalyani told gauri that kali always wanted what she couldnt have, and since she couldnt have it she cursed you. gauri didnt believe it at first but with time she started to. vishwa on the other hand was helpless seeing her daughter so sad, he had beg yug to take her back but he refused, saying my destiny is not with gauri but kali. this infuriates vishwa, making him cause a tantrum. yug just ignores him and close his door. the priest suggested he find someone else to tie gauri fate with, vishwa told him theirs no one else but yug. the priest than said instead of getting a lucky charm to get rid of her daughters bad luck, why not counter it, darkness should counter darkness.

vishwa asks whose luck is as bad as gauri, and so this is where our story will unfold with a new twist.

kali is seen getting of the train. she search around until she found yug. happy she ran and yug him. yug held her for few more minute until he puts her down. ” kali, i’ve missed you so much” he says kali smile she picked up her bags but yug says he will do it. kali insisted but he told her she must be to tiered from her travel. see even though kali disappeared she never stopped texting yug. they talked about many things and became so close. they practically know everything about one another. yug took her to his car and from there they went to the temple. while she was praying he hoped kali would changed her mind about her decision. see after they make amend, yug told kali that he likes her a lot more than friends, but kali told him its not right to start something with him, when he divorce gauri. she told him she needs time and gauri permision to be with him, this upsets yug greatly.

yug had ask her why she needs her permision to be in a relationship with him, and kali says because shes my family. she must be hurt right now, and us being together would just open her wound. yug sigh, he said fine, he will let it go, but in his mind he told himself he will convince her no matter what to give him a chance, even without gauri consent. so here we are now in the present time. after the trip to the temple, yug decides to take kali on a friendship date. he took her to his favorite cafe and she ordered a small cake. she asks him if he was ordering and he said he already did. this confuse kali. she told him he didnt, and he said he did. so to prove her wrong yug move closer to her and grab a fork, than he took a peice of her cake and ate it. “what are you doing” she asks surprise

he looks at her with a smile ” i’m eating my share of the cake”

” no, this is my cake and my favorite. so no sharing” she says grabbing the small plate to move it, before she could yug held her hand still. he told her she was worried about him not eating, but when his finally eating shes taking it away. she tried moving but he wouldnt let her go. ” you should already know kali, whats yours is mine as well. it will continue like this for a very long time.”

baffle kali whispers ” you dont even like this flavour”

“your right i dont, but you do” he says

they had an eye moment before yug grab his fork and fed her. this made her blush, when she realize they just indirect kiss. yug let go of her hand before opening his mouth saying “AAh!” kali still blushing decides to get even with him. she took some whipped cream and put it on his face. this surprise him, she giggle and stood up quickly running to his car while yug smile before shouting her name.

to be continued…………….

Credit to: kk

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