Kaala teeka- kali (Epi-3)


Kali meets gaur I at the school parking lot. She gave her the bags before turning to leave. ” Kali?” Gaur I calls ” where are you going with those?” She asks

Kali held on tight to the handle, ” I’m leaving gauri”, gaur I confuse asks if she was going back home. Kali shook her head ” I’m going to go look for manji-ma than live with her”

gaur I surprise now panicked, she touch her shoulder to turn her around ” what is this Kali?, you can’t leave me, what will I do? What about my career” she says

” I’m sorry gaur I, but I need to find myself first, being your shadow has made me lose who I am. I don’t even know what I want anymore and its overwhelming”

Gaur I now starts to cry ” please Kali don’t leave me, I’m nothing without you” she says before getting an idea ” listen, I can get vishwa to give you back your kundli, so just please don’t leave” she begs.

Kali avoid her eyes, in heart she knows vishwa won’t do it. After all she had asked him, and he lied to her. ” I’m sorry gaur I but that’s final, I’m leaving” she says now moving away from her and turning to leave. She ignored gaur I crying and walk away from her.

When Kali was far from the school. She stops to take a break. When suddenly she heard a voice ” hey girl with the black dress, can you move a little. Your blocking the sun” he says

Kali turn to see a man sitting on the ground while leaning on the tree. He looked dirty and uncleaned. He had a rough look and was wearing a green and grey under shirt. Scared she apologized and starts to walk away.

While walking she heard a police siren. She wonder why they were so many police around. Suddenly their was a heavy wind and her black duppat left her neck. She turn to go after it, when it landed on the man from earlier, covering his face.

The police past right by them, while the last one stop ” you two, be careful theirs a criminal that ascape from jail. He goes by the name of Yama. He’s very dangerous so be aware.” He says before leaving.

Once he was gone kali hope she doesn’t meet that criminal and hope they catch him. The man remove the duppat smirking. He look at her and thank her. This confuse her a bit, but she didn’t worry to much about it. ” can I have my duppat back” she says feeling uncomfortable.

” no”


” why not”

” because this thing here save me, so I’m keeping it.” He says

” its mine, you can’t have it”

” I don’t really care because I’m keeping it” he says turning to leave.

” stop!” She says but he ignored her and leave

Kalpi upset decides to search for another one in her bag and puts it on. Once done she continued her walk until she reached a temple. Manji-ma should be around here, she thought looking around.

She asks around and they told her she was praying at the temple. She thank them and walk up the stairs, there she met yug saying good bye to the priest. ” yug?”she says

He stop and look at her before turning to leave . she grab his hand ” listen to me tug, I’m sorry. I…we didn’t mean to play games with you” she says

” than why, why didn’t you tell me the truth. Why did you allow this marriage to happen” he says

Kalpi pause for a second ” gaur I… She really love you so I couldn’t disappoint her”

Yug became angry ” enough about gaur I, what about you , what do you want” he says

” i- I want” she says avoiding his eyes “I want to be with manji-ma ” she finished. Yug was a little disappointed, but he sigh and told her manji is very upset right now.

Kali told him she knows, but she won’t give up until kanji forgive her. Yug nod before looking at her he wish he could tell her how miserable he is now, how he wished gaur I was her and how he want to show her how much he loves her. But he can’t because he has moral and so does Kali.

They both knew because of the marriage, it became awkward for them both. Kali may love yug but she will help gaur I in anyway she can because gaur I is her family. She wouldn’t betray her, ever.

They both turn to leave not saying good bye. Kali turn to look at yug, in her heart she said good bye to him and hope he take good care of gaur I. When she turn away tug stares at her, he says he will always love her that will never change, if they were ment for each other it will happen. He hope it happen soon because he doesn’t want to be apart from her.

Kali walk inside to see manji finish praying. She smile seeing her. She called her name but manji turn away. ” manji-ma please don’t ignore me” she begs

Manji turn around and asks her why she was here. Kali told her she came to get her. ” I’m not going Kali” she says

” why manji?”

” because you lied to me”

Kali now in tears apologized ” I just wanted you to forgive vishwa-papa so we can be a family again” she says

Manji frown ” kali its to late for that, our relation broke the day he broke his promise to me. When he didn’t believe my words” she says

” b-but he regrets it manji. He misses you a lot”

“Kali, I’m not going to have this argument with you.” She says

Kali pause thinking to herself. She made up her mind ” I’m really sorry manji-ma, I should have told you the truth when you asked. Please forgive me, you are the only family that cares for me” she says

Manji wanted to stay mad at her, but she just couldnt . ” I forgive you Kali” when she said this Kali ran and hug her, happy at last. Manji hug her as well crying. Once they were calm, manji told Kali she wasn’t coming back to yug family or vishwa.

Kali suggested that they start a new beginning for themselves. ” your right Kali, I wanted to take you away long ago, but fate wanted me to stay.now theirs nothing holding us back” she says ” come let’s leave this place for good”

Kali smile before grabbing her luggage. They both went down stairs before calling for a taxi. Once in they told the driver to take them to the bus stop. They don’t know where they will be gping , but as long as its far away its fine.

Elsewhere, gaur I called her dad but he didn’t pick up. She wondered what’s going on there. She left a message before hanging up. I hope papa stops Kali before she leaves. If she’s gone my career and luck will be gone. She thought worriedly.

Meanwhile vishwa had tied kalyani. She told him he will regret this, but he only laugh. Pandit ji was secretly on vishwa side. She knew how ruthless he can be but at the same time knew how conniving kalyani is that is why he’s staying out of there war.

Vishwa calls the police telling them everything. Once they arrive he told them to lock her up for good. For the attempt on murdering his wife. The police grab her and drag her out. All the while glaring at vishwa ” you will loose everything, mark my words” she says

Vishwa laughs ” theirs nothing that can as cape me, I will make sure you are sentence to death.”

Once kalyani was gone, vishwa laughs before his phone ring. He click on the message that gaur I sent and was shock what he heard. Angry he squeeze his phone almost breaking it. Pandit ji gulp nervously. ” GET ME MY CAR PANDIT!” He practically scream

Pandit quickly call the driver to come. Once he came he got in and told the driver to drive. He called all the metros telling them to block everywhere. After finished he drove to the nearest bus stop. He got out and search for Kali, he search every bus but he couldn’t find her. He went to the next station and did the same thing.

What vishwa didn’t notice was Kali and manji bording on the bus he already check. They both got on and sit down. Kali sat by the window seat talking to manji. When vishwa got of the last bus, he hit a pole and curse.

If Kali leaves gaur I life will be in danger. I have to find her before its to late. He thought, just than pundit Ji saw kali by the window. He was about to tell vishwa when a fly enters his mouth. He choked and tried to take it out. It wasn’t until the bus was completely gone that the fly came out.

He cough and held his throat. Vishwa asks him if their was something wrong. He shook his head ” I saw Kali on the bus” he says

” really, why didn’t you tell me sooner” he says angry

” I tried”

Vishwa told his driver to drive and follow the bus from earlier, but they couldn’t find the bus. They all look the same. Upset vishwa sat in his car, thinking of a plan. What to do now, Kali is gone. Should I find a new kaala tek or involve the police in this. He thought

He decides to involve the police. He told them all about Kali and claim that someone kidnapped her and got on the bus with her. The police told him they will find her and the culprit.

” good, I want her back here fast” he says

He came back home and sat in his chair ” once your back I will lock you up for good, you won’t have any freedom, not even to go to school. He thought.

To be continued………….

Credit to: Kk

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