Kaala teeka- kali (Epi-2)


When yug arrive home he went straight to his room and lock the door. His dadi tries to talk to him but he refuse. He was to hurt to see anyone especially gauri . dadi went down stairs upset, when she saw yug mom walking in with gaur I she stops them

Dadi: what are you doing?

Mam: she’s our new bahu we have to welcome her.

Dadi: she might be the bahu but yug does not accept her, and anyone that cheats my grandson will never be apart of this family.

Mam: (sadly looks at gauri)

Dadi: she will not enter this house until tug accepts her. If anyone let her in than they will be punished.

Mam: but?”

Dadi: that’s final

Dadi walks away leaving gaur I speechless. Never in her life has anyone been so strict with her. Mam apologized to her, she told her that dadi will come around so she doesn’t have to worry. Gauri in her head hope that’s true. Once the door was closed on her, she looks around to see if theirs anywhere she can sleep.

When she saw a stool she sat down. She could hear crickets and flies flying around. ” Eeh!” She says shooing them away, she got up again and drag the stool to another spot, there she slept with her head down. I miss you already papa she thought sadly.

The next day Kali search for manji, when she couldn’t find her she went to school. While in class she notice gaur I wasn’t there. I hope gaur I’s alright, she mumble. After class she walk outside only to see gaur I standing there arm cross in her wedding attire.

Everyone was whispering about her, yug sister walk by not even giving her a glance. When yug pull up, he saw both girls standing there talking. He sigh before walking pass them. Gaur I tries to say something but he ignored her. Kali watch him pass by, her heart was in pain just seeing him.

Gaur I huff, before looking at Kali.

Gaur I: what’s his problem, yes I know we lied to him, but he shouldn’t treated us like this.

Kali: he has every right to be mad gaur I, we lied and played games with him.

Gaur I: ( frown) it was for a good cause, besides we started this before he came in our life. I should be the one angry by the way they treated me.

Kali: (curious) what do you mean?

Gaur I: they let me sleep outside in the dark, all alone. I could have been kidnapped or hurt.

Kali: (worried looks at her up and down) are you alright?is that the reason why your not

Gaur I: (nod) luckily nothing bad happens, but I need a favour from you.

Kali: what favour?

Gaur I told her to bring her some clothes from her house since she can’t go back so soon. Kali agrees, just when she was about to turn around to leave. She remembered kalpi words, ” you don’t have to be her shadow, be a leader ” she contemplated whether to refuse gaur I request but seeing gaur I so tired she continued walking. That’s right, just this once I will do what gaur I says, but next time I will surely refuse. She thought trying to convince herself

When she entered the house vishwa was pouring water on himself while praying.she walk by expected not to be notice, but vishwa stops her.

Vishwa: were you with gaur I?

Kali: ( stays quiet)


Kali: ( flinched) y-yes she was fine

Vishwa: ( sighs with relief) that’s good, after what happend yesterday I thought they would have mistreated my princess

Kali: ( bites bottom lip)

Vishwa: (laughs before getting up) doesn’t matter anymore as long as my daughter is happy than its fine.

Kali turn around to go to gaur I room, but before she did vishwa told her to watch over gaur I and make sure nothing g bad happen to her. He also told her she needs to stay close to gaur I, so she could word of evil.

Kali breath before looking at vishwa. OK Kali this is the first step of moving forward she thought.

Kali: I will protect gaur I

Vishwa: *smiles*

Kali: but not as kaala teeka, but as a sister and a friend.

Vishwa: *frown* what are you saying Kali?

Kali: *gulps* I-i w-wont be gaur I lucky charm anymore, I will stand beside her from now on and do what’s best for me.

Vishwa: * hits the table* you listen to me Kali, if it wasn’t for me your life would have been nothing, matter fact you would be dead. So you owe it to me and gaur I.

Kali: * takes a deep breath* and I am greatful for that, but it wasn’t you who raised me it was manji-ma. She treated me well and she’s the best mother figure I’ve ever had. Its because of her that I’m staying by gaur I side, other wise I would have left her long ago.

Raj: *enters* see what’s happening, your losing your control over her (whispers)

Vishwa: * bold fist*

Raj: it won’t be long before she leaves gaur I, causing her death.

Vishwa: (turns red) I won’t let that happen, I won’t let you leave my gaur I. You will listen to what I say or else I will make you by force.

Kali: * prays for ramji to give her strength* I wont leave gaur I, she’s like a sister. I just won’t be her shadow anymore, I have a life too. What will happen when I get married, do you honestly want me to leave my husband and kids to tend to gauri?

Vishwa: *stays silent*

Kali: I won’t let that happen, I am a person papa. Not a slave or a thing. Please just let me be free of this title, let me walk beside gaur I and protect her. ( cries)

Vishwa: NO

Kali: *whipes her tears* I see, than I have no choice.

She walks away and grab gaur I things than she grab some of her things. When she came down stairs madh asks where she was going with all those stuff. Kalpi ignores her and walk outside.she thought to herself I’m sorry papa, but once I find manji-ma I will stay with her. Than find a job so we can get a place together, she thought exiting the house.

To be continued…………

Credit to: Kk

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