Kaala teeka- kali (Epi-1)


Kali watches as tug and gauri wedding start, she was sadden to see it happen. But she couldn’t do nothing about it. She turn around afraid that yug might see her expression. She wiped her tears before leaving to go to the kitchen, while walking away she was unaware of tug watching her sadly.

See yug have been in love with Kali forever, he even refused to marry gaur I, but when gaur I decides to commit suicide because of him Kali rejected him refusing his love. This made dadi even more happy, so here he was now. Marrying a girl he doesn’t love.

Kali while walking bump into someone, she apoligized and quickly pick things up. A hand stops her and apologized as well. When the hand touched her she felt something like she knows the person looking up she saw the person turned to leave.

This feeling, I know it and its so familiar. Could she be manji-ma? She thought getting up and running after her ” MANJi-MA!” She screams

The lady stop and turn around. When she did Kali heart skipped. She had tears of joy running down her face, ” I knew you were alive manji-ma, I just knew it”

Manjiri watch Kali with a calculated eyes, she didn’t know who the girl was but she looks familiar ” how do you know my name?” She asks

Confused Kali stops crying ” what are you saying manji-ma??, I am Kali your child”

” child?”

Kali nods ” we all thought you died, but now that your alive you can expose everything. And vishwa papa will be happy again.”

Manjiri could see the hope in her eyes, but she still doesn’t know who she is or why her new in law would be happy to see her. ” I’m sorry Kali, but I think you got it wrong. I’m not your mam, I don’t even have kids.”

When she said this Kali heart broke for the second time “y-you a-are manji-ma” she says

Manjiri heart broke seeing her crying, ” I’m sorry Kali” she says turning to leave, while she was leaving Kali fell on the floor, devastated. She had hope that everything will be alright again, and that manji will come back to her, but everything was over now.

Sad she starts to sing JAL Rahi Hai Rash Ka Banker Diya, JAANE KiTNI RAATON SE TERI SIYA, KHOKE BAITHI KHUD MEIN TUMKo RAM JI, manjiri stops when she heard the song. She turn to Kali surprise. Suddenly she starts remembering little by little.

She remember saving baby Kali, taking care of her, vishwa hating her, her sister slapping her, Kali getting good grades, Kali being punished by standing out in the sun barefooted.

Aakhein meri raat din barsa gaye
Ik jhalak paane ko bas tarsa gaye

Kaali raaton ki subah bhi aayegi
Ek din jeevan mein khushiyan chhayengi

She remembered being dragged to the asylum, vishwa remarrying her, and so on until she reached the end. Surprise she says Kali, overwhelmed with joy she ran with tears in her eyes ” my child” she says

She went on her knees and hug her. Kali surprise look up to see her manji- ma smiling at her with tears of joy. She said her name, but manji didn’t reply but instead sing.

Aas Maine tujhse bas yeh baandh life
Ik mannoti dil se Maine maan li….

“Manji-ma, y-you remember me?” She says

“Yes Kali, I’m sorry that I put you in so much pain” she says ” you’ve must have been through a lot” Kali shook her head while wipping her tears.

They both continue singing the song until the very end. Unaware of people behind her, ” Kali you!?” the voice said making her froze

They both turn to see yug and gaur I. Follow by the rest of the family. They were all surprise ” manjiri? Your alive” vishwa says

Manjiri nod her head ” you all know manjiri?” Yug dadi says ” yes manjiri is my wife” he says not taking his eyes of her. Dadi smiles ” isn’t this a miracle” she says

Vishwa ignored her and walk to manjiri ready to hug her. Manjiri stood up with Kali, looking right at her ” Kali I will ask you one question, and you better be honest with me” she says ” did vishwa treated you well?” She says

Kali bit her lip, she didn’t know what to say. She knew if she said the wrong answer manjiri will hate vishwa. So she told her how he bought her new clothes and fed her. She said all this while looking at her, vishwa sigh with relief when she said this.

He knew he hasn’t been the best father to Kali and even disowned her, but seeing her lying to save his marriage made him feel something. Manjiri on the other hand got her answer, she turn around just when vishwa was about to speak and slap him.

Everyone was surprise, madhuri asks if she was mad but manjiri ignored her. She stares at vishwa with hate ” manji-ma, why?” Kali asks

” I’ve known you for years Kali, your like my very own. Daughter that came out of my womb, I know when your happy, sad, angry and hurt. I never once raised a liar, but today you stood in front of me and lied” she says disappointed.

Kali looks away sad, manji turn to vishwa before looking g at kalyani. She claps ” you have one ones again, manipulating everyone especially this fool” she says not caring that she was disrespecting vishwa

” I would have thought after hurting me and sending me to the hospital, you would have stop your evil ways but no, you continued and even manipulate gauri” she says

Kalyani told her she must have gone crazy, that’s why she’s saying these things. Gaur I still surprise told manjiri that kalyani is a nice person, she treated her well unlike her criminal dad. ” treated you well, if anything she has made you blind like your mother”

“MANJIRI!” Vishwa yells before saying ” no one disrespect my daughter”

Manjiri frown ” is she not my daughter as well vishwa, do I not have the right to speak to her” she says ” of course not, you will never change, and I’m tierd of your ego” she says turning her back on him to leave

Kali and yug call her. She stops and look at Kali ” your mouth maybe saying what you want to say but your eyes never lie Kali. I didn’t think you would be this type of person, I didn’t expect you to give up so easily and let them control you. I didn’t expect you to be like them, but I guess I had to much hope in you” she says

She looks at yug and smile she congratulate him before turning to leave. Kali wanted to run after her, but vishwa told her not to. Kalyani tried to manipulate them again but she was shush by vishwa. Vishwa told her he doesn’t want to hear anything coming out of her poisoned mouth.

The priest tried to say something but he was shushed as well. Yug was to emotional ” Kali you were the voice?” He says

Kali stayed quiet. Yug remove the thing on his head and walk to her ” you made me believe it was gaur I this whole time, but in fact it was you. The girl I was looking for”

Kali could hear the hurt in his voice, she felt so bad for misleading him ” why didn’t you tell me? Why did you lie? Was this a game to you. Seeing me struggle and trying to find the voice” he says now in front of her

Kali looks down while gaur I panicked. Yug got angry when she refuse to look at him ” why are you hiding your face now?, you have no right to be” he says before looking at gaur I ” you knew as well and yet you still played with me”

Gaur I stumble for words to say, but she got nothing. Yug laughs a little ” this family is sick, and both of you don’t deserve my love” he finished before leaving. His sister follow him calling his name.

Dadi on the other hand, glares at vishwa before staring at gauri and Kali. She turn and walk away, yug mother stops before grabbing gaur I. ” come let’s go to your new home”, she drags her until she was out the door. Leaving Kali and the rest of the family alone.

Kali cluched her hand. Yug words really pained her. She tried not to let the tears fall, but who was she kidding. She knew what she did was wrong, and that all of this was her fault, if she had just told yug from the start then maybe yug wouldn’t hate her so much neither would manji-ma.

She felt helpless and alone. She was lost and didnt know how to fix things. She turn refusing to look at them and walk away, anywhere to clear her mind. Vishwa asks her where she was going, but she staid quiet. Madhuri told vishwa that she is going to gaur I after all she is her kaala tek.

Kali block them out and walk away. She walk until her foot hurt. Someone came to her asking her if she was alright, she said no. The lady asked her what happen and Kali retold her story. When she finished, the lady sigh before helping her to a bench.

She looks at Kali and gave her sweet. She told Kali that she also had problems with her mother, but she never once gave up. She was hurt many times by her but she had people who helped her get through it. A mother relation is just as important as a fathers relation.

Give it time, they will come around. If your honest with yourself nothing can stop you, you just have to have a little more confidence. She says before sighing she also told her that the man she love also got married, but she never gave up on him. If your ment to be with someone it will happen. Love is mysterious if we try controlling it than nothing good will happen. Just let fate or god handle it.

Kali nod, she didn’t know how but she felt connected to this lady like her life is just as similar as hers. She was about to say something when she heard a voice. ” Mama!”

” Kalpi!”

Both girls turn to see a little boy and a handsome man running towards them. The women now name kalpi got up and smile, she stretch her arm and hug her son ” Aryan what’s wrong?” She says

” you disappeared” he says half in tears

Kalpi smile ” I’m sorry Aryan, mam had to get sweet for you since you behaved so well” she says the boy loom at her mom asking if that was true, when she nod he became happy.

Raghav on the other hand frown at her, telling her to be more careful since she’s pregnant. He told her to wait for him next time since he didn’t want her to get hurt or loose her. Kalpi touch his arm resuring him that she was OK.

Kali watch the scene wishing she had a loving husband like him. She was so into her thought that she didn’t see Aryan patting her, when she did she loom down at him and he smile ” don’t be sad anymore. You should always smile no matter what” he says huffing while trying to say those words. Kalpi smile so did raghav

” OK Aryan time to go.” Raghav says

” OK!”

Kalpi told Kali to not give up and that things will work out like they did for her. She also told her to stop being a shadow and be her own boss. By doing so, she won’t loose gaur I but gain a sister.

” OK kalpi come on” raghav says before grabbing her hand and walk away.

Kali smile and thank her before standing up. Please show me the way ramji, which path should I follow first, she thought.

To be continued…….

Credit to: Kk

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  1. Wow, it’s very good and awesome as they already showed that Gauri loves Yug so i hope the makers get inspired from your ff and show like this in the show, awesome Kk keep it up and also liked the ek mutthi aasman part too

    1. Thanks for the comment , this was just another crazy idea of mine lol

  2. Hey superb dr. Nice combination and it is also unexpected. Really too good… And one doubt is marriage finished between gauri and yug…? ?

  3. Wow its really really nice.. 😉

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