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how many of you will watch kaala teeka if those who are meant to get married are seperated with/without drama? or married bt with a lot of negativity of those witches…

n what do u all think what can happen..i think kali wont even know what has happened with her.. poor n fool kali…. n i have really lossen hopes of kayu…what was the need to show marriage only….all those ram sita all the hopes has vanished n showing such a crueality in front of shivji? do u think will yug save her? i dont think so? i think aryaan will phtoshop n stop marriage when they r actually done with marriage so kaali luck will also go in family bt daadi will tell her to leave since she cheated yug…n yug will be broken..i think…

i feel like crying seeing two people gt seperated…i just wish kayu gt happily married(atleast they both trust support n luv each other n be happy no matter what happens)

Credit to: akshara

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  1. Aafia firdose

    I hope kayu wil not get seperated.!!i just love watching momentz of kayu ..

  2. i think Yug will be thinking it as a cheat from Kali’s side & will end up marrying Gauri……….Well if it happen’s so I will definitely stop watching it. Are there any spoilers yet???????????????????

  3. Serial is really superb but in this serial villan role Is very high it’s not good. They are always troubled kali. Kali must and stood marry yug otherwise Ur serial Is not interested. No one show interest for seeing this serial
    KALI AND YUG MADE FOR EACH OTHER. so dear writer write Ur story in convenient way for all fans

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