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Hi all. I am RANDOMFAN aka Fatarajo. Surprise! I am back with a Kaala Teeka fan fiction. I know I had ended the apple of my eye fan fiction abruptly but this I promise I won’t let it end abruptly. I have renamed it as Kaala Teeka- You are the apple of my eye, I am your Protector Shield. Well it will be quite same to the story I have planned for the apple of my eye initially but I gave an abrupt end as I thought no one commented but later some did comment. But I have made some slight changes to the characters and storyline. So Kaala Teeka- You are the apple of my eye, I am your Protector Shield will be a new fan fiction.
Without much ado, I will come to the introduction of intense story of our love. It is somewhat similar to the apple of my eye introduction just that I have made some changes to it and I have added some new characters. Most of the characters are totally different from the actual Kaala Teeka.

As for the storyline, I have made some changes in it.
Kaira Jha/ Kali (Simran Pareenja)
Kali’s character is a Kaala Teeka here same in the show. No one in the Jha family likes her except for Manjiri, Neelkanth and Gauri. Her dream is to establish an identity of her own. She loves to sing a lot. She wants to be a singer. But she is scared. She wants to share this with someone. Her name Kaira Jha is given by Manjiri who fought and persuaded Vishwa to give Kali a name who had to agree unwillingly in the end. Everyone calls her Kali. Kali doesn’t mind as she likes to listen to it whenever Gauri or Vishwa calls her. She also wants Vishwa to accept her. She is an ardent believer of Ram ji and is in search of her childhood friend, Ram. She hates Yug.

Yug Chaudhury (Rohan Gandotra)
Yug is Manjiri’s friend’s son here. His parents passed away in an accident and he lives with his grandmother and sister. He stays in touch with Manjiri as Manjiri meets Yug somewhere one day and Yug seldom comes to Manjiri’s house. He makes excuses but he actually comes her for her cooking. Yug is a businessman here. He is vert rich. And he handles an arts and drama theatre also, he loves to act. Acting is his hobby. He loves music too. He is very close to his sister and grandmother. But he is closest to Manjiri, and considers her as his mom. He shares everything with Manjiri. He also have a very good friend, named Aryan. He is in search of his friend too whose name is Sita(yes is Kali). He is closer to Gauri. He hates Kali. He calls her Nazar Pattu but he doesn’t know that she is a Kaala Teeka.
Yug doesn’t know that Kali is his Sita so does Kali that Yug is her Ram.

Parallel Lead
Gauri Jha (Fenil Umrigar)
Gauri’s character is completely different from her Kaala Teeka character. She is completely a positive character here. She is Open-minded. She is closest to Kali, and she hates it when everyone calls her Kaala Teeka, but she is also making use of Kali at the same time. She is making use of Kali’s singing talent and everyone thinks Gauri is the singer. Gauri regrets badly for doing this but she have a reason behind it, which will be revealed later. Gauri have no feelings for Yug, and only sees him like her friend. Gauri can’t stand it when anyone badmouths Kali. Gauri have a boyfriend which is Aryan even Kali doesn’t knows about it.

Other characters
Aryan Kumar
(It’s not the same guy who is seen as Aryan in Kaala Teeka, assume Namish Taneja who is seen as Laksh in Swaragini as Aryan here)
Here Aryan’s character is completely different too. Aryan is a middle class guy here. He knows Yug as Yug is his best friend. He shares everything with Yug. Yug also know about Gauri and Aryan’s relationship. Aryan is scared that he may get rejected by Gauri’s parents as he is from a middle class family. Aryan always helps Yug no matter what.

Jha family
Manjiri Jha/Manji (Daljeet Kaur)
Here Manjiri is the wife of Vishwa and biological mother of Gauri. She feels she is somewhat responsible for Kaali being a Kaala Teeka. She loves Kali a lot. She is not worried about Gauri, but sometimes she is, she knows Kali is there for Gauri, and Gauri is there for Kali. She is more worried about Kali. Manjiri doesn’t knows that Gauri is making use of Kali’s talent. But she knows Gauri is hiding something but don’t know what is it she is hiding. She fights with Vishwa for only one reason, his cruelty towards Kali.
Vishwadeep Jha
He is the father of Gauri, and he is the one who made Kali, the Kaala Teeka of Gauri. Vishwa fears that he may lose Gauri. He is not worried about Kali at all. He is a priest and he have a lot of blind superstitions and Manjiri is fed up of it. He is always influenced by his sister-in-law and the other Pandit. He wants Gauri to get all the happiness in her life and wants Kali and Gauri to get married in the same house so that Kali will be there for her. He always pampers Gauri and doesn’t cares about Kali. He thinks he did a favour to Kali by keeping her in his house and also giving her a name (which was actually done by Manjiri)
Kalyani Jha
The sister-in-law of Vishwa. She is the one who loves to create problems between Vishwa, Manjiri and Gauri. She doesn’t cares about Kali at all. She doesn’t have problems with Kali, her problem is with Gauri. The reason why she hates Gauri that is a mystery. She is actually kind-hearted but her hatred towards Vishwa and his family made her bad. Kali knows that Kalyani is actually not so bad. She tries to create problems for Gauri.
Neelkanth Jha
The adopted son of Kalyani. Kalyani pretends to love Neelkanth but she hates him. She brought Neelkanth so that he can get hold of the property of Jha family. Neelkanth doesn’t knows that. He just know that he is adopted but he doesn’t knows the evil intention of Kalyani. He acts a brother figure of Kali and Gauri and always protects them. He never discriminates the both of them. He feels bad for Kali as he understands her situation. He is very brave when he is outside but becomes a scary cat once he sees Kalyani. He have a soft corner for Sharmila.

The person who made Vishwa believe that Kali is a Kaala Teeka and the actual reason why Kali is a Kaala Teeka. He influenced Vishwa with his blind superstition only for his greedy purposes.

Chaudhury Family
Sharmila Chaudhury
She is the actual sister of Yug here. She is living with her brother and grandma after her parents demise. She also visit Manjiri’s house with Yug sometimes for the same reason. She is very close to Gauri and Kali, especially Kali. She also have a soft corner for Neelkanth. She loves her brother a lot, and she likes her grandma but sometimes gets irritated by her tactics.

Leela Chaudhury.
The grandmother of Yug and Sharmila. She is taking care of them. She is also another victim of blind superstitions. She is not negative here. She is grey-shaded. She is always concerned about her grandchildren. She loves them a lot. She is very funny also, and she irritate Yug and Sharmila with her weird tactics at times. She doesn’t like Kali. She don’t have problems with Kali just that she is a Kaala Teeka is the fact she doesn’t like about Kali. That’s her only problem with Kali. She also don’t like Manjiri and Jha family much. She is very choosy.

Soumya (Assume Rubina Dilak as Soumya)
She is a very good friend of Kali here. She also has the same problem of Kali, just that she is not a Kaala Teeka. Her family hates her for other reasons which is not revealed. She always inspires Kali, they meet each other frequently in the market.They both share each other their sorrow.

Harman (Assume Vivian Dsena as Harman)
He is the rival of Yug, he is not negative. It’s just that Yug and Harman loves to compete with each other in terms of driving fast, be it a car or bike. Just that Yug and Harman hate each other.

Well in my fan fiction, Kayu is the main couple, and Gayan, Nemila and Harmya (from Shakti) (I used Shakti characters as it suits the characters in my fan fiction so I decided to use them and also compliments with my story in this fan fiction) are the supporting couples. Like they will be shown for some episodes only.

Promo: Here a girl is seen singing Ramji in a sweet voice her eyes is shown only which closed, and after she finishes singing she opens her eyes and a huge crowd applauds and claps and cheers. Kali’s face is revealed and she smiles from backstage as everyone applauds for Gauri and is shouting Gauri! Gauri!. Gauri is super happy who is taking all the credit. As Kali was about to go, Gauri comes and hugs her Gauri says whatever I am it’s only because of you. Kali smiles and she leaves. Gauri feels bad and says Kali I am sorry I had to do all this, I hope you understand.
On the other hand, a guy is seen handling his business and he looks and he is none other than Yug. Someone asks him do you believe in love, Yug as yes I do, strongly do. Yug looks at the ring, Yug says in his mind where are you my Sita?
Kali is walking on the road and she smiles looking at the ring and later her expression changes when will I meet my Ramji? Kali collides with a guy which is Yug, and they look at each other angrily and they fume. As they were about to go, Kali’s dupatta gets stuck at Yug’s watch, and Yug and Kali are shocked to see this, and Sajna plays.

Will destiny make them meet again? Will Kali and Yug fall in love?

Photo collage credit goes to my friend (she doesn’t want me to reveal her name :P)

I will publish the first episode on next Sunday,2nd July. Well, I have decided to write this fan fiction only for all of you. And I have decided to surprise you all instead of July I started this fan fiction now. Well, my plan is in my holidays I write as much as I can and then during normal lessons, I write a little. I have already written some. And I will publish once a week, to keep it balanced. So that even when I am busy with my exams/projects you all can read my fan fiction. Well if this fan fiction is well appreciated, and if I can from August end onwards when my semester break will start, I will update more regularly. Till August, I will publish the episodes once a week.
Please do comment. I only came back for all of you. And thanks to you all I found my passion in writing. And your comments encourage me, when I don’t see comments I don’t mind but I feel something is missing in my story and i dont want the same problem like last time :P? so please do comment :P.

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