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I am writing a ff on the show Kaala Teeka and name of this ff is Kaala Teeka- the apple of my eye as you all know. Here’s the show summary.

Show Summary:
This show is about Gauri(Adaa Narang)’s “Kaala Teeka”, Kaali(Sargam Khuranna) who inspite of being a victim of a heightened superstition will set a shining example of hope during her journey. Witness Kaali’s journey of hope on Kaala Teeka.

In this show, Kaali becomes a victim of immense superstition of being a Kaala Teeka which means taking away bad luck of a certain person. A pandit named Vishwa uses Kaali as a Kaala Teeka for his daughter Gauri as a girl is born in his family after 80 years due to curse to absorb all her bad luck. After a few years, Gauri is protected from all problems by Kaali. Be it her studies or any activities. Gauri loves Kaali dearly as she knows that Kaali is her Kaala Teeka. Sadly, only person who behaves well with Kaali are Gauri, Manjiri(Vishwa’s first wife) and Neel(Gauri’s cousin). Others treat her like an object. But Jeethi(Gauri’s aunt) always tend to create problems for Gauri but Kaali always protects her an herself fall in trouble. Later, after Jeethi, Kalyani creates bigger problems for Kaali and Gauri. Kalyani takes revenge as Gauri got the medicine which was meant for her child which led to her child’s demise. In that pretext one day Kalyani kills Manjiri but puts the blame on Kaali as they both knew her true face. Vishwa takes the blame on himself so that Gauri gets her Kaala Teeka which will protect her, which causes Vishwa to go to jail for 14 years. Vishwa gives Kalyani responsibility of Gauri being brought up but he never forgives Kaali.This makes Kaali quite sad. After 14 years leap, it is shown that Gauri is merely a spoilt brat but Kaali still acts as her Kaala Teeka. But Gauri’s behavior towards Kaali changes but she still she some soft corner for her. Kaali has a sweet voice and she sings really well but Gauri gets the credit as people is told that singer’s name is Gauri. Vishwa returns but Kaali fails to tell him the truth due to Kalyani. A guy named Yug becomes a big fan of Gauri and is determined to find her but he doesn’t know the actual singer is Kaali just that the name is used. Yug falls in love just for the voice. However, Kaali and Yug always have encounters by chane which brings them closer by heart but they aren’t admitting or realizing it. Kaali because she is a Kaala Teeka and Yug because he likes Gauri(he have never seen her face) voice which is actually Kaali’s. Later, Yug’s aunt turns out to be Manjiri who is actually alive. Due to circumstances , Neel’s marriage gets fixed with Sharmila, Yug’s sister and Vishwa who is desperate to get Gauri married fixes her marriage with Yug. Vishwa uses Kaali’s kundli to make nothing goes wrong in Yug and Gauri’s marriage. Yug gets to know about Gauri he is happy but his heart is not happy. Kaali feels that Yug should know the truth but Gauri stops her as Gauri also falls for Yug.

My fan fiction would be quite different from the current track. In my fan fiction, Kaali and Yug will fall for each other, and Gauri will help them instead of separating them. It will continue from the leap.

There will also be some changes to the characters too.

Character introduction
Kaali(Simran Pareenja)
The “Kaala Teeka”. Due to this Kaali while protecting Gauri doesn’t have an identity but from her very bottom of we heart she wants to establish her identity but also help out Gauri. She is kind-hearted, sweet, brave, and artistic. She loves to sing. She have a wish to meet her childhood friend Ram once whom protected her from goons in the show once. She doesn’t mind that Gauri is using her voice for making herself famous. Kaali also wants Vishwa to give her love and treat her like his daughter too.

Gauri (Fenil Umrigar)
Gauri is always protected by Kaali. Here she and Kaali are best of friends. Gauri tries to share everything with Kaali. She hates it when someone misbehaves with Kaali. She is not spoilt here and same as her childhood. She is sweet, good-hearted , but a little selfish. She wants to be famous so she takes advantage of her Kaala Teeka but she sometimes regrets.

Yug(Rohan Gandotra)
Yug’s character is different here. He is a business man and has a part time hobby of doing dramas on stages . Yug’s character is a mixture of Salman Khan’s Prem character in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Aamir Khan’s Sanjay Singhania character in Ghajini in my fan fiction. He is in search of his dream girl as he falls in love and finds innocence in her voice. But he thinks her name is Gauri. Yug is also Neelkanth’s best friend here.

Here I won’t use Kalyani’s character instead I will chose Jeethi’s character.
Jeethi(Mita Vashisht)
Here Jeethi have problems with Gauri only and nothing else. Kaali falls in trouble only because of Jeethi. Jeethi doesn’t harm Kaali much as people considers Kaali as her adopted daughter. She only loves her son NeelKanth.

Yug’s grandmother-
She basically have problems with everything. And always scolds Manjiri. But she loves Yug and Sharmila dearly. She can’t tolerate Kaali as she is a Kaala Teeka.

Vishwa(Bhupinder Singh)
Here Vishwa’s character is same as it I in the show who only cares about his daughter. He is not entirely negative, he is more of grey-shaded. Vishwa only wants Gauri to get married in a good family. And he doesn’t care about Kaali at all.

Supporting roles
Manjiri(Daljeet Kaur)
Manjiri is Yug’s maternal aunt and here she is still staying with Kaali and the entire family. She is very supportive of Kaali and loves her and Gauri equally. She tries to help Kaali everytime.
She is kind-hearted and helpful.

Madhuri(Akshara Singh)
The biological mother of Gauri. She only cares about Gauri not Kaali but she likes Kaali too but not that much. She is funny and good hearted. She always embarrasses Gauri indirectly. But she listens to whatever Vishwa says. She is quite close to Manjiri.

NeelKanth character is not nerdy here. He is more of those brave guys who will hit people if they raise hands towards his sister. And also who doesn’t like studies and quite carefree and good person unlike his mother. But he loves his mom a lot. He always considers Kaali as his sister. Sharmila is his love interest.

Yug’s younger sister and Kaali and Gauri’s friend. She is close to both of them especially Kaali. She have a crush on NeelKanth. She is sweet and also nice like her brother and loves her family.

New Characters –
Varun is Yug’s good friend and he is from a middle class family. He always helps Yug. He is Gauri’s love interest. But he is scared to tell her as Gauri is from a rich family.
(you can assume Saral from Manmarziyan as Varun)

Promo/Precap for episode 1:
A girl is singing very sweetly and doing the prayers. It is Kaali. She is trying to wake another girl up from the bed that’s Gauri. Gauri and Kaali are walking, chatting and smiling together. Kaali in her mind thinks I am happy with being Gauri’s Kaala Teeka but. They come to a recording room where Kaali sings Ramji and the person asks for the name Gauri answers Gauri. Kaali looks at Gauri. Kaali in her mind thinks will I ever discover my identity?
A guy is listening to radio and he falls in love with the voice and the RJ says name of singer is Gauri. The guy thinks this is my dream girl will I ever get to meet her? And I know that she is the apple of my eye. While Kaali and Yug are walking they collide with each other and they look at each other.

Will Kaali discover her identity? Will Yug get to know that his dream girl is actually Kaali? Will they fall for each other?

The next episode will be published by Friday, 18th March. And please do comment and feel free to express your opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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