Kaala Teeka- The apple of my eye Episode 2


Episode 1:

Hey all, I have published the second episode after many days due to internet issues. And I think I may publish the 3rd episode by the end of March or beginning of April. And I have decided to make this fan fiction of 7 episodes as I am trying to end all my fan fiction by April.

And I realized that many were confused about Jeethi’s character, as most watched this show after the leap. To clear your confusion, Jeethi was shown before the leap who is the actual mother of Neelkanth, JT and Kalyani are two different person, and Kalyani is the step-mom of Neelkanth. And in my fan fiction I decided to use JT’s character instead of Kalyani’s. As most have watched this show after the leap, you can just assume Kalyani in JT’s character.

The episode begins with Gauri and Kaali coming home and Jeethi doing her drama.
JT: Where is Vishwa?
Neel: Mom, actually sometime ago uncle called me and said that he will come now,
JT: But he was suppose to come earlier?
JT: (in her mind) My plan is flopped, this Vishwa didn’t even come I shouldn’t have send that Kaala Teeka with Gauri.
Just then Gauri and Kaali comes,
Mad: How was the recording of my buchi pie
Gauri: Just listen to the recording and you will understand.
Gauri goes upstairs
JT: (in her mind) Looks like the recording didn’t go well.
Just then Vishwa comes,
Vishwa: Gauri!
Gauri goes to Vishwa.
Vishwa: I know what happened. Neel switch on the radio.
Neel: Okay sure uncle,
Neel switches on the radio and the RJ announces about Gauri’s song.
And just then the Ramji songs start. Vishwa looks at Gauri happily and proudly and Madhuri smiles and Manjiri looks at Kaali. Jeethi is stunned.
Manji: (in her mind) This is Kaali’s voice, not Gauri’s.
And the songs ends.
Vishwa: Gauri, today you have really made me very proud. I am really proud of you,
Gauri hugs Vishwa.
Kaali smiles looking at this and Manjiri looks at Kali.
Mad: I knew it my buchi pie is a greats singer.
Everyone praises Gauri.
Vishwa: Its time for celebration, Kaali go and bring some sweets.
Kali: Sure barke papa.
Kaali goes to the kitchen to bring some sweets,

As Kaali was about to bring the sweets, Manjiri comes
Kali: Manji ma, do you need anything?
Manji: That voice is yours not Gauri’s right?
Kaali is shocked and she looks at Manjiri.
Manji: You thought what, your manji mom will not recognize your voice? I know very well that’s you.
Kaali is sad.
Manji: Why Kaali? Why don’t you tell anyone the truth? Okay fine if you are not telling I will tell everyone.
As Manjiri was about to go,
Kali: Manji ma please just for my sake don’t tell anyone the truth.
Manji: Okay fine, I won’t tell anyone but one day the truth will be out that time I can’t do anything Kaali.
Manjiri leaves from there.
Kali: (in her mind) I am sorry Manji ma, I had to do all this for Gauri. After all I am Gauri’s Kaala Teeka.
Kali looks on.

Here Gauri is walking around and Kaali comes in the room. Gauri goes and hugs Kaali.
Gauri: Thank you so much Kaali, I will never forget what you did for me.
Kali: No Gauri, it was my duty to do so.
Gauri: But I feel so bad. I feel have done wrong by taking all the credits you desereved.
Kali: No Gauri, I am happy after all barke papa and others are also happy.
Gauri: Now you have done something big for me, you deserve something from me, tell me what do you want?
Kali: No Gauri, I don’t want anything,
Gauri gives Kaali an angry look.
Gauri: I will give you whatever you want.
Kali: The thing is actually what I want is
Gauri: I have understood, you want to see the drama near the temple right?
Kali: How do you know?
Gauri: Cmon Kaali I know you since my childhood.
Kali: Are you sure Gauri, you are fine with it?
Gauri: Yes now quickly go and get ready and come with me. I am going to change.
Gauri leaves,
Kali: (in her mind) Thank you Gauri, because of you I got to watch the drama near the temple, I hope I can meet my childhood friend Ramji there.
Kaali gets into flashback of how she escaped from the kidnappers with the help of her friend Ramji.
Kaali smiles.

Here Yug reaches near the temple along with his friend Varun. And he quickly rushes. Varun looks on. And he looks at the drama.
Here some drama is going on and people are asking for the entry of Ramji.
Guy: Where is the main hero of the drama?
Lady: Ramji, where is he?
All the other drama people are surprised. The girl who is acting as Sita,
Girl: I wonder where is sir, he is quite late today.

Here Kaali and Gauri reaches near the temple,
Gauri: Kaali, you go I stay here.
Kali: No Gauri its okay you come with me.
Gauri: Look Kaali, I am not interested in all these dramas and is so crowded.
Kali: Okay fine, if you are saying we should return back
Gauri: Listen Kaali, there is no way I am going to watch that drama and also you must watch it,. And the time you are watching drama i will be done with my shopping.so just go.
Kaali looks at Gauri,
Kali: But Gauri?
Gauri: I said go
Kaali goes to see the drama.

Another lady: We want Ramji,
And as people start leaving, Ramji comes.
Ram: Ram is here.
Varun looks down and smiles as Ram is none other than Yug who is wearing Ram’s outfit.
Kaali isn’t able to see his face properly due to the crowd but she is able to listen to everything.
Yug does a scene with the girl acting of Sita how Ram saved her from Ravan.
Later after the drama ends everyone applauds and Kaali smiles.
And then Yug says how the good triumps over the bad and also describes them and says some lines related to Ram and Sita story. This touches Kaali’s heart,
Kali: (in her mind) I think this is my friend Ramji, but how to meet him?
Later the drama comes to an end and Kaali goes to find Ramji.

Here Yug goes and Varun hugs him.
Varun: Well done yaar
Yug: Thanks for making me reach here right on time.
Varun: No problem yaar
Yug: Now I quickly go and change.
Yug goes to change.

Kaali comes behind the stage and bumps into the girl who acted as Sita.
Girl: What do you want?
Kali:Do you know where is the guy who acted as Ramji?
Girl: Why? Are you his girlfriend?
Kali: No, no I am his childhood friend.
Girl: Oh I see, as far as I know sir goes to the temple after the drama ends to pray,
Kali: Thank you very much.
Girl: No problem.
Kaali leaves.
Kali: (in her mind) I hope I can get to meet my childhood friend Ramji now.

Yug is in his casuals and he goes to pray to the temple.
Yug: Oh God, I have never ask anything else besides my family’s wellness I just want to ask another thing, please help me find the apple of my eye the singer of Ramji song. I have a feeling that I share a connection with her. Her voice always rings into my ears. I hope I can find her.

Yug is done with the prayers. And as he goes downstairs, Kaali is also going upstairs. And the weather is also very windy and dusty.
Yug: (in his mind) The weather is so strange today.
And as they both are going, Kali and Yug collides with each other and they roll over the road, and Kaali’s dupatta falls on both of them. Saajna plays. Kaali closes her eyes in fear. Yug isn’t able to see anything due to dust going in his eyes. They both somehow manage to desperate each other, but isn’t able to see each other’s face. Yug goes away and Kaali looks at Yug walking,
Kali: (in her mind) I wonder who is this guy? Is it Ramji? What should I do? I dont think so he is quite weird. The weather is very bad I think I should go and pray first.
And Kali goes to the temple, and Yug looks at Kali.
Yug after rubbing his eyes,
Yug: (in his mind) I wonder who this girl is? Whoever she is, she is very strange.
And they both walk at opposite directions.
Kali: I think I should ask him first,
Yug: I think I should ask her first.
As Kaali and Yug were about to look, Gauri and Varun respectively comes and they fail to see each other.

Gauri: Kaali, my shopping is done and your drama is also finished, let’s go.
Kali: Gauri may I go to the temple first?
Gauri: Okay sure.

Varun: Yug, yaar what are you looking at?
Yug: Nothing, I have finished my prayers.
Yug and Varun leaves.
Kaali and Gauri goes to the temple and pray,
Kali: Oh god, please help me so that I can find my childhood friend Ramji, who helped me a lot when I was in trouble, I always think about him, I don’t want anything else just want to meet Ramji and more importantly the wellness of my family.
Gauri: Now you are done?
Kali: Yes,
Kali and Gauri also leave.

Here Kali and Gauri reaches home.
Mad: Finally both of you are at home.
Here Manjiri is smiling and speaking to her friend’s son who came to visit Manjiri.
Gauri: Who is that, mom?
Mad: Manjiri sister’s friend son and his friend.
Gauri smiles.
Gauri: Oh they are here?
Kali expression changes from her smile.
Mad: Yes, but why are you so happy?
Gauri: No nothing mom, just asking.
Mad: Okay go and fresh up.
Kali: (in her mind) Oh no this Manji mom’s friend son is here. God please help me.

Kaali walks and tries to avoid the guy and as she is trying to escape, she collides with the guy, and Kaali looks at him.
Kali: (in her mind) Oh no, I got to see that Ravan’s face
Guy: Oh so Miss Nazar Pattu you are here.
Kali looks and the guy is none other than Yug who is also Manjiri’s friend’s son.
They look at each other.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Kaali and Yug are fighting and having some nok-jhoks and Kaali points finger at Yug and Yug holds her finger. Kaali looks at Yug angrily. Later, some guy his face is not revealed comes and meets Gauri and they hug each other. And Gauri is saying she is happy he is here. Later, Kaali sees this and is shocked and Gauri sees Kali and is also equally shocked.

I can publish the next episode by end of March due to internet issues.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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