kaala teeka analysis

i must say,the sho is doing well after leap isint it? he says anything from i love u to i would have loved u…
the track is very nice until now…bt i wonder yug and kaali look better or gauri and yug will look better?
n i feel they wont marry n before marrying yug will come to know the truth because vishweshwar said in 27th feb episode that he wont leave kali once their marriage is done
i dont expect that the show will go in the same flow like other shows go n i dont want it..bt still if something happens like he comes to know after their marriage the show wont be worth it , isint it?
n i feel it will get irritating once romance starts between yug and gauri n i personally wont like it at all until yug comes to know the truth?
i wonder what will sharmila do, what do u think?
n what about manjiri/pishima? who will know the truth first?
n how will yug react when he know its kali?
what do u think what is going to happen in this show?

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  1. It’s so true dear. I totally agree with you ☺????

    1. n today’s precap is the most exciting precap bt i cant wait…maybe if this comes out to be a good one….yug comes to know that kaali is her sita( probably she will go to hospital n it will be too late cuz it looked a big cut n she will cry n sing) then he will overcome her disbeliefs

      bt whatever happens i wish nothing much happens to yug ..and kaali dosent gt caught..n yug starts u know loving her xD I LL BE THE HAPPIEST

  2. Finally someone wrote and article on Kaala Teeka and is a nice one I just hope that Gauri doesn’t becomes the kabab ke haddi in Kayu’s love story

    1. Thanku..though u cn be frank if its no gud
      I havw never done these things so i dont know what to write how to write n make it interesting…
      N exactly,no1 writes nythink for this particular show..why idk

  3. Its a really nice show..I just hope vishwaveer accept Kali like gauri..n yug know Kali is the singer not gauri jah..perhaps a new actor will enter in gauri life

  4. yes probàbly that new actor who is going to enter gauris life is kunal madhiwala.

    1. who will be..what will be hid role

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