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Scene 1
Nandu sees Yug he picks a stone and breaks the window of his car. Nandu takes Yug out of the car. The car blasts. Yug says thank you so much. You are the same one who was in hospital. Nandu says i want to go to azaad colony. Yug says I live there. where you wanna go there? Nandu says I don’t know. Yug says I am getting a cab and informing police.

Kali is walking with Naina’s stroller. Kali says what are you doing Naina? see that bird. Its looking for food for her children. The stroller suddenly stops.
Yug drops Nandu and says Azad colony starts from here. Nandu says thank you. Yug says I should thank you. Nandu says I help everyone.
Kali is at the same place as well. She is trying to fix the stroller. A car hits Kali and Naina’s stroller. Naina

goes up in the air. Nandu catches her. Kali takes Naina from her and kisses her. Kali says thank you ramji for saving my child. Nandu says I am nandy. You didn’t recognize me? Kali says I did. Thank you for saving my daughter. Nandu says daughter? Amma said your baby died. Kali says yes he took one and gave me another. Nandu says she is cute like a rabbit. Lets take her to maa. She will be happy to see her. Nandu’s bride and her daughter. Its like buy one get one free. Let’s go home. What happened? Kali says see Nandu I can’t come with you. I have family and house. Thank you for saving me and getting me treated but I am not your bride. Nandu says I took seven rounds with you. With all the mantras. Amma said you took rounds with an unconscious girl. Kali says that doesn’t count. I am married. I have a husband. Nandu says you can’t be of someone else. If you don’t come with me. I will take this child. He takes Naina and runs. Kali runs after him.

Scene 2
Yug comes home. Leela says thank God you are safe. Yug says that guy saved me. Leela says meet Gauri she is really worried. Yug says how does she know I had an accident? Gauri says what will I say now.
Yug comes to house and sees Gauri giving a doll a bath. Gauri says look Yug I and baby look so good. Take our picture.

Nandu comes home. Amma says whats in your hands. Kali comes as well. Kali says give me my daughter back. Nanu says I won’t. He locks himself in the room with Naina. Kali and amma knock. Nandu says I won’t open the door. Kali says please give me my baby back. Ama says what are you saying. Return her daughter. Kali says
I am not your bride. Nandu says I married you how are you not my bride. Amma says I will beat you. Return her baby. Nandy hits stuff and says am I mad? Something catches fire. Nandu says I won’t come out. Kali says my daughter will burn please come out. Nandu says first say you are my bride.

Leela says to Yug I was scared of this. Gauri is losing her mind. A mother lost her child. Yug says I will take her to a psychiatrist.
Kali says Nandu please open the door. Kali picks a knife and says Nand if you don’t open the door I will kill myself. You will lose me. Nandu says please don’t do that. I will die without you. Amma takes another knife and says Nandu I will kill myself as well. You won’t have anyone in the world. Nandu says dont’ do that amma. Nandu opens the door. Kali takes Naina from him. Nandu says you are not my bride? Kali says no. Nandy says really? Kali says yes. I am a mother. I know what a mother feels for her child. Don’t hurt your mom. Amma brings medicine and says your whole hand is burnt nandu. she applies it on his hand. Ama says I ask you don’t do this. KAli says see Nandu when the baby is hurt the mother cries. Look at your mom she cant see you in pain. Like I couldn’t see my child in pain. Promise me you won’t hurt her again? Nandu says I promise I won’t hurt her again. but when will nandu get his bride? Kali says soon. Amma says in heart I thought Nandu can never understand anything. But some people are so good.

Prohit and Vishwa sees Kali in Nandu’s house. They hide when Kali leaves.
Dodtor says to Yug she has had a bad affect on her mind. You should take her out and plan a second baby. Yug says Gauri lets go home. While leaving Gauri smiles at the doctor.

Vishwa and Prohit come to Ama’s house. Vishwa says how do you know about Kali? Amma says we saw her injured. She was really in a bad condition. Nandu says her bady papa fooled her. Tell Nandu who that bady papa is.

Precap-Amma says she was on bed for seven months. she told nandu everything when she got conscious.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Man!!!!! Are these writers psychos???? Y the hell are they torturing a baby so much?? Do they think the audience will be thrilled???? Its pretty irritating to say the least…. Going by the scheme of things, guess nandu will end up with gauri…. Hmmm whatever….

  2. How many times will that baby go missing?? Please….i believe that the writers are sleeping with their heads in a garbage bin, with all the mess in their brain. A record number of times, the baby is here, the baby goes there!!!!! Hey, Kali looked under the bed on one scene and then behind the door, like the baby was playing peekaboo with her…..it’s like case of the missing baby!!!! So disappointed with KT now. Sigh…..

  3. I enjoy reading the comments on this forum ,I enjoy sapphire’s feedback a lot, so passionate, funny at times but to the point, and yesterday Payal had me laughing……hey Payal, I can see you standing with your hands akimbo while you deliver those lines, with a very indignant look on your face ????

  4. I think now it’s time to end the show?what the F***…The baby is I guess flying jatt??but gauri she I guess is playing the roll of villan quite good?common writers now it’s time to show the strong kali✊✌

  5. So nonsense serial yea vishwa did big mistake but not greater than gouri..and what nonsense yes gouri did a mistake but as a father he agrees kali to yug.. and also he took 14 years of jail for no reason…what nonsense dint they put her death or photo in paper or vishwa and leela is in big position how can they don’t notice her for 14 years …??and yea what kali told she will allow gouri to born that baby after that she will not allow her in the house what rubbish all have done the sin..allowing gouri and allowing gouri to raise that baby is kali’s biggest mistake. .what rubbish serial….why that baby is not teaching lesson to her mom gouri?? ???rubbish I never seen such worst idiotic storyline in any serial yea in most serial some part will be rubbish but this serial whole part is rubbish???except when gouri and kali r children scene after that if full of worst only…

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