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Scene 1
Vishwa says she will only wear black. And through her my daughter’s bad eye will be cut down, her name is kaali from now. Manjali is taken aback.

Vishwa is in his room. Manjali comes in, she says how can you mix bitterness in someone’s life? Father is the one who gives life. You saved her so you will be called her dad. One day you will realize that you are being so cruel. You are the giver, you we will have to pay for our sins here in this world. You used to tell me that good deeds turn life into heaven. Why are you doing this sin then? when you have to pay for it, all the good deeds wont even matter. Vishwa says there is nothing more important than my daughter’s safety. I will get her happiness. Madhuri says blood is thicker than water. Manjali says our parents

didn’t raise us up that way. vishwa says enough, that girl will only be used to cut black eye on my daughter. You will take care of her and thats enough for you.
Manjali looks after kaali and says I hope God gives you all the happiness.

After some years:
Madhuri is looking for Kaali. She is playing out in the water colors. Madhuri comes and says what are you doing? Kaali holds her ears. Madhuri says go clean up and come in for kaali’s nazar.
Later, kaali is in a dress. JT bhabhi comes and says did your dad arrange all that for you? You think all this is for you? you are just lemon and spice. Now get off these colored clothes and wear black. she throws a black cloth on her face.

Vishwa is in temple. he says its my daughter’s 5th birthday. All her troubles will go away today. Please be there with us and bless our daughter.
Guru ji says to Vishwa why are you doing this party on birthday? Vishwa says Gauri has brought us prosperity. I will like to show off my money, specially to that minister. Guru ji says dont let Gauri go out of the house. Vishwa says my daughter has been detained for around 5 years. But what did she get? Only troubles. She asks me whats outside that wall? We have that kaala teeka so save her.

Madhuri says to Gauri wake up my princess. Maid also tries to wake Gauri up.
Kaali says to Manjali all my colors washed away.
Gaura says why have you opened these curtains. I dont like sunshine. Madhuri says wake up have chocolate milkshake. Gauri says no, strawberry.
JT looks in and says she has to get married some day. and her husband will be my son neel.

Gauri asks manjali how many colors are there? manjali says a lot of them. Like you see in color. Kaali says where is my birthday? Is it lost? Why doesn’t anyone look for it. Manjai says birthday brings you a lot of this. Sweets, chocolates and sweets.

Gauri wakes up. Madhuri gives her a dress to try. Gauri says i will meet kaali first. Mahduri says no try this first.
Kaali asks manjali who will give me gifts? Bady papa. Kaali says i love him he is so nice.
gauri doesn’t like the dress. Madhuri says we will order another one.
Gauri goes out and plays with kaali. Kaali says you sleep a lot. Gauri says papa says i can do whatever i want. Kaali says lets play. Gauri says its dark. Kaali says i am already dark.
Vishwa comes and takes Gauri in with her.

Precap-Gauri says papa kaali has brought you water. vishwa says place it here. Kaali places it, he slips the glass.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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