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Scene 1
Gauri gives milk to yug he starts coughing. Leela says what kind milk have you made kaka? He says I didn’t Gauri made it. Leela says in one day you have done this to my son. Your Kundli is like that. Even looking at it would make anyone sick.
Leela goes to temple and says pandit ji suggest something. Since gauri has come yug is in trouble. Manjiri says gauri is in complete without kali. She is her kala tekka. Leela says shut up Kali would never come in this house.Manjiri says there is no alternate option. If you want yug and gauri free of trouble you have to bring kali here. Leela says how can she come here? Manjiri says you always knew she is gauri’s kaala teeka. You know everything still didn’t take kali with you last night. How will you answer this question.

a game have you played. You got him married to the girl with good kundli and brought home the one who has a family name. Leela says she has played with feelings of my yug. She has no place in this house. Manjiri says emotions?Gauri is my child too. I know gauri always needs Kala teeka. Whenever Kali was away from her something wrong happened. leela says don’t play this game with me. You were sheltered here. Manjiri says you all have favors on me, that is why I am saying this for yug. Leela says then promise that you don’t want to break gauri and yug’s marriage? Manjiri says I promise in name of Ram ji I am just here to save my daughter’s marriage. Leela says i won’t let her enter my house. Don’t ever come to my house again or I will forget that you are not mukta but sharmila’s mother in law. Manjiri says in heart soon you will come yourself.

Kali asks manjiri where were you? I heard sharmila saying yug had an accident. call and ask him how he is? Manjiri says he is right. This is just the beginning. Kali says you did that? She is shocked. Kali says how can you hurt yug? Don’t you care about him? He is my husband. Manjiri says he is my son too. I brought him up, I really love. I can never hurt him. But when a child is sick mother has to give her bitter medicine. The happiness of yug lies in you. This is just to scare Maa ji. Kali says what is the difference between them and us then? This is wrong. Manjiri takes her somewhere. She says look at this picture. What do you see? Kali says krishan telling geeta to Arjun. Manjiri says why?Kali says so arjun fights against his brothers. Manjiri says wrong. Not brothers. Fight against injustice. They have killed dreams on an innocent girl. You have to do anything to go against this injustice. If you stay quite injustice will win. When there is a war there is a loss. Maybe you will be hurt but this time, I am wiht you. You have to stay strong. For justice. For yourself for me. And for every woman.
Manjiri says when yug and gauri come here for ritual it will hurt you but you have to be strong.

Gauri says if you aren’t feeling well we can do this ritual tomorrow. yug says do it today and free me.
Sharmila comes. Chulbuli hugs her. Gauri comes with arti. Sharmila says maa please you do my arti.Chulbul takes arti from gauri.
manjiri says to Kali you have to face everyone strongly. Aryan, Gauri and Yug.They do this with the weak. You don’t have to be weak. Kali says I agree. Kali says my heart is still not agreeing. Manjiri says give me a little time, Maa ji will take you to that house herself.
Gauri is doing pooja. Leela says jha never taught? Lit the candle in your plate. Gauri says its not here. Kaka gives her kapoor. Leela says our servants know more. yug meets sharmila. Gauri turns back and trips. Her candle falls on Yug his hand burns.
Chulbul says maaji jha called. He said time is getting over for pag pheray. Leela says they gave us this daughter. She gives yug a thread. Yug says I am going for pag pheray. Leela says why are you punishing yourself? Seeing you this way hurts me. Wear this thread for me. Yug wears it. He says happy?Now don’t bring kali in everything. I don’t wanna talk about her. Her chapter is closed. He leaves.

Yug and Gauri comes to jha house. Mad does their arti and welcomes them. Yug touches Manjiri’s feet. she doesn’t look at him but gives him blessings. Manjiri leaves. Mad says lets to temple. Jha says bring breakfast for yug. Aryan comes and says welcome brother. How are you? Yug ignores his hand and says my hand is burnt so i can’t shake. Vishwa asks what is it? Yug says just a little accident.Kali comes out and sees yug.

Precap-Leela says wo you made us proud sharmila. you think you will be a man after insulting your husband?Stay in your limits and be a wife. You will stay in that house till death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. why yug say these things about kali

  2. What happened next? Her plan is superb. Pls update what happened

  3. Yug just as stupid as the rest of his family! Kali move on!

    1. In love no one can move on as love remains forever

      1. didn’t Yug move on when he took Gauri with him? What is the difference!??!

  4. why are they taking this slow???? so, when r they going reveal the truth?? Please writer don’t take this slow…we cant see gauri with yug. Yug is dump ass.. I wish kali prove her innocent and let yug to beg for her.:/

  5. you stupid mad…they don’t look like ram & sita…they were like ram & surpanaka. whole lie she prentending to be his wife. It’s disgusting. don’t u have shame gauri. i’m glad that viswa doesn’t want see gauri face.

  6. The show’s story upbringing xactly seems lyk de story line of kumkum bhagya, whereas gouri is tanu, kali is pragya, leela is alia; suppporting manjrimaa is dadi & yug is abhi.!#zee#tv#has no other new story with them to show..! Kindly resist making the bl**dy shows with same story line over & over again…#zee#tv#

    1. I hope they don’t drag like kkb then this show is not worth it to watch.

  7. Yes,I even feel bad to say but gauri is behaving very poor than a characterless women

  8. Show’s name is Kaala Teeka where is Kaali? Today’s episode no Kaali scenes? I m loving Kaali’s character these days as she is standing up for herself and thankfully not acting great. But I miss KaYu wala scenes. Really disappointed with the fact Yug didn’t trust Kaali, c’mon Yug Kaali won’t be this great that she will play with your feelings n marriage understand , really pathetic an what is this Sharmila neel story ?? Honestly speaking Sharmila neel story is 1000 times better than Gauri Yug story

  9. gouri you are truly shameles ….you are playing with yug and kali’s love…..disgusting

  10. yug ll regret after kali proves her innocence. .im waiting for that epi eagerly

  11. im not getting one thing…how can they all trust aryan..

    he is a criminal n everybody know s that right…

  12. How can leela let gauri to live with yug without marriage? And after all she was acting as if she is very sunskari and believing on rituals woman

    1. hahaha I had a same questions in mind too?…please writer answer us:)

      1. what does leela thinking herself. If people find about what she did? It will spoil her family name. she is thinking stupid and acting stupid. She is such dummy.

  13. I think now time will take long to finally appear kali n yugs love scenes bcoz first kali will go to yugs house there more time will take to reveal the foolish twist which is really disheartening. I wonder when such drama will end. I really don’t like the serial which comes up with unwanted n disheartening twist between lovers. Though gauri n leela planned evil to ruin marriage the show would be great n grand to watch if on last Saturday kaala proves herself. It’s really disheartens me n disturbs my mood to watch any further being big fan of kaala teeka on seeing unwanted twist……everyone will feel bad if one which they love disturbs their mood know friends n same happened to me……so sad

  14. Leela get wat she want a stupid daugther in law n kali should move on

    1. Well b4 that Kali has prove that she is innocent or it mean evil win in this that shouldn’t happen. After that Yug has to regret for not having faith in Kali.

  15. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Ooouuuuuuufffffgggg zee.get uo wit nice serials… not stupid boring….I am not having anyting to watch on zeee.now kt is also going bad….kali u so pretty…just go girl….dat yugs granny cnt even talk over act flip #####*****

  16. Read this guys.. I don’t think anytime soon KaYu will unite.

    Now, there will be a ‘Sindoor Daan’ havan conducted by Dadi for the good future of Gauri. And Dadi will convince Yug to put sindoor on Gauri’s forehead as part of the custom in the havan proceedings.
    However, Kaali will corner Dadi by saying that like the last time, they will need to have the curtain separating the boy and girl. And Kaali will make sure that Dadi’s plan of Yug putting sindoor on Gauri’s forehead will fail.
    As per sources, “Dadi’s vision will be blocked with the curtain separating Yug and Gauri. And just as Yug will bring the plate of sindoor near Gauri, Kaali will put the fan and the sindoor from Yug’s hand will get smeared on Kaali’s forehead.”
    Also, the next drama that will follow will be that Kaali will get a solid proof of her getting married to Yug when Manjiri (Daljiet Kaur) will hand over a photo of their wedding to Kaali. With the proof, Kaali will almost win the trust and love of Yug, when Gauri will play yet another game.
    Will Kaali succeed in winning Yug’s love?

    These writer let win evil so easily and I don’t know how long it’s going take prove Kali innocent.

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