Kaala Teeka 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gauri says to kali you are ordering me? Kali says order or request? kali says you have to say yes. Gauri says don’t you dare. You are bady papa’s chamchi. Kali says you are kalyani’s puppet. Gauri says stop it. Kali says I choose everything for you and now today when this decision is here, you are listening to that tai ji. Trust me please. Like I said I saw ram ji you trusted me. Please you can’t find another guy like Yug. He says will keep you very happy. He is one in a million. He is so pious and truthful. Gauri says if he is so nice why dont you marry him? Kali says give him a chance. Gauri says good idea. I will give him one chance by testing him. If he passes it then I will marry him but if he fails then no. Kali says he wont fail. Kali says okay done.


reads neel’s letter, he says I know you are not ready. I know that everythin is complicated because of me. I will keep you very happy. Chulbul says he is so stupid. You can make him dance even. she crumples it and throws it away. Yug sees the letter. He picks up and reads it. Chul says I knew that the guy and family is really good. Now see, he is so remorsful. I know sharmila will forgive him. sharmila says because of me you have to marry his sister. she hugs yug.

kali says to manjiri’s picture I will never come between them. you know everything manji ma. Yug says kali is a mystery. I don’t know how she is.
Kali says you told me something manji maa, I wont do it again. I wont sing again.
Yu says kali told me she will take me to gauri. Kali says does yug know that he is getting married to Gauri. Yug says I dont’ wanna know whose voice is that. Kali says no one can stop yug and gauri’s wedding. And I will never let him know that voice is mine.

Kali and gauri are near cliff. Kali says what are we here for? Gauri says I researched about yug. He will be jogging here in a while. Gauri says its his test. Yug will come from there. I will leave my car from there in neutral gear. It will come near you and then I will see if he saves you or not. Kali says what ar eyou sayin. GAuri says this is my challenge. Kali says it can hurt me and yug. Gauri says don’t you trust your ram ji? Kali says yes. kali says what are you saying. Gauri says he is comin in a while.

Mad says Kali will do what you ask him to. Kalyani says she is a manipulator. You both are so innocent. She will never want gauri to marry yug. Mad says but why? Kalyani says she wont need Kala anymore. Kali’s existance will be useless. You have made a mistake vishwa. Be careful.
Kali says why doesn’t she understand that she needs yug. Yug sees kali and the car coming near her.

Precap-Gauri had roped the car, the rope breaks. she is scared. The car is about to hit kali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am sure Yug will save Kaali . And I just love the ram Ji and saajna song a lot. Sometimes I just watch kaala teeka instead of thapki pyaar ki, thapki pyaar ki too much dragging nowadyas

    1. Yes it was shown yesterday

  2. yug wil b saving kali,nd hope guari doesnt like yug bcoz yug belongs 2 kali only. Nd plz let kali nd manji maa meet. Wat do u think guys?

    1. Agree.I thought the same..

  3. What is wrong wid Gauri? Immature lil girl.

  4. Thanx for d update. Of cos Yug will save Kali but what kind of stupid test is this. He is Kali’s hero. Always saving her.

    1. he has saved already its half update.. n yug has said her after seeing rope this was ur plan u think i will like u like this i wont kaali jha i havent seen even tht girl photon blah blah so kaali has told him he is going to marry badke papa princss n badke papa is vishvaweer jha who is not my father u r going to marry gauri jha n in precap it was shown that yug ask her who r u then she says u r not goingto spend ur entire life with me so it dosent matter u r going to marry the voice…..n yug keeps on askingwho r u then

  5. Why wont Kali sing again?? N when did she take dat vow?

    1. While talking to manjima picture she will be telling that I won’t come in between gauri and yug
      And says that I wont sing hereaft

  6. now i am watching kaalateeka instead of thapki because it is so boring

  7. Yes … Yug must marry Kali …. Please writers don’t do any mess. …

  8. The most awaited episode

    The best part is Yug doubts kaali that she is hiding something from him
    And the worst part is kaali decides nt to sing here aft

    I really have a doubt if yug meets gauri and ask her to sing Jal Rahi Hai song then what will happen???? Will kaali sing for gauri.its nt possible because she said that she won’t sing hereafter . Or will yug blindly accepts gauri without asking her to sing ????

    See the most illogical thing is yug can identify kaali as kaali jha and daughter of vishwa veer jha bt he was nt able to identify gauri jha as vishwa veer jha’s daughter
    If yug share abt gauri to Sharmila that is if he tells her that the voice he is searching for these many days is gauri jha’s and he is going to marry her , I think Sharmila will tell yug what has happened in exam hall and etc

    The best part of todays episode is the misunderstanding between kaali and yug gets cleared yug comes to knw that he is going to marry gauri and nt kaali. And even kaali says that the voice he is searching for is the girl u r going to marry
    And I have noticed one thing aft knowing abt gauri also yug was not excited. He was very keen to know abt kaali . Lets wait and see what kaali says

    1. That was the best part……..when he asked kaali who are you in the precap. I hope he finds out the truth soon before it’s too late.

    2. she wouldnt repply to thaat question n she will sing just for gauri…now yug will be keen to find about her n dig out the truth n the last truth would be her voice acc. to me….idk anything else that whether yug will marry kalo gauri..kali will agree or not…bt one thing is sure yug n kaali r meant to be together acc. to the show…n yug carees for kaali n he is falling for her n will slowly

      1. Ya that’s true yug cares for kaali and he will fall for her
        Bt it ll take time for him to realize that he is in love with kaali

        This is just my thought
        aft yug realize his luv for kaali only he will come to that the voice is kaali’s

        And do u remember once yug told kaali that if I am not in luv with that voice I would’ve proposed you

        Lets wait and watch what happens

      2. yeah u r right he will know onnly when he falls..but tht is going to happen a long time after..before that alot of other drama/track will be completed n created like pishima waala,tai waala, vishvaweer jha, then sharmila, then his daadi will create prblms n simultaneously gauri
        bt this show is going well thanks to the cvs for not dragging
        in the last episode u said it would depend on gauri’s answer tht the story is related to choti bahu sort of a show or not…what do u say now?

      3. It wont be like choti bhau
        What I think is gauri too will fall for yug and its going to be love triangle
        If gauri has feelings towards yug then kaali will sacrifice by that time yug will start to luv kaali and gauri will become villi
        If gauri didn’t fall for yug 2 nd hero will be introduced

  9. I thought writers will drag bt they are not they are up to the point

    I hope yug should get to know abt kaali soon
    Waiting for yukaa marriage

    1. Even i felt the same…i like gauri now…yeah n kaali won’t tell…she will sing when she meets pishima…n yug will fall in luv eith her soon thats also sure bcuz he was as u said much concerned abt kaali..n he will regret….n i feel it is the best show up till now

      1. I also like gauri she is like this because she was brought up like that from childhood she has been thought to seek kaali’s help whenever she was not able to do anything. So I think its nt her problem

  10. Arey this is half episode, yug has saved Kali and she told him that he is going to marry gauri jha.

  11. Atiba didn’t u see full episode

  12. yeah u R right fatarajo..

    bdw I hv 1 doubt guys.. is manjiri’s memory lost? bcz even after hearing names of vishwa, neel, gauri, kaali she doesn’t seem to recognize them

    1. She lost he memory. But, I don’t know how.

  13. I too want to meet kali vt manji ma

  14. bdw I hv 1 doubt guys.. is manjiri’s memory lost? bcz even after hearing names of vishwa, neel, gauri, kaali she doesn’t seem to recognize the.m

    1. Ya manjima lost her memory bbt don’t know how
      Once Leela said that manjima is here because she saved yug’s life 14 yrs ago
      I think there will be a flashback how manjima lost her memory when manjima and vishwa meeting happens

      1. something happpened like snake bite i guess…i just read in written updates..nt so sure cuz started watching show after leap

      2. I saw last episode before leap
        And aft leap also started to see only from manjima re entry

  15. i just hope this dont turn out like ek mutthi aasmaan wit kalpi, pakhi and raghav wit a love triangle where kalpi always loose everything to pakhi…..

  16. Precap s not the one dey updated.. In precap kaali will say to hug DAT he s gng to marry gauri and not her DAT he meant and she also said that vishwa s not her father.. At last hug came to know DAT he s gng to marry gauri jha BT doesn’t he know DAT the girl whom he wants to meet s gng r marry??

  17. guys update is not complete actually yug saved kaali and he saw d rope and started to scold kaali during that he tells her that he is going to marry her, after hearing this kaali says stop u r not going to marry me.
    precap – kaali tells yug that he is going to marry gauri jha d one he is being searching for i m not vishwa’s daughter he is just my badke papa after hearing this yug asks her who r u kaali says its not important
    thats it for today and i didnt translated d scenes exactly but this was what happened today

  18. I watched it online n yes Yug looked lil sad after Kaali told him dat he isnt marrying her. Im hoping tomorrow they talk so more n he discovers that kaali was d reason Sharmilaji wasnt raped. Please please let dat happen. Come on Yug fight for Kaali.

  19. Firstly, this is not the complete update…where is the rest of the story?

  20. But then again y wud Yug b sad. Ut us Gauri who he always wanted n in yesterdays episode he said Kali promised to take him to Gauri but it didnt happen so to me ge seemed sad abt dat as opposed to not marrying Kali. Lets see further cos Yug shud b over d moon cos he always wanted Gauri n now tgey gona b united thru marriage. Intrigued to watch further.

  21. Hey… Guys she missed some part from this show… In the kaali was telling tug that it’s not her that he going to marry… And in the precap… He asking kaali If he not marry her then who?…. She told that it’s gauri that he is going marry……. Uhaaaa … I hat this show…. Seems like gauri is going like him….what’s up with this writer …. For once why can’t unite kaali and Yug….. I know which something is not going to happen…. I’m done watching this… This is driving me crazy…

  22. Hope we’ll soon be seeing Kaliyug ?

  23. Pls make meet yug and kaali its an request dont add something mess

  24. Wat the hell is wrong with gauri n yug will end up saving kali

  25. molita gabriel

    I read all the comments ..girls .the ugly twist is going to show up..gauri goes for yug………then the marriage scene……….disgusting. …..

  26. What will happen if gauri fall in love with yug
    Gauri’s reaction is like cat on the wall
    Can’t able to predict what she is up to

    Just waiting for yug to ask gauri to sing definitely she can’t sing and kaali also cant help gauri because yug will be nearby gauri
    Bt gauri may escape with her attitude

    1. i think she will …atleast seeing that she will agree

  27. probably kaali and yug will be together but gauri will love yug then and create problems in their marriage

    1. if its happen then d story will be like ema…..i hope they show something different in kaala teeka…instead of repeating d same track from their previous shows….

      1. Sk, I knew it was going to be ema from the beginning before the show started and it is. It’s even the same production house.

      2. what is ema

      3. Harshi, it’s Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. It used to play, it ended in 2014.

  28. Guys what is ema? N do tell what happens der. Im very disappointed wid d writers for not allowing Kali n Yug to clear up this misunderstanding involving Neelu? When writers, when? Now that Yug knows he’s marrying Gauri (how Yug wanted from d beginning) can we please see Yug heartbroken for Kali. Some real emotion from both of them. Btw i was crying for Kali yesterday when she was talking to Yug abt his pending marriage. Also where is Aman ( Yug’s friend) bring him in for Kali. Let them get close n see how jealous Yug gets dat he confesses his feelings. Love to all from South Africa?

  29. I’m pretty sure Yug is going to regret………..Please writer when he is going to find out it’s kaali voice……..i can’t wait to see that. and why is always viswa and kalyani suceeding…please once bring kaali an Yug together.

  30. pls can anyone say in detail what happened in yesterday’s precap pls……..

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