Kaala Teeka 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali wishes Manji happy anniversary. Kali hugs her. Kali says God bless you always. Manjiri says thank you. Chulbul says where is Vishwa? Vishwa comes and says I am here. He comes downstairs. Kali and Yug wish him happy anniversary and touch his feet. He gives Yug blessings but ignores Kali. He touches Kali’s head too.
Gauri gives something to Leela and says this will give you a good sleep. She winks Bijli.
Vishwa asks Yug how is gauri. Kali says she is good. Vishwa says she has to be, you people treat servants good. Chulbul tells Sharmila that maa ji there is a shadow on her and yug says she is mentally ill. Chulbul says when we were leaving maa ji said don’t let yug and Kali be together.
Vishwa welcomes his guests. He says Manjiri come here meet minister jee.

Manjiri says I am looking after arrangements. Yug hears it. Vioshwa takes Manjiri to side.
Yug comes to Kali and tells her.
Vishwa says what was it? Manjiri says when you don’t care about me why should I meet your friends? And you were not coming here? Vishwa says because I care about my house’s name. What would people say. Manjiri says you always cared about people. Not me. Manjiri leaves. Vishwa says if you cared you would know what is important for me.
Chubul comes to Yug and says I forgot my phone in the car. Yug says there was nothing in car. she says I think I forgot it home. I will go with driver and get it.

Leela wakes up. she is wearing a garland and sees fire in the room. She screams bijli gauri where are you? Bijli and Gauri are peeking in. Leela hides behind the bed. There is smoke everywhere. Leela runs downstairs. She faints. Gauri and Bijli come there. They give high five. Gauri says what a plan you made. Bijli says you made it. Gauri says i didn’t do it. Wait.. If it wasn’t you and it wasn’t me then? Who was it? Black shadow?

Kali comes to Manjiri. Manjiri says did you eat properly? Kali says what is it? Manjiri says nothing. Kali says I and Yug heard you and papa talking. You were fighting. Manjiri says after so many years, arguments are normal. Kali says don’t conceal from me. Sharmila told me bady papa is about upset about Gauri from you. Manjiri says he thinks whatever is happening with gauri, I am responsible for it. Kali says sort this misunderstanding out. After so many years you people have met. Don’t let your relationship down. Manjiri looks at Sharmila. She smiles.
Gauri says I looked everywhere there is nothing. Gauri says where did dadi go? Bijli says ghosts took them? Gauri says shut up there are not ghosts. Chulbuli says Gauri.. Bijli.. Gauri says chachi ji took her in room. Chulbul says we left you here to take care of her. She was fainted in lounge. Call Kali.
Vishwa and Manjiri cut the cake. Kali says Gauri is calling I think she wants to wish you. Gauri says Kali come home, dadi is fainted. She has fever too. Everyone gets worried. Yug says we have to go. Kali and Yug rush out. Vishwa throws away the knife. He says I apologize you all. This party is over. Leela ji is not well. He goes upstairs. All the guests leave.

Chulbul wakes Leela up. Leela says where is Kali? Call her. Chulbul says they are on their way. Kali and Yug come in. Leela says Kali don’t go anywhere. when you are not here, the shadow is more on me. Yug says she won’t go anywhere. Please calm down. Kali says yes I will please sleep. Bijli says I saw in movie, the hero said she needs prayers not medicine. Yug says we are here dadi. don’t worry. Leela says what sins am I paying for. I do so much pooja. Why is this ghost after me. Kali says you have this family who really loves you. Everyone is really worried for you. Chulbul says yes I really love, that is why God sent me here. Now eat medicine and sleep. Kali says please. Leela says I wont eat medicine. Kali says please. She gives Leela medicine. Leela says don’t go anywhere.
Kali is massaging Leela’s legs. Yug says your hands would hurt. Kali says it hurts me when I see her like this. Kali says go and rest. Yug says I have to talk to gauri and Bijli first. I left her here on their responsibility.
Yug says what did I left you two here for? And you gauri.. why did you take this responsibility? Gauri says I don’t know how and when I dosed off. Yug says I am not Kali. You can’t fool me whenever you want. I know you are behind this drama. I don’t have a proof. The day I find it, trust me I will punish you the you will never forget it.
Yug says on call to someone I don’t have proof otherwise I would have exposed her. Yug says to Kali you still think Gauri is not responsible? Kali says yes I think. Yug says don’t tell me later I didn’t warn you.

Precap-Leela finds something beneath the mattress. Its a sari. Gauri and Bijli are peeking in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What’s it with chulbuli now…….she is also trying to scare dadi or what???? I guess now gauri will try to put the entire blame on chulbuli and will act as good in front of kali once again.
    I just hope yug remains suspecious of gauri till the truth come out

  2. I knew this type of cheap game only chulbul, gauri can play.this damn serial is making worse story day by day……I become irritate when i hear the fool words of kaali.

  3. Writers, please don’t make Kali so gullible. Take some of the evil out. I’m sure young people are watching the show and seeing and learning all the evil deeds and negativity, especially the young girls.

  4. What’s wrong with this stupid viswa…now he hates Kali cos of his beloved princess… I really want to see his face when he find out that devil didn’t change? She still the same b***h… I’m just waiting for that episode…

  5. the kali and yug story lol the acting is so shy and boring.

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