Kaala Teeka 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Everyone is doing arti. Pavitra comes and says my thread had broken but Kali is doing pooja, she doesn’t listen. Pavitra joins the pooja too. She sees a beggar on the gate. Pavita says let me bring food for him. Pavitra brings food from kitchen and goes towards him. Pavitra stops and looks at him. she steps out the house. Devri pulls her hand. Pavitra shouts mama.. He takes off his shawl. Everyone is dazed. Devri picks Pavitra up and runs. They all run after him. They come out and see he has disappeared. Kali sees a mirror. They hears his voice come and find me here. Kali looks in the mirror, devri says are you sad? I have nothing to do with that. I have pavitra with me. Give me naina and take pavitra from me. deal? He laughs. Kali sits there crying. Manjiri says we will find a

way don’t worry. Gauri says are you thinking of giving Naina to him? I won’t let that happen. Kali says I have decided Gauri. I will fight any storm. I will give my blood to save my daughters. Gauri says you don’t give naina to devri right? Kali says I won’t risk Naina’s life for Pavitra don’t worry. Yug says what will we do? Kali says pavitra can protect her. Her soul is pure. Devri’s magic doesn’t work on her. Devri will come back and give her back to us. Manjiri says Kali is right nothing will happen to Pavitra.

Scene 2
Pavitra is locked in a cage over woods near a cliff. DEvri is doing his magic there. He covers Naina’s cage and starts filling water in it. Pavitra is screaming for help. Everyone is the house is seeing it on mirror. Devri says see your daughter. She will die. Devri says I know that niana is important for you and this is a difficult decision but don’t be late. When you decide knock this mirror. he disappears from mirror. Kali is crying. Prohit says don’t give up Kali. Yug says there is a way.
Yug picks up Naina. Gauri says dont’ take her Yug. Yug says move aside. Gauri says this is all because of Kali. You promised me all that and see now. Manjiri says try to understand. Gauri says Niana won’t go out of this house. Give me niana. Yug says try to understand. Nothing would happen to. Gauri says naina won’t step out of this house. don’t take her there. Yug locks her there in the room.
DEvri says your mom doesn’t love you that’s why she left you here to die.
Kali knocks the mirror. Devri says decided? Kali says we are bringing naina stops torturing Pavitra. They put Naina on the bed. Leela brings everything. Leela says to Kali go and save both our daughters. I won’t tell Nandu anything. Devri will find it our from him. Yug says I will handle gauri. Don’t worry. You people go we don’t have much time. Kali picks Naina and they leave towards jungle.

Devri sees them coming. He says you are too late Kali. Nandu comes and sees naina on the bed. Nandu says naina is here who have they taken then? I think gauri hid naian here so they can’t take her. But I will take naian there and save pavitra. He picks naina and leaves.
Kali and Manjiri are reaching there. Devri says you are too late Kali. Kali sees Pavitra drowning in the mirror. Kali says help me God.

Precap-Kali is moving towards the cliff. Pavitra’s glass breaks itself. Devri is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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