Kaala Teeka 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gauri says I am really scared. Kali says me to. Kali says lets pray. Ram appears and says you have come out of here kali, no one can stop anyone’s fate. He opens the door and disappears. Kali says to gauri lets go.
Kali and Gauri are in jungle. They hears animals raoring and get scared.

Mad comes to gauri’s room and sees that she is not there. Mad looks everywhere for Gauri.
Gauri says I am really scared. Kali says gauri if we follow direction of sun we will find the road.
Manjiri says are you looking for gauri? Mad says so would i look for you? Manjiri says i was worried about gauri that is why i asked. Maybe Gauri is with kali. Mad says prohit took kali out with him, vishwa asked him to.

Someone with a mask and axe is following kali and

Manjiri says where is vishwa? Mad says he is out. Manjiri says has he taken only kali? Mad says yes only kali. Manjiri says lets ask badi bhabhi maybe she knows.

Kali and gauri turn back and see the woman with axe.
Manjiri and mad come to kalyani’s room and sees her turned towards temple and praying. Manjiri says she is doing pooja. Dahi says she asked her not to be disturbed. Mad says have you seen gauri? dahi says no. Manjiri says lets look in temple.
Kali and gauri run, the woman runs after them. Manjiri says lets call vishwa.
Kali and gauri hide in small cave. the woman looks for them. She goes ahead. Kali adn gauri comes out.
Manjiri tries to call prohit. Mad says don’t do this drama. You know where gauri is you have hidden her. Manjiri says what are you saying. Mad says this was all yoru plan. You sent kali with prohit and I can’t find Gauri. Where can she go? Tell me where she is. Manjiri says why would I do that? Prohit comes in.
Manjri says where is kali? Madhuri told me everything. Mad says when did you see? Mad says dahi told me. Dahi says neel told me, he saw you taking kali. Prohit says I took her to car. to temple. Manjiri says then where is she? Manjiri says kali..where is she? prohit says vishwa asked me to. I took her to jungle. Manjiri says take me there i dont know anything.

Prohit brings mad and manjiri to the place where he locked her. Manjiri says you left them here. How could you do this. Prohit says i looked it. Manjiri says lets look for them. They look around. The woman comes in front of kali adn gauri. Kali throws a stone on her face and runs from there. The woman follow them.
Mad, manjiri and prohit are looking for them.
GArui says this is such a large ditch. The woman grasps her arm. Kali shoves the woman. she slips down. Kali and gauri run from there.
The woman stops kali and gauri. Manjiri comes near, the woman hides and runs.
gauri says mama there.. that woman. Manjiri says who was there? She looks around but the woman has hid. Prohit says they are scared. The woman sees them going.
She takes mask off, its kalyani. She says how long will you be saved.

Precap-Prohit calls vishwa and says the water has stopped falling. Kalyani says kali will get all the arshiwads in front of vishwa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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