Kaala Teeka 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa says to Prohit the time is for next month. Prohit shows him pictures. Vishwa says I am sure Gauri will own me. I will make it one of the best weddings ever. Everyone will think that Ram is going to marry Seeta. That guys’s picture falls in front of Kali.
The guys says I have found a way to reach her.
kali takes the picture from opposite side and says to Gauri give it bady papa please. Gauri places it on table and leaves.

That searches for Gauri on Social media. He messages all of them.
Kali comes out of house. She sees someone’s back on the chair. She thinks its Vishwa. She says please help me God. I think this is the right time. Kali walks out.
she goes near the chair and says i want to tell you a truth. I have been keeping it with

me for 14 years. Kalyani killed manji maa and Manji maa tried to tell this to you but she couldn’t. When she comes in front its just a pillow. Kalyani comes there. She laughs.
Kalyani gives kali electric shocks. Kali falls down. she says you will expose me? Kali faints. Vishwa comes and asks why is she like this? Kalyani says she is having an attack. It happens since years. I think she does this to seek attention. Kali hides the paper in plants. Vishwa says she is not pretending. She is paying for her sins. She killed my wife. Vishwa leaves. Kalyani says don’t try messing with me again. i will ruin everything.

That guy is busying sending messgaes to all the girls named gauri. He falls asleep. He says why can’t I find you.
He wakes up and sees his screen. He says I hope she gives me one response.

Next day, Gauri is cleaning. Vishwa comes there in hall. He sees gauri and stops her. He says I did havan in your name. It would be better if you place it in temple from your hands. Gauri says okay I will but after college. She takes it.
Kali says I was going to make vegetable. Gauri says you will take it to temple. I have to go to college. I am going to college. Kali says but his trust.. Gauri says what is wrong with you. I have other ways to get rid of it. I will give it to anyone on signal. Kali says dont do that. Gauri leaves.

Kali comes to temple. That guy is waiting outside the temple. There is a girl in car, she says please lets go. He says dadi lets go we are waiting. She says It has just ended it will take 10 more minutes. They both smile. Dadi says why are you both smiling? I have been telling you these small things. She says I have to go to college. dadi says so you can talk like your mom? We should get to know why you are delaying your wedding. He says dadi I should drop her. he places a handkerchief in dadi’s feet.
Kali comes there with neel.

Kali sees a bike coming, she shoves dadi back. She says oh God. What have you done. You made me step in temple in a wrong time. Neel says she is so mad, lets go from here. Kali says I was just saving you. Neel says lets go. They go upstairs. The guy comes and asks dadi are you okay? she says that girl she shoved me in the temple. He says shed was trying to help you. Kali and he look at each other. He says she is the same girl.
He goes and sits in the car.
Kali does the pooja. He says you are like seeta.. Neel says she is seeta’s image. Pandit says start looking a ram for her too.
Kali says i hope gauri finds someone like ram. and badu papa wants that too.

Precap-Kali burns candle. Dadi comes and says how dare you to touch this candle. That guy comes and says everyone is equal according to ram.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. who is dadi anyone tel me plz

  2. I think yug ke papa ki mother hain ya yug ki rishtedar lagti hain ya vishima ki aunt hogi i do’nt know

  3. Kali just save dadi

  4. Verti not commet why

  5. Kali does the pooja she like so sweet dadi so bad

  6. Manjiri ma ki entry kab hogi tell me aur yug kiya gouri ko song gane wali samjta rahega kese pata chalega ki song wali girl kali hain

  7. I think it his dadi n she is so mean to kali n gauri too

  8. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Isnt6 Manji the dadi.. I think it’s her.

  9. Nice episode.

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