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Scene 1
Devri wakes up Manjiri gives him water and meds. Devri says thank you for trusting me. Manjiri says what I did was due to humanity. I hope you won’t ruin our lives with your evil powers. Devri says the devri who prayed to devil has died. This is a different human. She leaves.
Jaktrui’s thug tells her about Devri. He tells her that Devri once fought people at temple so manjiri can wear colored clothes.
Baba stands up and says there is something wrong gonna happen. Her man comes and tells him that three kids have died. Babd starts doing pooja. A bird comes a picks a chit from his pot. It gives the chit to baba. Baba reads the name on it. He says Pavitra.. thats what her name is.

Nandu asks Pavitra what are you doing? She says I am decorating didi’s

room so her mood gets good. Nandu says I will help you. Pavitra says she gets mad when she sees you and mom so I will do it alone.
Pavitra decorates Naina’s room. She tries to connect the wire to the switch. Pavitra stands on the chair to plug it. Her chair is about to slip. naina comes and sees the chair moving. Naina says pavitra.. The voice says no. Let her get the current. Its deva. Deva says she isn’t your sister. Naina says but pavitra will fall. Deva says so what? who is she to you? Why you worry for her. Naina goes running to save pavitra. Pavitra falls from the chair and Naina gets the current herself. Pavitra screams.. Devri comes and saves her. Naina faints. Devri says naina open your eyes. He brings naina downstairs and says call doctor. Everyone is dazed. Kali says stay away from my daughter. Kali says what happened to her? Yug holds her hand. He is shut. Kali says check her pulse again. Kali grasps devri’s throat and says what you did to my daughter? Pavitra says mama uncle didn’t do anything. didi got a shock. Uncle saved her.

They rush to the hospital. Naina is taken to emergency. They treat her. They give naina CPR. KAli is crying. She goes to temple. Deva says naina get up you can’t die. See who is here you best friend. Kali puts her hand on the flame and says I won’t remove it till my daughter is okay. Nandu says what are you doing don’t do this. Your hand will burn. Kali says I wont. Work and make it better.
Doctor comes out. Kali says how is naina? doctor says we saved her but her condition isn’t okay yet. We can’t say anything. Anything can happen. Kali is crying. Nandu says Kali control yourself. Kali recalls when she found naina in waters. She says ram ji please give me my naina back.
Kali comes to naina and says naina get up. I have to parts of my heart. one pavitra and one naina. Your heart is beating. Kali says Nandu you daughter.. Kali says you ask her to get up.She listens to you. kali says naina please open your eyes. Kali says mama needs you naina. Please come back to mama. deva is there too.

Precap-DEva says to Devri breathe.. Devri throttles him. Deva says I am your friend. Devri says you are not my friend. you are my enemy. He shoves deva away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. who z deva????

  2. Wat does deva want with naina now n who the hell is he

    1. Deva is the little wizard that was always talking with Devri

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