Kaala Teeka 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vishwa says my condition is that kaali will absorb black eye on my daughter. As soon as gauri is fine, kaali will get her rights and respect. Second condition, you will get respect rights nothing here. You wont be my wife here just kaali’s mom. Manjiri says i accept it. He says call me Jha sahab from now. Like servants do.
Kaali will get all the respect here. Manjiri says i know your manjiri is in trouble. You have left me but for your respect i would do as you ask. In front of her happiness i can sacrifice all this. Vishwa looks at kaali and says come in. He picks her up and takes her in. Kaali is very happy. Manjiri says i know you are doing this in anger but i dont have another option. Kaali wont be used anymore. I will return her all the colors. Jethi says vishwa she can’t do this in colored clothes. Make her wear black today. Vishwa ignores and goes upstairs.

Jethi says thank God Manjiri you are back. manjiri says to get kaali her rights.
Vishwa says to kaali after you left Gauri couldn’t see anything. kaali says i will absorb all the black eye on her. Neel says kaali we will play together from now on, vishwa says call her kali not kaali.
Vishwa says gauri please open your eyes and tell me can you see? Kali says wake up gauri bady papa i calling you. He says gauri from now own your kali will take care of you. Kali says yes i will. Vishwa says good girl. Lets go.

Kali sits with gauri and caresses her face. She says Gauri I am back now. Your rat. I know you will be fine now. Jethi says vishwa dont worry your bandage. Manjiri says your hand is burnt i will do it. Vishwa says i wont let this woman do bandage. Manjiri says you called kaali your daughter for her mom, for your wife’s sister, Let me do this. Madhuri says let her do this. i feel like throwing up when i see your burn. Manjiri starts cleaning it. Vishwa throws water on her face.

Precap-Manjiri says from now on kali will wear colored clothes. I bought these clothes for you. Vishwa takes the clothes and burns them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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