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Scene 1
Kali gives Yug medicines, Yug says I don’t like these. Kali says how will you be okay if you don’t eat them? Yug says I was okay when you made me hear Naina’s heartbeat. Thank you for saving my life again. Kali says don’t say thanks. Yug says I love you. Kali hugs him and says I love you too. She says in heart Gauri wants to part us using this child. How do I tell you this.
Gauri screams save.. Everyone comes in. Yug says are you okay? Leela says what happened? Gauri says I saw a bad dream in which someone killed my child. It was some shadow and killed my child. Leela says this is what pandit said. Gauri says what? Leela says that this is not right for the child. I knew no one would trust me. You won’t stay here, you will live in Yug’s room from

now on. Raghu says how is that possible? Leela says why? This is Yug’s child. Yug says but dadi.. Kali says dadi is right. Gauri should stay in Yug’s room. In this way I and Yug will stay close to the child. Kali says I will get an extra bed arranged for you. Kali says come help me Bijli. Everyone leaves.
Gauri says this Kali is so clever. Leela says no bad language it will have bad effect on child. Be patient.

Gauri comes in room with Leela. Leela says what is this? Kali says dadi you said that room isn’t good for Gauri. So I and Yug moved our stuff from here so Gauri can stay here. Rest Gauri I will bring you blanket. Lets go Yug. Gauri says dadi your temporary daughter in law thinks she is too clever. Now I am in this room and Yug will be with me soon and Kali will be out of this house.

Scene 2
Vishwa is doing pooja in temple. Prohit comes and says pandit ji let me meet Vishwa. Pandit says Vishwa has been doing this for 3 months. He shouldn’t be disturbed. Prohit says I have been looking for him. Pandit says he is doing this for faith. Prohit says doesn’t he have any responsibilities as a father? I want to talk to him about his daughter. Pandit ji says okay go meet him.

Kali freshens up in the morning. She doesn’t feel well. Kali says I didn’t eat anything. Am I? She is so happy. Kali says when Yug gets to know about this he will be so happy.
Gauri asks Yug to change TV channel for him. Gauri says a pregnant lady should listen to music. Yug says I know. Kali says I should rather consult a doctor first before telling yug.
Kali says to Yug I am going to hospital. He says are you okay? Kali says just for protein test. Yug says I am coming as well. Gauri pretends like she has some pain.

Prohit comes to Vishwa and says sorry to disturb you I want to talk to you about Gauri. Prohit tells him everything. Prohit says she has been pregnant for three months. Vishwa keeps doing his pooja.
Vishwa comes home. Manjiri says Vishwa you were to come after monsoon right? He takes out his sword. Neel comes downstairs as well. Manjiri says why have you taken it out? Vishwa says when a Brahmin takes out a sword it is to kill someone. Manjiri says whom are you talking about? Vishwa says my daughter has been sent to jail. And you didn’t even tell me. You could have saved her. You could have called minister. Manjiri says she is not innocent. She broke the law. Vishwa says she is my princess, she will always be innocent. Manjiri says where are you going? He says to seek revenge for what happened to my daughter. Manjiri says I won’t let you do this. Vishwa says move from my way otherwise you will be first attacked by this sword. Manjiri says please listen to me. He shoves her and leaves. Manjiri says Neel we have to go to Yug’s place. Neel says I am coming lets go.

Leela says send my breakfast in the room. I will eat there. Yug fills a glass of juice, Vishwa comes and shatters the glass with his sword. He shoves Yug. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa says sinner. What you thought? You can do anything with my daughter? He is about to kill him, Yug holds his hand. Yug says your daughter has sinned not
me. Your daughter is responsible for it. Your daughter has fooled. She did it with me not I did it with her. And she has been sentenced for it by law. And about her being pregnant I have decided to own that child. Leela says he is right. Vishwa says you will own the child but what will happen to my princess? Where will she go? Who will marry her? Yug says I am married to Kali and no one can take her place. I told this to Gauri and she is ready. Vishwa looks at Gauri.

Precap-Vishwa takes Kali to a cliff. Vishwa says its about time that you repay for my favors. If you really considered me your father and you don’t wanna see my dead face, then divorce Yug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohhhhh MG… who asking for gauri jha’s babu ji dat day????he is here n make de situation even worst.Go to hell vishwa ji… everytime when u r saying ‘my princess’ i feel like wana slap u.Princess is actually kaali not gauri… ?????????

    1. exactly masz…even I want to slap viswa for saying princess…

  2. WOW…………SHAMELESS GAURI…….SHAMELESS VISHWA……..SELFISH LEELA……..USELESS YUG….. Kali is better off being alone.

  3. Vishwa really bold face .what is the writers doing they giving right to that witch gauri. Kali please leave that house. To many wrong things happening. If not then vishwa should died cause he raised a spoiled brat like gauri.

  4. seriously..since when yug thought no one will take kali place…..then why on the earth when that stupid old hag tell him to put sindoor on her forehead…he is ready to put on?????u r dump a*s yug…. no respect for you.

    1. Totally support u K!! ???


  6. I think gauri jha must die …galti uski.bachha uska aur saja Kali ko…vishwa u r worst only think about bloddy gauri….selfish aur yug us pagl ki itni care kar raha hai jaise wo uski wife hai…My Kali im watching kt becoz of Kali only

  7. Guess it is better for rohan to quit the show….. His yug character is not the same energetic & vibrant one as before….. Yug has been reduced to a mere puppet existing there just for the sake of it…. Appearing clueless though everything happens because and around his character…. An absolute waste of a superb character once….

    1. I agree with u yaar… Better Rohan quit the show.

      1. And if he keep acting like dumb Yug who doesn’t even give first priority to his wife… Always be daadi puppet… He will lose his respect if keep acting like this.?

  8. haven’t watch this serial in ages can someone please give me an update? i read Gauri is pregnant for whom? can somebody please tell me thanking you in advance

  9. Guys, am i the only one who sees that gauri jha’s face is a type? Like disgusting. Her face looks somewhat old. Anyways just saying what i see,maybe my eyes are deceiving me. the current track of this show is so irritating,how can one be so attached to an unborn child? The writers are not just trying.

  10. Haiti shouldn’t die,viewers,she should make Kali’s life a living hell and this is the price Kali must pay for being an idiot, moron, brainless and a stupid wife! Where in this world will you find a wife so accommodating to another woman bearing your husband’s child and accepting it? How preposterous, that yug can claim to be saved by hearing a child’s heartbeat when he didn’t form any emotional bond as yet with the child? To compound the crap, he hates the woman carrying the child and was accused of raping her. This is the values Indian customs teaches us. If any woman were to be in a situation like this, she either goes mad, become alcoholic , commit murder,seeks revenge, give the other woman a sound thrashing, do what Jodi arias did by a good set up and the list goes on! No…. Kali accepts it ALL, like she won’t be able to give her husband a child like her whore sister! Feed her, clothe her, give her best of care,. hey…even take her for pre natal care! I couldn’t even read past the 1st paragraph in update, so disgusted I felt. I’m not sorry for all that I just said, I’m so frustrated that a good serial could just got down the drain like this. This serial is like kkb, writers recycling the same script . I will vent off later after reading the rest.

    1. U have remember on thing when Yug has wicked daadi.. What can she do about it???? Always this stpupid daadi decision is acceptable… If Kali against it… That’s it there will be another drama… I don’t if watch this episode that Kali said in her heart that she doent know how to express her feeling to Yug and got tear….I agree with u sometime she made me mad but what can she do if no one is their to stand for her… Yug always act like double sided. She can trust him… I hate him for one time daadi slap Kali he stand thier and watch there. Didn’t even say nothing even sorry.

  11. I meant to say. . . Gauri should not die. Typo error….

  12. Gauri..ur character matches with ur ugly face…Kali shud be tge princess..and This Vishwa should go to hell along with Gauri

    1. I meant how come he can’t hits his princess for once.

  13. What the hell is this? Vishwa is a lost cause, princess my ass! Oh wait, I guess it’s OK with him, he also impregnated his wife sister and made gauri, so the fruits don’t fall far from the tree! I hate that old Dingbat Leela, she’s for real!? Since Kali and yug got married, Leela wasn’t keen on letting them consummate marriage, kept them away from each other cause of her erratic behavior otherwise Kali would have been pregnant before gauri. Can’t understand this bond yug have developed with this feotus. Vishwa not blaming his daughter, he wants to murder yug, well I say no more now…….

  14. Y is vishwas doing dis Kali n y don’t Lela say somethings to him I wish Kali could just leave

  15. How this for a plot? Kali go to dadi and tell her u will divorce yug as per her deal with gauri. However yug must give up all his rights to kali child and dadi must give kali baby all the property.
    VishwaVishwa knows kali weakness is her need to be accepted as his daughter. Grow up kali u were their slave not a human being

  16. U stupid viswa… How could u??? Just because she is ur daughter no matter how evil she is u will be stop her from going to jail???and u r asking who marry her??? If u were u I will that wicked witch?

  17. this show is getting dumb!!

  18. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Exactly ehos child is gauri carring?

  19. I am waited for Gouri Jha’s father. how is he react? but shameful he support gouri. how he do that? few episode ago when the bride’s reality of gouri is revealed the vishwavir jha against her. that makes him a true man but now he support gouri. shameless person.
    And new track is also coming. Kali is pregnant. think so. now how dadi do? being part of gouri’s plan or she step out gouri from her house. And what yug do?

  20. Don’t expect values from a writer and director who are morons and think all of you are very stupid to even watch these idiotic episodes!!!

  21. Disgusting serial. Please tell me who’s child is Gauri carrying. Yug did nothing with her so who’s child is this. India can work miracle. Yug and Kali please quit this show they making you look like puppets and stupids. Another serial down the drain. Writers are maha stupid and evil. How can evil win all the time. STUPID STUPID STUPID

  22. It's completely kali's fault ..whatever happening now she is bearing because of her mistake oly..she told the truth to yug though(kali knows frm the beginning kali loves yug) after gouri's engagement. and dat too kali oly made gouri to love by saying good personality of yug?.once gouri took posion for yug by knowing also kali married yug suddenly after that bride  drama for over obviously gouri had got so much of jealousy and revenge.. and how can kali agreed again to stay gouri in her home that obviously make gouri to become more jelousy..and more how can vishwa or manjari agreed to stay gouri in kali's home?no mother or father will allow the girl to stay in that guy's home  if  engagement got broken with that guy… so much of nonsense  kali u have some sense and knows gouri from the beginning n.a.??how she  agreed to stay her in her home??totally nonsense story from the writer yak??.. kali u r not Mahan u r bug fool and because of ur fault oly it happened and and I can't say anything for that bad gouri? how can people will spoil her own life for some revenge yak?? how can she be a mom and cant think of her child about It's life ah?? oly her revenge yak???don't show again like she got with diffrent boy because of oly revenge no can stay with other boy since always gouri wants stay with yug?? anyway bad worst story wrote by the no reality nothing ok atleast make gouri is acting now also she made pregant drama or if u can't means make gouri die in pregnacy atleast at last gouri should accept her mistake and that baby is raised by kali?? such dumb story..no reality nothing..

    1. I am also feeling that fault is of Kali’s not Gauri. Initially Gauri don’t want to marry yug. but Kali made her to realize that she loves Yug. Now when Actually Gauri started liking Yug.. Kali loves Yug.. Like kali gauri also a girl where she wanted to marry a guy whom she loves… And Gauri is born and brought like princess only right… Why can’t Kali sacrifice… She is not Sita and Yug is not her Ram… After Kalis engagement with Yug.. Gauri kept quite.. but dadi made Gauri to be replace like a bride.. where she again got hope of having the Yug.. even Gauri is wrong and doing mistakes all other for their own selfishness they used her.. What Dadi is thinking she can replace the bride.. and when she realize Kali is better and again she will replace…

      One more thing Yug actually don’t love Gauri right… Even if Gauri is in bride’s still he can say it’s cheating and I don’t take Gauri to my home.. it’s simple.. if he don’t want to stay with Gauri what is the point of taking Gauri home… That’s y I hate Kali’s acting… She will act like Mahan.. But she is more jealous than Gauri

      1. Sonu and swapna… First watch the all episode from the beginning then comment about gauri….. If u guys watch like in between.. Then stop blaming Kali.

      2. I meant comm by about KALI not gauri that b****

    2. I am watching from the starting.. thats y I am telling… how come kalI will tell she will become Maa for the child.. how come she will grow gauris kid.. if she want to grow let her get pregnancy…

  23. Thts wat I am wondering too is.it really yugs child that gauri is carrying.

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