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Scene 1
Kalyani is with mad. Mad says Manjiri is our sister and she will manage something. Say something. Kalyani says what can I say? Who can stop what has to happen. Vishwa will forget you and Gauri. Kali will rule along with Manjiri. And Gauri will be sided. Mad says I will do whatever you aske me to. Kalyani says the major issue is kali’s increasing power over your house. You have to stop her. Gauri is vishwa’s weakness. If Gauri stands against Kali,vishwa will too.

Yug says they all must be asking Kali questions. But I can’t call her right now. She can call me. Doesn’t she know I am worried for her. He says what is wrong with me. She lied to me still I am worried for her She is my childhood friend and she said nothing will change.
Manjiri says to yug can

I tell you something good? He says yes. Manjiri says kali did a wonder. Yug says she keeps doing them. Manjiri says kali told everyone truth. They asked kali to give agni pariskha. Yug says is she okay? I am going there. Manjiri says no no she said no to it and Vishwa took her side. He trusted her. He says wow thats so good. When kali wins this will you leave us? Right? But I am so happy for you. He hugs her. Manjiri says are you sad? He says you will always be your pishima wherever you live. Leela comes and says what are you two saying? Where is she going? Yug says nothing. Leela says I heard you were talking about someone leaving. Manjiri says he was talking about Sharmila. She is getting married. Leela says its natural. But think about the one who is coming. Tomorrow is sangeet. Have you decided your clothes? Yug says yes I have. Leela says look happy then. Leela says to manjiri you better not come tomorrow. People will question who you are.

Kali is busy with preparations. Vishwa sees her. Kali says to neel I am going to bring Gauri’s dress, should I get something for sharmila too? He says you better ask her. Vishwa says to kali have you eaten something? Kali says I have to go to get Gauri’s dress. He says okay take car and driver. Kali smiles.

Garui says I didn’t spend time with Yug. Kali took advantage of it. She sees a wind chime in her room. Yug comes and says why you took it out? She says rings are to be worn.What will it do on wind chime? I wont give it. He says this is special to me. She says how? He says thats none of your business. Gauri fine I will take it with me. Yug snatches it from her. He say why you create issue out of everything. You are selfish. Gauri says you can’t talk to me like this. He says you think world revolves around you. You think every one should be doing your stuff. Gauri says now I know you are talking about kali. Yug says yes,when she came to patna to save you you said nothing.But when she was with me because of storm you took her agni parisksha. What if something had happened to her? Gauri says why do you care? She grasps her collar and says you shouted on me because of her. What is your connection with her? He says she is my friend. Gauri says and I am your wife to be. Yug says you can never change.
Gauri leave.
A servant is cleaning, gauri throws a cushion at him. Her kundli falls on floor. Kalyani hid it there.
Leela picks that kundli.

Precap-Gauri says to kali I have decided we will both get married together. Kali says are you out of your mind.Gauri says I will find a guy for you just like yug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. See my guess is right…to save her marriage stupid Gauri want to get her marry as well. So, she will be out of her way… If that happen I hope Yug marry Kali buy mistake..it will become a great shock for gauri like what goes around will comes around….

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode….
    I hope everything gets fine after kundli found….

  3. Mad girl gauri….

  4. my god…gauri jha my foot… how dare she is to ask kali to marry same time so that she cant be free???I wish its back fire her. stupid and idiotic Gauri.

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      But with different person…. actually kalyani is behind all this.. as mad and gauri does not have their brains. ..

  5. I hope yug marries kali.Gauri does not deserve yug

  6. hope yug realize his mistake of not expressing his feelings to kaali.. knowing intentions of gouri …

    1. He does tell his feeling to Kali indirectly.
      And Kali’s understand his feeling but she can’t accept that.She makes Yug more frustated and super duper angry.He want Kali will suffer like him.

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        Agree with you….
        I think show will go like mujg se dosti karoge film and lastly yug and kali will marry…

  7. All i can do is hope that KaYu get married that annoying gauri gets married to another guy with whom she wants kali to get married..??

  8. M thinking abt kundli….will leela return or will she find out

  9. hope Kali & Yug get married(fingers crossed) gauri doesn’t deserve yug………just hope some misunderstanding would happen so that yug marries kali & gauri marries the person whom she chooses for kali

    1. You were right riya. Gauri doesn’t deserve yug. Iam also thinking that yug will Marry Kali.

  10. verrrry nic

  11. I luv kaala teeka. kayu is superb.

  12. out of jealousy ,gauri is trying to get rid of kali by marring her to anybody.nonsense leela will turn the table .in your face ,gauri you watch it.

  13. Kalyani should be exposed and fire between gauri and Kali should be the main thing of this show… The old b*t*h kalyani should exit now:::
    Gauri should be the villain now

  14. OMG…. Mad knows that majari is alive and she doesn’t want her to come home…now I hate mad and gauri… Both r selfish.

  15. Yug and Kali couple is nice.I don’t know about the story line bcz I new here,last week only I start watching this show…
    I hate guru and mad….l have an doubt what relation b/w majari ,yug and majari, Kali??????

  16. why???!!!!! whenever truth came out i thought there is going to be a interesting turn or twist gonna happen in d story ……..but NOTHING…….story is going in same direction that’s towards gauri and yug marriage!!!!!!!!

    thats kaali’s voice…… Manjiri ma is alive…… kaali is yug’s childhood sita….kaali is a kaala teeka……etc.,……but nothing changed……..when will they show some interesting twist…….

    1. Its true sk even if truth revealed there is no big twist happens so I stopped watching this show. Very rarely I used to read updates too. Since I expect something and the show is going in some other direction.
      I think on seeing kundli too no one is going to react anything.

      1. well said….shobana……

    2. so what twist cn they show yug n gauri marriage?
      or kali n yug elope xD secreatly marry come bak dont tell truth ny1 n later…

      1. Yashi
        Twist in the sense
        When kali knwns that manjima is alive nothing big happened. As usual manjima is staying in yug’s house and kali doing her work.
        When yug knws kali is gauri’s kaala teeka nothing big has happened. They didn’t try to
        save her from that house instead she is struggling there itself.
        When kali knws that Vishwa was replaced her kundli with gauri’s nothing happened still she didn’t
        take step to expose.
        When yug comes to knw that the voice he is searching for is kali’s and not gauri’s nothing has happened.
        These are very imp points in this story so while revealing these truth something big should happen instead here the show is going on in oneside that’s yug and gaur’s marriage.
        This is what I am trying to say yashi

      2. And most importantly when yug comes to knw that kali is his childhood Sita. He was just angry y kali didn’t say abt it to him. So with al this im saying if any truth revealed also there’s nothing happened in this story

      3. well said shobana…..

  17. we are all just blaming gauri for the precap since last 2 episodes…..
    i must say the fight bet gauri n yug was just awesome…..
    also gauri said many things in fight tht pointed out her insecurity n her feeling regarding kali (she thinks of her only as kt n nt as a sister like kali mentions) n there is going to be hate relation between gauri n kali now bt kali will still be good n also bet. yug n gauri…

    also kaali will be 100’% against marriage bt i think mad will influence vishwaheer n he will insist so kaali might agree…

    i just m not able to think wht r creatives upto regarding yug’s marriage :kaali vs gauri..bt at the end yug n kaali will be together

    1. Sorry, if I being rude…. I agree with all but not that Yug and gauri fight that u said is awesome….. That irritating when she talk or fight…she want to be queen and doesn’t want care able it others feeling….she want to rule everything….that fight with Yug and gauri I cant even stand watch that…such a irratation.

      So far I understand that Kali is afraid to accept her feeling about Yug cos she was scare of his grandma…. She looks all this cast and all that…one of the previous episode she said herself that..after saw what Yug grandma said She decide gauri is right for Yug not her cos she is orphan…

      I just wish Yug or majari make Kali realizes..

      1. yeah bt i was saying the fight was good in the sense tht it was fun to see yug shout at gauri she deserves every bit..n u know some1 did tht finally

    2. Oh..,.I get it!

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