Kaala Teeka 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yug is ready for the wedding. Kali comes and says I won’t marry. Gauri is my sister and Yug’s wife. I can’t snatch her married life from her. Kali says don’t force me. Leela says we are doing this for Naian. Kali says you know what a third person between a married couple is called. I don’t want to be that. According to Devri Yug should be married to Naian’s mother. Gauri is Naina’s mother. She gave her birth. Leela says devri talked about you. Do you know more than him? Devri says in heart because of you my game is ruined Gauri. You won’t get what you want. Devri says its okay we will work with Gauri. Gauri comes in bridal dress. DEvri says Yug are you ready to marry Gauri? Yug says no. Gauri says to Kali your promise is breaking. If you

want Naina fulfill your promise. Kali recalls her promise to Gauri. Gauri agreed to Kali’s condition that she promised no one would take NAina from Kali.
Leela says no one hears to elders here. Everything is going to be ruined.

Nandu is dancing in his room on ‘mujhse shadi karogi’. Devri comes in and turns off her tape. He says her wedding halted. I am so happy. Devri’s hair are falling. He sees them and is dazed. Deva says this is happening because you are losing. You powers are weakening. Devri says impossible. Deva laughs and says you shout here and they plan the next step. Sit and think how to bring Yug and Kali close so Nandu goes away from them.

Kali is playing with Naina. Kali says how will I fulfill my promise so no one can take you from me. Nandu comes in and says I know why you said no. Because of me.. kali says Nandu tomorrow in the morning can you come in my room? He says why? Kali says just come I will tell you. Nandu says for sure I will come if you ask me.

Scene 2
Next morning Nanu comes in Kali’s room. Kali says I am sorry I am doing this. Sometimes you have to sacrifice. Just be with me and support. She holds his hand. Nandu says I will always be with you. Yug comes and sees them. He says how dare you. How dare you touch her.. and come in her room. Yug is about to hit her. Kali says Yug leave Nandu. He takes Nandu in the hall. Yug says to Kali stay away from this man. He fools everyone with his madness. He is so clever. Ask him what he did. He was in Kali’s room. Kali says enough Yug. Nandu didn’t come in my room he was leaving my room. Yug is dazed. He says are you sure what you are saying? Kali says i am in senses. He was leaving my room when you saw me. Yug is about to slap her. He stops and says what do you mean? Was he there whole night? Tell me. What kind of woman are you? Kali says the same whose husband married another woman even when she was alive. Devri says Yug you have some misunderstanding. There is nothing like that between Kali and Nandu. Kali is only yours. Nandu says what are you saying. Devri says shut up devri. devri says Kali will come back to you. Don’t think wrong. Kali wonders what does devri want. Kali says its impossible that I and Yug will be together. yug says I was stupid to think you would come back. I couldn’t see your real self behind this innocent face. You pretend so good. He grasps Kali’s wrist and breaks her bangles. Yug says my relationship with you is over. Kali recalls the time they have spent together. Manjiri says Yug what are you doing? Yug says I should have done this before. Yug says with this my relation with Naina is over as well. Gauri says Naina’s safety is with Kali can’t you see? Don’t do this please. When Naina is with Kali she is safe. You won’t separate them. I beg you. Leela says she is right. For Naina you can’t do this. Yug leaves.

Manjiri says to Kali what you did? I know you are a good girl then why you took this allegation on yourself? you love Yug then why you did all this? Kali is crying. Manjiri says tell me. Don’t be silent. Kali says there are times in life when you love someone and they are parting you have to make sacrifices. Manjiri says what was the need to do this? Kali says there is only one need in my life. I won’t be able to live without her. Yug is a man he can take care of herself but Naina can not. And I can’t live without her. Manjiri says but this was not necessary. Kali says everything was out of control. If I had not stopped Devri he would have won. I had to stop him. Nothing is more important than Naina’s life not even my dignity. Manjiri says you are great and so is your motherhood. I am lucky I have a daughter like you. Your sacrifice won’t go in vain. I won’t let this happen.

Precap-Deva says you have only three days left. Do something big devri. devri lit all the candles and starts tap. Fire lits around Naina’s stroller. Kali screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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