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Scene 1
Pari says I have so many tests today. How will I do it? I can’t fail in my family’s exam and neither in life’s. Kali says don’t lose hope. Stand up and face the world. God will make everything okay. Pari says you are right I will face all the challenges and never give up. Where is my other bag? I think it slipped when I fainted. she find something in her bag and says thank God its here. Maa saab has given me this responsibility. I am not good at it, I never had a mom so didn’t learn all this. And I was a nerd. This is my first shubratri after marriage. Kali says God will make everything okay. Pari says always listen your heart. Kali says thank you, now I know what I have to do. We both will pass our tests.

Manjiri sits with Yug. He says I feel weird.

I thought this photo frame will have gauri’s picture and now I have to say yes for this marriage. this is just a deal. I am doing this for Sharmila’s happiness. I don’t know. For whom have I said yes? Kali. I thought she is a nice girl. Everything is so messed.
Yug is digging , he recalls everything happened. Kali comes to temple. A man comes and says please stop bro. You will hurt your hand. Manjiri comes and says yug please stop. Don’t hurt yourself. Raghu says she told me you love someone. I will talk to maa, don’t worry about it. Yug says you better fight your wars. Don’t have to talk to dadi, for you your work has been important. Don’t show me this love. he hurts his head and a coconut hits kali’s hand too.
Kali says why I feel sad? That person doesn’t even know what I think. He loves gauri not me. I am nothing for him. A kid comes to kali and says God is always with you. Kali says thank you.

A kid comes near Leela. She says don’t come near me. Raghu says maa what are you doing? She says don’t tell me what have I to do. I lost my husband because of you and now your son. Kali comes near. Manjiri says maa ji please. Leela says yug is into some singer girl. He loves her voice? So what should I do? Dance. Manjiri says he loves the voice. Please get yug married to her. Leela says who is she? Whats her caste? What if she is a call girl? A girl who doesn’t know her family. You made one your sister and now other daughter in law. The girl I chose in brhamin. Vishwa has reputation in Mithla.

Maa saab finds a file. She says satu keep it in bag. Satu puts it in the bag. Babita and bhabhi discuss how Pari will not come back tonight. Daddo says how long will you do this Bhavna? Maa saab says since I am alive.
Bhabhi says to babita are you getting anything? Babita says no. Maa saab says both of you come here and help me. Give me the stuff of pooja, she starts pooja. Maa saab says in heart can she climb the stairs like me?

Manjiri says I am going to check the stuff. Kali says she is right. Yug can be jha princess’ husband. She recalls what Vishwa said. Kali says they should get married.
Pari sees someone with her bag. She tries to stop that person. The person turns back. His face is covered. He returns her the bag. It falls from her hand. He sees her stuff inside. Pari sees picture of shiv inside it. SHe says thank you God. I didn’t know I dont have leaf.
Yug gets a call. He has same song as tune. He breaks his phone. Manjiri comes in. Manjiri says try to control yourself. He says I wanna erase this voice from my mind. Why is she not getting? Dadi is playing with four lives. Are we all puppets for her? Manjiri says in heart we are all pupets of fate. All I know is that God is just testing you. Don’t give up. Yug says what is left? I am marrying the girl who was my best friend and now I hate her. Manjiri says you hated her first and then made her friend and now you hate her again. This means she affects you. There must be something about her.

Pari says to a woman can you do something? Will you make a video when I do the pooja and don’t let me sleep. The girl says you have to sleep. pari says I have paper tomorrow, I have to do arti. The girl says how will you manage. The arti is from 9 to 11. pari says so is my exam. Pari says God will handle my issue. Take my pictures when I do the pooja. She starts pooja. Pari says I hope maa saab loves me and sattu forgives me and my paper goes well tomorrow. Please help me. That man is there as well. The man asks did bhavna not come this year? Pandit ji says yes she didn’t come this year. Pari wonders who was asking about her?

Maa saab and sattu are doing pooja. Satu says can I ask you something? Why didn’t you go that temple this year? Like you told me, this year comes in 4 years. Is there a reason? Maa saab says my daughter in law has gone this time. I have to see if she can do it like me. One day your maa saab will die. sattu says don’t say that. God gives you my life as well.

Kalyani says to gauri I have dreams related to your wedding. I am your mom. I know you will fly high in the sky. The cage of marriage will cut your wings. Gauri says this is why I said no.Kaynai says you have to be careful. He has asked kali to convince you. Don’t listen to her. She doesn’t want you to become star. Gauri says I can handle her in seconds. Kalyani says very good. Kali comes and says I want to talk to you.
Maa saab says I hope my family is always blessed. Sattu says keep my maa saab safe God. She is therefore I am.
Bhabhi says babita I am so tired. Babita says think about her. She says I forgot. Babita says I hope that she doesn’t open her mouth.
Maa saab says to sattu you better left daddo at home. she must be tired. Pick pari from temple. The arti must be over.
Pari says please help me God. this is my papa’s dream that I become a teacher and do something in life.

Kali comes in Kalyani’s room and locks the door. Kalyani says why did you bolt the door? I am asking you something. Kali says once again you are ruining happiness of this happiness. Kalyani says I am really glad. Kali says you killed my manji maa and then sent bady papa to jail and now Gauri. Kalyani says I have tasted defeated. I will ruin whoever comes in my path. Kali says you are so conceited. Kali says I will expose you now. My family has lost a lot now if someone comes in between happiness of my family I will ruin that person’s life. Kalyani says save gauri if you can. Kali says I am not kaala teeka, I love gauri, she is my sister, friend. Its my responsibility to protect her and now in this house happiness will come back and you can’t stop that now.

Precap-Kali says you will not find another yug to Gauri. Pari is on he way to exam on cycle. Maa saab and everyone see her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thanks for d fast update

  2. i am not getting a single thing..yug too said something in the precap…n gauri was on the verge of listening to her…god knows what will happen…this suspense in dhaaraavaahik kills!!
    koi toh bataao kya hoega

  3. day by day misunderstanding is increasing……quickly clear all misunderstanding and unite kali and yug…..

  4. This mahasangam is so irritating, but anyways I feel bad for KaYu and PaTtu

  5. Kali gauri ke dahejurf dowry mai ayegi

  6. Thanks for fast update Atiba

  7. What’s gng on here. Am little bit confused.. Guys pls tell me Dats gng here.. Hug s gng marry gauri r Kali???

  8. who babita,maa saab,pari bhaahi nd all? Since m refering writen update only they r new 2 me. Plz any 1 tel me in brief sorry 4 that

    1. they r frm the other show

    2. They are meri sasuma program actors
      Written update has 2 program story

  9. yug shud realize soon that he luvs kaali if he does then else it will be too late n show will only get worse…i was surprised to see kaali today though…though he thinks that she is her bf bt he should..n misunderstanding will clear as soon as gauri agrees which she might (seemed from her expression)..
    their story will start son hopefully n it will not be like other serials..
    fingers crossed

  10. I agree with you fatarajo

  11. I really want to see kali and yug together. … don’t drag this track

  12. Hello kaala teeka family. Sorry im from South Africa n can onle see this episode on d 10th. Whats up with this maha sangham as its annoying. Why must we view Sassu Maa when this is Kaala Teeka that we wana watch. If i wana know Pari’s story i would watch Sassu Maa.

  13. Can someone s tell me what is going on with this maha sangham. I hate it! Please can someone fix this. Im so heartbroken for Kaali and Yug.

    1. The reason there’s a maha it’s to make people familiar of other stories. I also never watched MS before bit now I know about it and I don’t think it’s bad.

  14. I think gauri will b impressed by yug

  15. Yug said something about his best friend…didnt he say that to Kaali dat shes his best friend. Now im confused. Writers please give us some clarity. This is a big mix up for us viewers.

    1. Yes mish yug has told her that she is his best frd and inturn she too accepted it
      He also said her that she is the best

  16. As everyone’s guess yug starts to hate kaali it doesn’t matter because the more he hates kaali the more he will love her once he comes to know that he is going to marry gauri
    There is one way to clear yug misunderstanding if kaali text yug from gauri mobile there is a chance but unfortunately yug has broke his mobile
    I ve a doubt yug missed his mobile in one function while he was trying to save his sis frd right ?? From did he got his new mobile???
    This might be an illogical doubt
    Okay I think kaali will make gauri to accept for this proposal
    Her expressions in precap shows 2 things one is how kaali knws abt yug and the other is she was abt to accept lets wait till tomorrow to get gauri’s and
    Kaali is ready to sacrifice her love and if yug finds the truth also there is two hurdles for their marriage one is kaali herself because she consider gauri as her sis and yug will be perfect for her, second is Leela ma she will never accept kaali
    Guys do u all remember once in temple kaali lights Leela ma lamp for that how rudely she spoke to kaali

    I think manjima is the one who can unite kaali n yug

    I just like the way kaali spoke to Kalyani it was fabulous

  17. Ya its true I agree with Pari and fatarajo
    Mahasangam is irritating like anything just to increase trp rating they are doing like this

  18. I don’t understand why director doing this foolish mistake ki itne social network hone k baad bhe ek ladki ko search karna itna muskil ho raha hai gauri Jo all time photo lene me busy rahti hai uska Facebook account to hoga he and second yug have gauri mobile number then yug can check WhatsApp

  19. Kalyani will pay a very big price for wayt she is doing

  20. One thing comes to my mind if yug connects these things
    1. Kaali always wears black dress
    2. On the day temple was burning yug knws the voice he was searching is inside and he even got a black burnt cloth from there
    3. When yug was hurt kaali sings songs in mandir and yug too heard that voice
    4. Wherever yug go to find gauri he will end up in colliding with kaali

    If yug connects all this he can have doubt on her and he himself have to search for the truth because kaali wont say and she had promised on ramji too so there is no use in asking kaali. She is even ready to sacrifice her love so he himself have to search for the truth

    1. If he was so intelligent then things would have been different …
      What u write is always sensible….n i agree to it
      Bt i still dont get wht r they planning to show n how will kaali n yug s marriage happen..cuz he is still not in luv with her
      Ughh !!

      1. U r right he is still not in luv with kaali bt at the same time he not in love with gauri
        He is in love with only the girl who sung the song

        Really don’t know how yukaa marriage is going to happen

        Waiting for gauri’s answer and kaali’s exposure in front of yug
        Bt I think kaali’s exposure will not happen as of now

        The writers will definitely drag and story is also nt clear its very confusing

      2. Yeah you r rite bt the face of gauri in precap was like how do u know that yug…n she was on th verge of accepting the proposal…
        As of now there is no expectation to show yug n kaali luv story…
        Hey SHOBANA u seem to be very nice

      3. Thank you for your compliment kashika

  21. Wish yug marry kali.
    I dont want gauri to run away and yug marries kali (as in choti bahu, thinking kali is gauri as planned by viswa) and later gauri is sent with yug as wife and kali living with them as kaala teeka ..

    Pls Pls i dont want another choti bahu sequence

    1. I too think the story will be like choti bahu bt aft gauri’s answer ly we say whether the story will be like choti bahu or a new story

      1. What happened in this chhoti bahu

  22. If gauri Mary yug…who’s going rescue her from that stupid viswa.

  23. I mean who’s going to rescue kaali from viswa family…he playing with everyone life for his daughter.

  24. Verti i think the story is going to be something like choti bahu. You are right.

    1. what was the story of this show? n r u kind off 80% sure that ‘that’ will happen.. then this show will not be worth it..tired of those kind off drama

  25. Im very annoyed with d writers. Firstly Yug hurt his head on d left side of his temple. When he is with Manjima towards d end of d show d plaster is on d right side. Also Yug recently lost his phone but had anothet phone which was an iphone. I remember when Kali texted him from Gauris phn to meet. Now he has another phn which he breaks. Do u think we that stupid writers. Can we protest this annoying maha sangam. I did voice my dissatifaction on twitter. Im very confused but i do know we do not want another choti bahu end. No

    1. What was this choti bahu end..n lol u r right even i noticed that..*high fi*

    2. Ya the bandage was in right side in precap bt yug was hurt in left side

      U watched the show so keenly ?

    3. I also think Kaala Teeka is going the choti Bahu way

  26. Also will d writers let Yug find out d truth dat Kali stopped Neelu bhaiya n when will they show us this??? After gauri n yug unite. Ughhhh!

    1. True!! N manjiri truth?? Bt i feel yug will turn fine when he will know he is marrying gauri nt kaali or he will gt angry on kaali tht she nevr told that gauri is her sister….n sharmila will burn inside as yug will marry her
      N secondly if yug will not luv her he won’t marry her bcuz as of now he thinks he luvs gauri n kaali as a bf…is the wrk of kaali in the show is to be overwhelmingly good with others…
      In each and every show they show being good is nt worth it..

  27. I agree Vaibhai. Not gona be worth it. Well im already on d verge on switching off my tv when KT plays bcos of dis maha sangam but i will wait n see whether d writers allow Kali to get her pardon from Yug n if Gauri accepts d proposal im done!

    1. Yeah mish the baddest is maha sangam ..wastes a hell lot of time…n they r nt even showing interesting now…except when kaali told to tht taiji…..
      They should atleast show some or the other truth unfolding
      N yeah i didnt notice abt which side was injury bt hw did he gt his phone bak n then why didnt tht goon followed him…n there r many comfusing things


  29. Someone plz update me when d episode finishes. I will only see that episode tomorrow?

  30. I agree with you verti

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