Kaala Teeka 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali gives Yug medicine in his room. He says Kali.. why is there a blister on your hand.. She says nothing, its very minor got burnt while cooking. Yug holds Kali’s hand and makes her sit. He applies ointment on her hand. Kali says thank you.
Kali comes out.. Gauri says why are you walking with pride? Kali says I kept the first promise that I will become source of food for people in this house. Gauri says oh cut the crap. Kali says you can’t understand their worth because I married Yug.

Vishwa says its been an hour since neel has gone. He is not back. Manjiri says he has always see you doing pooja. He will do well. Vishwa says neel has to do all the these rituals now. Its better he understands soon.
Kali says you will both be happy that younger generation

is doing well. Vishwa hugs her. Kali tells them that all mahraj’s gave her blessings. Vishwa says I am glad to hear that. I am standing on a two way road. I don’t know what to do. Kali says don’t worry Ram ji will fix everything. Gauri will accept me as her sister. Vishwa says I want to say something. You are both my daughters. If Gauri is my princess you are twinkle of my eye and I can’t see either of you sad. Kali says I know that. Vishwa says I am proud of you stay happy.
Manjiri says Kali I sent you as kala teeka there but you proved that you deserve to be their daughter in law. I want to give you these bangles. As a gift. I hope there is happiness in your house always. Kali says pray I fulfill rest of the promises too. Manjiri hugs her.

Gauri and Chulbul are playing cards. Gauri says if I get one card i will win. Chulbul says I won. Your king went with his queen. Leela comes and claps. She says wow you are playing cards, your husband is ill. When Kali takes care of him you want to fight but when she is out you can’t even take care of him. Go to him. Gauri says okay.
Gauri comes to room. Yug is asleep. Gauri says why she has to be angry all the time. Gauri says which medicine should I give him? She says this one.
Kali is on the way. She says I have to reach home soon. Its yug’s medicine timing. Kali says why are shops closing? Driver says a politician has been killed. his men are creating this chaos. Kali gives Yug medicine.

kali is on the way. She asks the driver to drop her there. she says I will walk to my home its not that far from here.
Yug starts coughing suddenly. Gauri screams what happened to Yug. Leela comes in. Gauri calls doctor. No doctor picks up. Kali sees the meds and says who gave him these meds together? Gauri says I did. Kali says are you mad? They react when given together. Leela says to why you always to do. Chulbul says there are riots no doctor can come. Leela says how will we take to him. Leela asks gauri to take out the car. Gauri says I can’t there are riots outside what if they attack the car. Gauri calls for an ambulance. They say no. Kali says we have to take him. Kali says take out the car. Gauri says I can’t go. Kali says I have to do something. Kali puts Yug on wheel chair and takes him out. Kali takes him to the car and leaves with him.
Gauri says why didn’t you stop them dadi.

Kali is driving. Yug is not feeling well. Kali takes the short cut. There are burnt vehicles on the road. Some thugs stop her car and surround it, They say come out. Kali is worried. She looks at Yug. Kali reverses the car but they stop her. Kali comes out of the car. She says if killing innocents give you peace them I promise to God, I will come to yourself when I take my husband to hospital. Let me take him. He says they killed out minister.Take them out and hit them. Kali looks around worried. Kali says enough. Lives are a game for you? They will 10 then you will kill 20? Then they will kill 30? Then what? Fire for fire will burn down the hold world. I beg you please let us go. My husband’s life is in danger.

Precap-Gauri sees leela going. She drops her pot. Kali sees her too and says I think dadi is in some problem. I should help her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanku atiba for fast updation. From monday i was unabled to watch my fav show KT because of ramzan fast. Thanku very much

  2. TQ so much Atiba for de fastest update.Wow so many different scenes today… cant wait to watch it.looks like kaali really perform so well for todayz epi without so much disturbance of gauri jha.happy to read all these.keep it up kaali! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awesome guys.I like u so much kali

  4. Presence of yug in this story only to be a sick man…but as long as kali with him, im ok bout that…

  5. oh gosh..is gauri is out her mind …really???I want ask the same question?….when kali was around yug she can’t bear to see that…when she wasn’t there she is playing cards? when he was on the bed…WOW! and she calling herself she love yug so much but she doesn’t have patience to read the prescription properly and give to yug…….what a pure love gauri has on yug?……I think Romieo and Juliet will never stand near gauri’s love.

  6. RoSid forever RS

    Rizu can i know ur full name

  7. pls who is neelu to vishwaar n y is sharmilar tryx to spoil their marriage

  8. Wat problem could leela be in wen she don’t accept kali

  9. Okay so not what I expected but what will happen to Kali and Yug will he be saved??

    1. Im wondering de same… precap is not related at all… but when yug with kaali.. he wil alwayz be safe… no worries! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. hahahaha. mujeh to kali ki bato se hansi hi a gyi kya joke marti h. 20-25 mushtando ko bolti hai ki “pyar se maan jao warna mera hath uth jayega” ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha. or kali moti hoti ja rhi h kya khati ho???

  11. gauri was infatuated with yug… but wen he chose kali over her ,she took it personally nd now watever she does is to showdown kali… she is not realizinglove for that wat she calls love isnt actually love but revenge dat she wants to take from kali… warna wen u hav a chance to be wid ur husband u ll never play cards!!

    1. U absoutley right… What gauri has is not love cos if she really in love Yug. She won’t play cards….

  12. gauri doesn’t loves ug if she would love him why didn’t she used her car to make Yug to the hospital .She had worries about her car more than yug.She is disgusting.She just pretends to love him yug .Kali is only tried lover of yug.

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