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Epi starts with Yug trying to make Dadi understand its not any ghost. But daadi does not agree to him. Gauri sees one of screw lying on the floor. But she covers it while Yug and Daadi argument going on. Everyone leaves. Kali asked Gauri to stay with Daadi, till the time she will bring ointment. Gauri is happy with her plan.

Gauri confronts Bijli for not paying attention that one screw was lying on floor. They would have got caught. She tells Bijli she will not get any money if she does same mistake.

Kali and Yug having conversation about Daadi’s state. Kali says its not ghost rather she felt those wounds are due to screw kind of object. He says he suspects someone is behind this. He tells Kali he knows she wont believe but he has full confidence Gauri is behind this. Kali argues with

him that all incidents with Daadi are happening even before Gauri came to house then how can he blame her? Yug says she can do anything staying out of house too and he cant trust her. Kali argues with him and Yug is irritated and about to leave room. But Kali stops him and says its his room so she will leave rather.

Next day Manjiri prays to Ramji to sort out differences between her and vishwa. Its their anniversary today but he hasnt spoke word to her. Vishwa comes there and manjiri does aarti. But he is still upset on her. He says till the time Gauri is leaving as maid in Chaudhary house nothing will change and leaves.

Kali calls Manjiri and wishes for anniversary. She says its occasion for party as its their first anniversary after they met. She inform Manjiri she and yug will come to meet them. Kali feels something is wrong between Manjiri and Vishwa after conversation.

Gauri is eating ladoo in her room when Bijli informs bedsheet wrapped with screw is missing from its place. They both realized it has been taken for wash and more scared as its Kali who puts clothes in washing machine everyday. Bijli tries to distract Kali. Meanwhile Gauri tries to take bedsheet away. But while hiding she is stuck into washing machine itself with bedsheet in her hand. Kali almost turn on washing machine but Bijli saves Gauri by pausing it right time. She distracts Kali more and informs Daadi didnt had food. Kali leaves to attend daadi. Gauri comes out of washing machine and scolds Bijli for making mistakes. But they didnt realize many screws have fallen in machine itself.

Vishwa is going out of house when Sharmila put his attention to Wedding anniversary decoration.. Sharmila instigates him saying Manjiri wish to celebrate this event as Kali and Yug are coming to home. How does that matter if Gauri is still being served as slave. She asks if they should cancel party. But Vishwa shouts at her and leaves. Manjiri watch this. Sharmila tries to instigate manjiri also to cancel party. But Manjiri is firm that they will celebrate the day. Manjiri leaves. Neelu confronts Sharmila and says he can see how she is trying to create differences between Vishwa and Manjiri. But Sharmila scolds him and says she is doing all this for him.

Kali is getting ready in Yug’s room. Yug comes from behind and taunts her she stays in Daadi’s room and just for getting ready she is here. Their nok jhok continues. Kali falls down and Yug holds her. (Janib song plays in background). Yug slowly pulls her up and Kali closes her eyes hoping for kiss. But Yug drops her. He says he is her lover and not her ghulam. He leaves. Kali is angry on him.

Daadi is getting ready for party too..But suddenly realizes rashes on her body. Yug comes to her room and daadi tells him she is not coming. Daadi asks Yug to ask Kali to stay back at home. But Yug says its Manjiri and Vishwa anniversary. She is excited since morning. How he can say no to her now. Daadi is angry on Yug. But Gauri comes there and says she will stay with Daadi. Yug agrees but say anything goes wrong he will hold her responsible for it. Gauri agrees. Once Yug leaves Gauri thinks she is going to do something big now.

Precap – Daadi is scared looking at someone standing on door. Its dark so face is not shown. Daadi falls unconcious. Gauri compliments Bijli she did this setup brilliantly. Bijli says she thought its Gauri. They both realize it was not both of them who scared Leela. They are scared if its real ghost…

Update Credit to: darshana23

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  1. Precap is superb

    1. Masz

      KaYu scene was very sweet…kaali n yug juz looked like complete each other when they were together.juz luv to see them both!i juz wish juz now gauri jha would really spinning in de washing machine.let her feel everything is floating around her like how leela dadi feel now.suddenly i feel very pity for leela dadi… an old woman been bullied by mental disorder ppl like gauri jha.hey where is D,K,anu n de rest????

      1. I’m here….. Last few episodes were kind of dull, so just read the updates

      2. Hey masz… I’m here?..it just that I don’t want to watch this stupid gauri drama…every time when I see her face I get frustrated yaar…it’s irratating…that why I didn’t watch the show…I will watch this show after gauri get expose….she is an annoying character in this show and I dont y this writer giving her more important then the other characters.?

  2. I hope the shadow girl is fool kali. if she has head she will know by this time that this was gauri’s trick. whatever writer’s goal is to make lengthy it by any means. i think many people has stopped to see this dramma ….

  3. Did not get to see the precap… Who do you think leela saw?

    1. Masz

      I think de ghost is kaali D.looks like her blue saree…

  4. Is kalyani taiji back ???

  5. why sharmila is still negative i can’t understand someone can tell me

  6. I think it yug to catch gauri

  7. The episode was good. In precap whose shadow was that. I just hope it’s kali n she heard gauri and bijli’ s talking.Hope she came to know gauri’s thuth very soon.

  8. Hi masz. Iam here. Today episode is nice

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