Kaala Teeka 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa comes to temple and says God there is nothing more important in this world than Gauri to me. then how can Kali have a better fate than my daughter? Kala teeka is just a mark. It cant hide the face. Vishwa sees kali’s kundli and says bhaiya was right. Kali will get blessings from three places.
He says this cant happen. He says I will change the course of time. I wont kali have all these blessings. Kalyani is overhearing all this. Vishwa says kali wont meet anyone tomorrow.

Vishwa hits a nail in a wood and places a pot on it. He pours something in it. Prohit comes and says you do this when you want to change someone’s written fate? Whom do you want to do this?

Manjiri says to dahi get all the stuff ready for pooja. Mad comes and says go from here. She says to manjri aye. Manjiri says you called me? Mad says is there someone else? Mad says we have to give in temple for our husband. Please do it for me. God listens to you more. She holds manjiri’s hand and gives her what to place in temple. Manjiri says in heart at least she talked to me. Mad says wait and watch what happens in the house now.

Prohit comes to kali and says bady papa is calling you. Gauri says i will come as well. Prohit says no. He has called only kali. Kalyani is there as well. Kali says it must be a special day today. Kalyani says in heart i have a solution for this. Prohit’s phone rings. He leaves. Kalyani says to gauri you should go as well and sit in the car with kali. Prohit comes back and takes kali with her. Gauri has already sat in the car. Kalyani says what would i tell manjiri? Where are you taking kali?
Vishwa says tell them that we have gone to temple. I dont know which temple because vishwa has not told me.

Prohit takes Kali in jungle and locks kali in a tin house. Gauri comes after her prohit leaves. Gauri screams for help. kali says what are you doing here? Gauri says why has he kept you here? Kali says I don’t know.

Precpa-Gauri and kali are in jungle. Mad is looking for Gauri. Manjiri asks mad what happened? Mad says gauri is nowhere.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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