Kaala Teeka 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kali is shocked to see Devri. Jamna says Devri.. She hugs him. Everyone is dazed. Suddenly Jamna steps back. Devri says ma.. He holds his head. Manjiri the masked man was devri. Kali says thanks for saving but that doesn’t erase his sins. Have you forgotten what he did with all of us? He wanted to kill my daughter. Manjiri says this house is of Nanadu and Jamna too. They will decide if Devri will live here or not. That is why I brought him here. Kali says ma do you want him to stay here? Jamna says no. Kali says you heard? Go from here now. Nandu says brother.. Nandu hugs Devri. Nandu says you are alive brother. Kali says Nandu control your emotions. You forgot how we got rid of him. We can’t risk our daughter’s life again. Yug says Kali is right. Gauri says I think

we shouldn’t trust him. Leela says get out of this house. Nandu says to jamna ma you think the same? Jamna says yes. He better stay away from our lives. Ever since he came in my life he did this. Manjiri says what about saving my life? There is only one way to return that favor. That unless he is okay we keep him here. Kali says maybe this is his new game. How can we trust this man. devri says don’t trust me. What I did after that I don’t deserve anyone’s trust. Its better that I leave. Devri is leaving.. He turns back and looks at Naina in the balcony. Nandu says I remember how you attacked yourself to save me. but today I swear if you cross the line of this house to go out I will kill myself. Kali says nandu no.. Nandu says don’t interfere Kali. Manji says calm down nandu. Nandu says no he has to decide. He has to live here. jamna says nandu leave the knife. Nandu says can’t we give him another chance. Devri says I don’t deserve another chance. Nandu says you can go if you want to but you have to cross my dead body. Devri says okay I will live here but only till I recover. Kali says you are going to regret Nandu. Nandu says that won’t happen. Take him to his room amma. Manjiri says Kali he helped me while risking his life. We should help him once. Yug says this is some conspiracy. Manjiri says then why would he hide his identity? I don’t think this time he has any such intentions. Kali says the man who calls himself devil’s follower how can we trust him? You and nandu are drowned in emotions. Nandu says enough Kali.

Jamna takes devri to his room.
Kali says I won’t stay quite. I see what is gonna happen. Nandu says you forgot how he saved you manji ma and naina. you were thanking him till he was wearing a mask? Kali says when mask fell his real face came in front of everyone. I hate him. He tried to kill my daughter. Nandu says am I not Naina’s dad? I worry for her too. He has changed. In the name of humanity can’t we help him? Kali says blood is thicker than water. If anything happens to Naian because of him I won’t leave him.

Naina comes to Devri’s room. She looks at him. She slips, Devri holds her. jamna comes in the room. Jamna says naian? what are you doing here? Jamna says don’t be scared of him. He is your uncle. He is your dad’s brother. Naina says he isn’t my father then he is not my uncle. Jamna says Naina.. Jamna says she is mad at everyone.
Naina says to Pavitra you know he was injured still he didn’t let me slip. Kali hears it and hugs Naina. Kali says promise me you won’t go there. Naina says you are not my mother. I will go wherever I want. Niana shoves the bowl. It hits Pavitra. Kali says naina see what you did, why have you becomeso difficult. Naina says I am bad everything happens because of me.
Naina goes out. She talks to her invisible friend. He says your mom only loves pavitra. Go and see. Naina comes to room. She sees Kali healing pavitra’s wound. Kali says mama loves your pavitra. She hugs pavitra. The invisible friend says what will happen to you now? You are left alone.

Precap- Manjiri gives devri meds and water. He says thank you for trusting me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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