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Scene 1
Manjiri says come and she starts walking with kaali. Kaali says why have we come here? Manjiri says because bus would come here. Kaali says we will sit in bus. I have never say in bus. I will tell gauri everything.
Bai throws tea on mad’s hand. Mad says you have burnt my hand. Bai says come here. They try to take locket from her hand. Mad puts her hand in fish tank and slips the locket there. Bai takes her upstairs. Jethi tries to take the locket out of the fish tank she falls in it. Vishwa comes and says what are you doing? Jethi says I will sit here for gauri and pray for her. Mad says what is she doing? Dahi says she is in fish tank. Mad says are you catching fishes? Jethi says i am doing this for gauri. I will sit here. Mad says wow you are so great.
You care so

much for my daughter. Why don’t you do it upside down. It would create more benefit. Vishwa says shut up mad. Vishwa says you are great. there is one way to save my daughter. Prohit couldn’t find another kaala teeka. He says bring gauri here.
I will walk on burning coals. Mad says dont do this. Jethi says why are you doing this? Vishwa says i have decided.

Kaala asks what is patna? Manjiri says its a city away from here. Manjiri says but why? Gauri lives here.
Vishwa starts pooja. Kaali says where are we going? I wanna go to gauri. Manjiri says we are going away from here Away from gauri and bady papa.
Kaali says i don’t wanna go to patna. I wanna go to gauri. Manjiri says come here listen to me. Kaali says no i wont.

Vishwa says you have save my gauri.
Manjiri says come with me you wil always get respected. Kaali says who will save gauri then? who will save her form sun? I cant go away from her. i have to absorb bad eyes on her. Manjiri says come here. Kaalis ays i wanna go home. Conductor says madam hurry up. Vishwa picks up gauri and start walking towards fire.
Kaali starys running. Manjiri runs after her.
Vishwa walks in the fire.
manjiri is running after kaali. Kaali is about to get hit by a truck. Manjiri saves her.
Mad takes off her blindfold. Mad says what will I do when he is not alive. Jethi says vishwa why are you doing this. Gauri says please papa bring kaali or i will never be able to see. where is badi mama? Ask her to bring kaali so i can see.
Mad says pleas stop what are you doing. Prohit peeks in. He says I have arranged 100 kids. Dont do this. vishwa says i dont trust you anymore. Vishwa says i have to burn the bad eye on my daughter. Even if i have to burn myself for it.
Mad is crying. She says dont do this. Vishwa says let me do this. I want my daughter to be okay. Gauri says I am feeling heat. Vishwa sys you dont have to. I will be ashes to save you.

Kaali says please take me home. You said there is nothing greater than house. Everyone is there is the house. they are waiting for me. Gauri can’t live without me. Please go hope. Kaali is crying. Manjiri says please at least leave her. Vishwa says no one will touch my daughter. vishwa steps out of fire. He says can you see now? Gauri says no. He says i wont give up. i will do this again.
Prohit says no don’t. Mad says please dont do this. Mad asks dahi to take Gauri in. She says bring medicine from his. Vishwa says in heart you left me alone manjiri this is why this prayer didn’t even work out. You didn’t do right.
Manjiri comes in with kaali.

Precap-Manjiri says this kaala teeka is over. My first condition is that kaali will live here like my daughter, she will get all rights, She wont be kaala teeka for gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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