Kaala Teeka 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Leela asks Manjiri where is yug? He is lost since last night.Jha was also asking. You know it. Manjiri says I dont know he was with friends. Leela says dont fool me. You can’t lie. Manjiri says he is with a friend thats all I know.
Mad says i saw them together. Vishwa says where can they go? Mad finds kali’s locket. Gauri says that means they were here. MAd says I told you.
yug and kali take lift. Man girl and boy alone in jungle? They give them lift. The woman asks when and how did it start? kali says we are just friends. The man says it starts with friendship. Yug says some relations are killed in name of friendship.Kali says some people only get anger not love. Yug says some people don’t wanna help themselves. Kali says they have their reasons. Woman says

every relation doesn’t have an end.
Gauri says I trusted Gauri. And yug too. He broke my trust. Mad says its not his mistake.Kali has done this. Gauri says I am really hurt.

Yug and Kali reach mithla. Woman says you both look so good together. Sort your issues out.Kali says thanks. He says I had to drop you. It was my responsibility.
Leela says where is yug?He comes in and says I am here. Leela says where were you all night? He says I am sorry friends stopped me. I am going to rest.
Manjiri says kali??He says she is fine.

Kali is doing pooja. She says after yug took that ring, I feel lifeless. When everyone comes back what will I tell them? a car stops outside.
Gauri asks kali where were you last night? With whom? Kali says I was with yug. She explains everything.
Mad says shut up don’t pretend like nothing happened. Gauri says you are right. She is a liar. Kali says what are you saying.Gauri says you always had feelings for him. You met him in my place and looking for a chance. You spend whole night with him? Kali says what are you saying? Gauri says didn’t you feel any shame stabbing me? kali says my silence is not weakness. I will never do this. Gauri says I trusted you and you betrayed me.Kali says there is nothing between me and yug. Gauri says you read ramayan. Give me a proof, a test and prove your innocence. Kali says I wont. Enough. Every time I have to clarify my self. I was your shadow all my life. For your happiness I sacrificed everything and today you are accusing me. Gauri says you have to prove your innocence. Kali says I dont’ need to.
Mad lits fire on kali’s dupatta. Kali says stop her gauri. Someone throws water on the fire. Its vishwa. Everyone is dazed.
Vishwa says she wont give any test because she is stainless. I trust her that much that she will never go against gauri. And Kali is her kala tekka and will always be. She has saved your life so many times gauri.And If kali wasn’t there. I wont have been alive today. That is why we can’t question her loyalty. We can forget last night, she has not committed any sin and I trust her with that. Kali touches his feet. Vishwa says go and rest now there are a lot of wedding chores needed to done.
Kali says in heart one day you will lose trust in this kala teeka and supersitious things too.

Precap-GAuri says Kali and I will get married together. Kali says are you mad? Gauri says I will find a guys like yug for you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today i loved vishwa.. While supporting kali , i was able to watch the fatherly figure in him after long which once witnessed in Madhubala serial…
    Gauri is mad…

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Nice episode…. atleast gauri ki frustration hi kali ko or yug ko ek dusre ke pyr ka ehsaas dilayega….
    But hate one thing ki vishwa ne kali pr bharosa to dikhaya par vo bharosa bhi andhvishwas ke niche dabba hua tha….

  3. Today episode was nice..atleast gauri’s father had trust on kali..gauri is a stupid gal..I won’t understand others feeling..I hate her..
    Thanks for quick updation

  4. Today episode was nice..atleast gauri’s father had trust on kali..gauri is a stupid gal.. she won’t understand others feeling..I hate her..
    Thanks for quick updation

  5. Today’s episode was good not only because of KaYu scenes but also Vishwa supported Kaali, well done Vishwa , now only Gauri left, I hope that Gauri makes Kaali marry Yug like give her a surprise I know that won’t happen. And it’s none of Gauri’s business that KaYu Loves each other not Kaali Gauri needs some other guy. I hope somehow KaYu gets married. No KaYu No Kaala Teeka.

  6. Nice episode at least Vishwa trusts Kali
    And am sorry Meiyah for yesterday hope u forgive me

    1. It’s ok dear?.Agree with u

  7. Are they heading towards dulha exchange during Mandap? In that case it would be hilarious.???

  8. What the hell is gauri trying 2 do? If she found a guy 4 kali then i think on the day of marriage there will be exchange of pairs. Otherwise it can happen that vishwa will stop gauri

  9. This serial remind me of Ek Mutthi Asmaan where Pakhi always get what Kalpi should get. Am I right ?

    1. yes exactly like….i have been sayin that awhile now its sad though cuz ema was a disaster im hopin for a different turn out here although in the back of my mind i know it may turn out the same as all the others….i wonder if its same production house anyone knows?

      1. Yes it is..bt why will they show same thing in both shows..

      2. Yes it is..bt how does it matter they won’t show 2 shows with exactly sme storyline

    2. Ek Mutti Asmaan killed our feelings at every episode.And this is killing our curiosity everyday by making us thing who will be the partner foryug or yug ang kail will joyed or not.

      1. I just think they won’t show exactly same since same creatives same channel

      2. At the end If Yug and Kali will get marry like ema..til the end Kali will suffer..I wish writer show something different… It’s a fiction story it’s all in writer mind…..

  10. The precap looks good.Maybe Gauri will introduce a nice guy to Kali.We can see the jealousy track from Yug toward Kali.A good track to increase the trp.

    1. Sonia Kapoor

      I totally agree i having been dying to see this track since Yug and Gauri shaadi has been fixed.

  11. My gosh… This stupid gauri where her marriage will become jeopardy…she is too smart to think if Kali get marry some one the same time she will be free…u dummy gauri… I wish if that happen somepoint Yug get marry to Kali.. It’ll be great!…it’ll be a great shock to gauri?

  12. is gauri and mad on some kind of substance….tis girl is childish as hell same way she wanted a test from yug for him to break her dad ego….well done vishwa hopefully tis support wont be short live cuz his princess is his life

  13. her name is Mad and behaving like an Mad too 😛 ….
    Gauri is her mom then like mother n like daughter………..

    1. Hahahha lol but I love Mad’s character her English is too good XD and she is like a pet she always see wwhat others do so se won’t harm Kayu’s relation much she will just see. Especially when she says Darling ji 😛

  14. If they r showing so much ram sita n all..n many incidents r in relation to ramayana like ring one(in ramayan when rings r exchanged) now dupatta on fire(agni pariksha)

    So i guess in end maybe kali goes to manji ma leavong yug n they meet in heaven -_-*

    Or yug should stop marriage since whateva happens neel will keep sharmila happy

    Or maybe yes the grooms gt exchanged bt it won’t go further since yug will do something bcuz tgey love each other..

    1. Ya its like ramayan
      In this story they r portraying yug as Ramji and kali as Sita ma. So as a result yug and kali will get unite for sure.
      But I don’t know whether kali will leave yug and go aft marriage. That we can say only after the story proceed to certain extend

      1. Ya bt tht cn be like kaali marries yug bt leave him fr gauri….
        N the story be like ramayan…
        Bt if its like ramayan..i dont like ramayan bcuz sita ram actually were never together….bt since people say jodi be like ram siya so kali yug will only gt married

      2. N its nice to see u shobana commenting after a long time..was just thinking that i missed ur comments….
        Dont u think the story is nt mend properly they leave things uncompleted n some change like yug knew how to dance bt he didnt…
        N gauri is doing rhis bcuz of her insecurity?

      3. god knows what the writer has in his/her in mind… But it’s driving all the KT fans nuts

  15. Is that Vishwa or someone else
    I cant believe my eyes.
    Now on seeing precap what I feel is 2 marriage is going to take place at a time at the last moment brides will be exchanged so that yug and kali gets married.
    And I think the writers may introduce 2 nd lead now

    1. Wow… If that happen…it’ll be awesome!

  16. My fav characters of Kaala Teeka before the leap:
    Kaali, Gauri, Manji, Mad
    After the leap:
    Kaali, Yug , Manji, Kalyani 😛
    I hate Gauri’s character now but I still like mad’s character

    1. Kalyani rocks!
      To destroy gauri she is the one i think who will unite yug n kaali
      Never seen such a nice antagonist

  17. stupid gauri and stupid mad….go hell both…

  18. Today’s episode was awesome kali rockzzzz???????????

  19. Wow I can’t believe it Vishwa stood up for kali 😀 😀 and back to the stupid part who the hell does gauri think she is she can’t decide for kali that she will find a partner for her She really needs a tight slap acros her face

    1. She will find one for her n get married to tht one instead xdbt i think kali will say no

  20. I think kali n yug will get married by mistake

  21. Ya carol I am totally agree with u.Nice episode at least vishwa trust kali

  22. I still think that Vishwa is upto something in helping Kali. BTW Kali seemed more scared in listening that Gauri will find a suitable groom for her.

    1. U r right I have the same feeling too…if viswa being nice that mean he doesn’t want any intruption in his daughter wedding..he is only care for his dummy daughter.

  23. I think vishwa want Kali to be gauri’s Kala teeka for forever and also want to stop Kali from leaving her so called superstition of Kala teeka… Now , its gonna interesting that what yug will do when he will hear about Kali marriage 🙂

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