Kaala Teeka 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali sees a dog running towards Naina. Gauri is looking from upstairs. Kaka is coming witha jug of water. He slips. The water spills. Kali runs and picks up Naina. Everyone comes and asks what happened? Leela says who spilled the water? Kaka says the dog was barking I was scared and the jug fell from my hand. Kali says Naina is okay. The dog was coming towards Naina so we all go scared. yug says Gauri.. gauri says what happened? Yug says I asked you keep this dog away from Naina. Gauri says I don’t know when rocky came out of its room. Yug picks up a piece of meat and says where did this come from? Gauri says rocky was not eating anything else.. Yug says so send it back from where you got it. Gauri says I am sorry. Yug says what if something happened to Naina? Leela says calm

down. The baby is okay.

Vishwa and Prohit are looking for Nandu. He comes out of his house. Nandu says I will find my bride. his amma runs after him. Vishwa tries to talk to her. She says my Nandu is running. I can’t talk. Vishwa says didn’t you hear? Someone’s bride is missing.

Kali is singing Naina lullaby. Yug comes in and smiles. He says don’t worry. I just came to see Naina. I won’t a thread or something. May I? Kali nods. Yug caresses Naina. He says Naina.. Papa is here nothing can happen to you. Ever. Good night. Naina holds his hand. She holds Kali’s hand as well.
Gauri sees them and says you are using Naina as a ladder to reach Yug. I won’t let this happen. This ladder won’t be here after tonight.

Vishwa comes back and says couldn’t even see his face and his mom didn’t return either. They made us wait so long. Manjiri says whose wait? Vishwa says a client’s. He asked me to meet and didn’t come. Manjiri says where did he ask to meet? Vishwa says in the city. My head hurts. I am resting.
Manjiri says Vishwa looks worried. this means he has some clue.

Scene 2
In the morning, Yug says what do you mean where is Naina? Kali says I left Naina with Malit. When I came back Naina and Malti weren’t there. Leela asks where is naina malti? Malti says I went out of room when I came back she wasn’t there. Gauri says in heart you won’t find naina Kali. Kali and and everyone is looking for Naina.
Kali sees the dog’s belt. She says this is the dog’s. Has he taken my Naina. Kali prays in the temple. She hears Naina crying. Kali runs upstairs.
Gauri says run as much as you can but its too late. Your baby is gone.

They come to store room. The dog is there. Everyone is scared. The baby is there on the box. The dog had been protecting her. Kali picks the baby. Gauri says we should kick the dog out. Kali says no it saved the baby. Yug says but who brought the baby here? Garui says the dog must have dragged her. Yug says that can’t happen. Gauri says I saw that servant going to Kali’s room.

The servant says why are you blaming me? Gauri says when malti went out you came to Kali’s room? She says yes i did but just to clean. gauri says she took the baby from there. Yug says get out of this house. The servant says don’t do this. Yug says we are not calling police. Just go. Kali says I think she is innocent. Yug says because of your guess we can’t keep her here.
Gauri breaks a mirror and says that little kid failed you. Shame on you Gauri.

Vishwa says to Prohit this nandu is they key to all our answers about Kali falling off the cliff and surviving. Prohit says where will we find him?
Ganpati festival is going on. Nandu is there. Nandu says please take me to my bride God.
Rocky is trying to take Kali out. Kali says where are you taking me?
Kali comes out and says where is Naina?

Precap-Rocky brings Kali to the ganpati festival. Kali says why you brought me here? Where is Naina? Kali and Nandu see each other. Kali is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. QueenB

    Soooooooo it is confirmed that Mayank Gandhi (Nandu) is now playing a big role in KT
    He will be married to Kali due to circumstances beyond control and Yug and Gauri will be married
    The show will take a 7 months leap and Kali will return to Yug’s home with her new husband
    I don’t know why Yug’s home though lol

    So now we will see the twist with Kalyug love story
    I am so glad it ended though

    Yug does not deserve Kali, he deserves that who*e Gauri Jha!

  2. Nic episode nd tq atiba for updating

  3. Thank God…now I can resume watching dis serial for few days with Mayanks entry at my dinner time…please please show yug hr doesn’t deserve Kali…plz!!! Make Mayank and Kali a pair!!

  4. Kali should not accept yug, She should expose viswa and gauri…
    Kali pls leave them and create ur own career in singing…
    Still i remember kali’s intro with “Sun lo meri ilteha oh ram ji”…
    For god’s sake show kali to be strong…
    Writer’s will be glad when Gauri and Yug take Naina and throw kali out again…
    Writer’s are hell bent on insulting kali…
    Writer’s are showing cruel ways planned to kill child…
    Goddd,How do they even imagine this…
    Throwing baby through window, Using dog, Fire ..Gosh….
    Insane writers..
    Still there’s time..
    Pls make show sensible…

  5. How smart is yug..he finds meat on the floor near the baby who was a considerable distance away from the dog. He believed and accepted gauri’s explanation that, that’s all the dog eats. Then, what is it doing under the pram?? Yug, I would ask the writers to give my character a bit of intellect.

  6. Only thing that was good in the episode was the cute dog…..soooo adorable, he reminds me of one that my family owned when I was a child growing up. That’s it!!! ??

  7. sheezoo cheema

    Auesome but plZ Kali aur yug ko again alag mat karna.plZ

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