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Kali says Manji ma control yourslef. That man comes near Vishwa and takes his blood on his handkerchief. Manji says I killed my husband. She is crying. Kali tries to console her. Yug comes there with police. They see Vishwa’s body. They ask Manjiri how all this happened. Manjiri says I killed my husband. Arrest me. Kali says no she didn’t do it on purpose. She did this to save for Niana Yug says no you did nothing.

Scene 2
Vishwa’s funeral is going on. They take Manjiri’s mangalsutra. Gauri is crying. Inspector says are you sure you don’t want to file the case? Yug says no. He says we would want to know from his daughter. Gauri says no. What my papa did he paid for that. I won’t file the case. Inspector leaves.
Inspector goes out

and that man hits him with a jeep. He enters Chaudhary house.

Manjiri is crying in her room. Naina’s toy falls on the floor. She tries to take it and is about to fall. Kali holds Naina. She says naina you could be injured. She asked Sanjevna to look after Nina. Kali says Manji ma needs me Naina. I will come back. They take his body.
Leela says who would give him fourth shoulder? Kali gives him the shoulder. That man in peeking in. Kali is about to slip. Nandu gives shoulder instead of her. He follows the funeral.
That man takes the handkerchief on which he took vishwa’s blood and does havan for it.
Amma tells Kali that Nandu wasn’t like this always. She says Nandu lost someone when he was a child so he didn’t come out of that phase. That is why he remained a child. Kali says he will be normal again. Don’t worry.

Scene 3
Kali is coughing. Yug gives her water. Yug says forgive me Kali. I know its my mistake but the circumstances were that way. My thinking ability got weak. I hope you will forgive me Kali. We will start a new life.. Kali stands up and says what? How could you even think that. Yug says why Kali. Kali says my whole life was just to prove my identity to the world. I am not toy. I am a woman, and proud. I came here just to clean the allegations on me. I am done witht this house and you.
Kali says I am leaving.
Yug says you are forgetting something Kali. You have no right on Naina. She is the daughter of this house and she will stay here. Manjiri says oh now you know she is the daughter of this house. Where were you when Naina was trying to kill her? Yug says don’t use our ignorance against us. She is my and gauri’s daughter and we have right on her and Naina has right on her. This is Kali’s test that if she can stay in this house for Naina then I dont mind. Kali says you are right, Naina has right on this house. You have your daughter. She gives Naina back to Yug.
Kali kisses Naina and says everyone is here they will take care of you. If you come with me, you will have to be homeless. Yug says stop Kali. Who will call you their own? Nandu comes in and says I am. Nandu and Nandu’s amma. Nandu will live in Nandu’s house.

Precap-Yug says Kali.. If you step out I will shove Naina from stairs. No one will come and stop me. Naina falls from Yug’s hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. reunite kayu ,writers have doing wrong by making yug character bad,make yug good as earlier and reunite kayu

  2. reunite kayu if nandu will face same situation he will also do like that only

  3. reunite kayu please

  4. i will stop watching if yug and kali not reunite

  5. Why are writers making yug charcter bad bring earlier yug who care for kali and reunite kayu

  6. Yug had done mistakes but reunite kali and yug after yug accept his faults and ready to bear all punishment given kali

  7. Yug had done mistakes but reunite kayu he had done mistakes becoz of that gauri and vishwa so give punishments to them

  8. If kayu seprate then gauri wins becoz from begining she want kayu to seprate,make kayu reunite

  9. Why do you stupid ignorant knuckle dragging people want Kali to go back to a man that will NEVER trust her? You people are demented and have serious mental issues. Those who want to stop watching if Yug and Kaali do not unite stop watching – no one cares about what you want.

  10. Might I add he threw his own kid from the stairs, do you idiotic housewives in India feel all excited when a man abuses his wife and ill treat his child. Psychotic trash is what you people are.

  11. If Yug really feel for Kali… He has to divorce gauri and kick her out of that house but which something he never going to do that cos gauri is his child mother…..so it’s better Kali move on but I’m saying she has to marry nandu… Mandy can be good friend of Kali and support her and trust her. My gosh how could Yug can be go so low. When naina was missing he blame Kali that she ran away with naina and all of sudden he change his mind and wants to start all over again….I notice the reason he change his mind cos leela confess to gauri that she knew gauri was doing not right but she support her cos blind love of great grand child…. After that her hit gauri and change his mind…. Yug is such selffish person.?

    1. I meant I’m not saying she has to marry nandu… Sorry typo error.

  12. QueenB


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