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Scene 1
Kali is crying in rain. Aryan comes with umbrella. He says I am your husband. Kali hides behind Manjiri. Aryan says see mummy ji I am her husband. She should give me a chance. Manjiri says she is already upset please so much has been done. Let her be alone right now. Aryan leaves.
Kali says do you trust me or not? I have not done this. Manjiri says I trust you. Kali hugs her. Manjiri says they have all deceived you. You have to be strong. You have to fight for yourself. For your marriage.

Mad welcomes Neel and Sharmila. Gauri says Yug I know what happened was not right. Yug says this is what you wanted? Now stay happy with this. Don’t expect anything from me. You have deceived me to. You will get respect and everything here but don’t expect anything from me. Leela

says yug I know what you are going through but who can fight with fate. Do what you want. Yug goes inside. Gauri says to leela what new game are you planning now? Leela says I never wanted you to be daughter in law of this house but couldn’t let kali in here too. Thank me. You have to do as I ask you. Gauri says don’t forget I have done what you asked me to do.

Neel comes in room. Sharmila says stay there. Don’t even think I will forgive you. Your punishment has just started. Take your pillow and go from here.
Yug is throwing away all the decorations in anger. gauri says what are you doing. Please don’t do this. I couldn’t say no to you because I always loved you. Yug says shut up. You love me? Wow. You are a total psycho. He goes out of room. Gauri says I couldn’t take kali’s place in yug’s heart.
Manjiri brings Kali home. Manjiri says your and yug’s marriage is fate and nothing can stop it. You have to be together. Kali says but how. I don’t have any proofs. Manjiri says we will find one.
That woman comes and says Kali’s phone was left is my car. Kali says she know where I was. She tells everything to Manjiri. How she dropped her to the place gauri asked her to come.
Manjiri says I trusted Kali but you put a stamp at it. Kali says but manji ma.. The woman leaves. Kali says we could take her to everyone and show them. Manjiri says show them what? Yug loved you but didn’t believe what you said. You think he will believe a stranger? Kali says then what should I do? Manjiri says strong. This sindur is so powerful. And nothing can stand in front of it. you have tolerated enough but now your manjiri maa will get you your right. The blind trust that did this to you, I will make it my weapon and fight for you. Kali hugs her.

Scene 2
Next morning, Kali wakes up and fills her hairline. She says I will get my husband back and you won’t be able to do anything gauri jha. My manji maa and God is with me. Gauri fills her hairline and says I am yug’s wife and you couldn’t do anything. Kali says you can’t take his love from me.
yug is looking for something in closet. Gauri hugs him from back, he shoves her. Gauri says how much will you run yug? I am gauri jha.
Manjiri says you are forgetting something Kali. She puts a kala teeka on her neck.
Leela stops yug and says I don’t wanna pressurize you. but you sister has married in that house with you. Think about your sister. You have to do rituals. She says gauri are you ready? Gauri comes out. Yug takes her in the car.
On the way, yug stops the car and says I think back is open. Something gets hit on his head. His head starts bleeding. Manjiri threw that ball. Gauri comes running out and says yug are you okay.

Aryan says to kali hello my wife. Kali says you know what happened to ravaan after seeta haran. Ram killed his name.
They come home.Leela says to gauri this is all because of you. Gauri says how is this my mistake? Doctor said he will be okay. Leela says go and bring milk for him. Gauri takes the milk and mixes haldi in it. She leaves. Kaka calls manjiri and says its done. Manjiri says thank you. Sometimes you have to do wrong to be right.

Precap-Leela says since gauri has come yug’s life is in trouble. Manjiri says Gauri is bad for yug. Gauri is incomplete without her kala teeka. Kali should be with gauri if you want everything to go well with Gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx for fast update atiba mam..

  2. Hi I’m a little confused. Who did Yug actually marry?

    1. Yug married Kali only.

  3. i have started liking this show much more…kali n manji ma rocks! finally kali changed n at the end she will totally! if this was b4 the precap i wud have stopped watching the show bt now tht makes sense….leela will regret her decision..yess!!! now at the end when the show completes yug n kaali will unite which is sad bcuz tht means very less kayu scenes…
    bt tht aryan he is a jerk..n the answer kaali gave..i m totally in luv wid her bt why is he faking too much? he thing he ll gt rams sita?

    too much dissapointed from yug he didnt trust her n he luvs her is this is what luv…no it isint it is somewhat same as ram sita…nw she should avoid yug also…n i feel with this they should unfold small things like atleast aryan didnt maary kali which pandit n aryan commit….
    else they cud show slowly

    bt i will say this show is 50-50…ram is wrong n sita is right

  4. Simply superb this episode. Kali go and win Ur husband

  5. Interesting…..soonthe truth must be revealed…waiting eagerly for that episode…..

  6. Thank god at least manji trust kali

  7. Thanks for your written update. Guys read hurry up. Manjri play a wonderful role in this situation. Thanks Manjiri ma for helping kali

  8. Kali didn’t marry with yug ,actually she marry with yug .that’s why there is more chance to unite kayu

  9. Superu m

  10. Waoo I like it it was awesome. Kali bby u will get your love soon

  11. Wow super episode thnk u manjiri ma, seen u are there kali doest hv any problem again nd as for gauri nd leela u can never seperate our KAYU as RAM nd SITA kudos

  12. hahaha…i think manji ma is the nly smart character in the show!

  13. Gauri is a witch!!!????????

  14. How could this disgusting gauri hug Yug without any hesitation??? Sick really sick those type of women doesn’t deserve to live. I wish maji ma help Kali to get Yug back soon.

    Where is Kali kushi? Poor girl

  15. Wow Kali’s acting really made me cry? today awesome keep rocking and maji ma too, but gauri I can see clearly u r pretend to be acting… Always give that wired reaction every time and call urs elf gauri jha bullshit that all u know. U need to learn more stupid..?

  16. Good job manji ma and kali!that’s great abt time kali stand up for herself its a good thing manji ma is there to help her!

  17. Who’s the actress playing leela ..dadi MA role

  18. Manjiri character is superb
    Thanks for u help to kali. Kali new avatar is superb. She is daring and dashing lady. Let’s see what happened how can her teach a lesson to gauri and dadi? Dear writer pls write your script in positive way that means good win over evil

  19. My biggest questions is how majari will prove Kali innocent??? I’m so curious.

  20. Not Gauri Kaali herself needs a Kaala Teeka now 😛

  21. Can anyone tell me when yug n kali married??i ddnt c plzz

    1. Check out may 4 episode..they got married on that day.

  22. Heh guys give comments. Yesterday episode is superb

  23. This show is gng interesting…I guess now leela will take kaali home as gauri s kaala teeka..aur aise hogi ghar mein kali ki entry. ..
    wow niceeee…

    this new avtaar of kali in the show reminds me of simran s character bhoomi in bhagyalaxmi…

  24. It’s amazing kali gave a wonderful reply to aryan. I hope definitely kali win this game. Let’s see what happened

  25. Any latest news for this serial

  26. Any body clear my doubt. Who is kaali real mother? I didn’t see this serial at starting. Pls give answer anyone pls

    1. Kali is abonden kids. She is from poor family her dad buried her when she was born. Viswa save her and made her as gauri kaala. Then manjari adopted her. They did not show her real mother.

  27. Manji maa n kali rocks.

  28. The show’s story upbringing xactly seems lyk de story line of kumkum bhagya, whereas gouri is tanu, kali is pragya, leela is alia & suppporting manjri maa is dadi..! #zee#tv#has no other new story with them to show..! Kindly resist making the bl**dy shows with same story lines..#zee#tv#

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