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Scene 1
Leela says to Manjiri you don’t have to worry and we don’t need your opinion. Whats written in kundli? Pandit ji says this is really flawless. You are lucky to have a propsal like this. This girl will bring happiness and peace in yug’s life. Gauri says this girl will boost hus fate. Raghu says but what about what happened with sharmila. Leel says quite.

Neel says Kali please listen to me. I want to apologize. Kali says you should apologize Sharmila.
Yug says are they blackmailing us? We are rewarding that neel instead of punishing him. We can’t punish Sharmila like this.
Kali says you have to accept the punishment she decides for you.
yug says this is wrong. God will never forgive us for ruining di’s life. Please say something Pishima.

Manjiri says he is right. Chulbul says better stay quite. yug says she thinks better than you all. What when chacha ji gets to know. Chulbul says he would have killed some people. Raghu says we don’t have another option. Yug says there is. Raghu says you have not age to decide about this issue. Yug says yet I know this is wrong and I wont let this happen with Sharmila.
Kali says I will be with you if you support justice.
Yug says I will not let this injustice happent to you.

Kali and Neel are outside college. She says weill apologize her here.
Sharmila says thank you yug for bringing me here and supporting me in front of dadi. She wanted to detain me. Yug says that neel will be detained. Anyway, do your library work.
Guys taunt at Sharmila. Kali comes and slaps him. He is about to slap her back, Neel holds his hand. He says whoever hits a woman has no right to be called a man. I lost my mind and I want to apologize Sharmila. Kali says you should be ashamed. Neel says if you wanna make fun make fun of me because I have done the wrong. If you wanna punish, punish me.He says to sharmila I don’t want forgiveness I want punishment. She leaves. Kali says you will not be cleaned unless she punishes you. Yug overhears this.

At home, Leela slaps Sharmila. She says this happened. You are no more dignified. Stay home unless you are married to neel. Sharmila says I will not marry him. Leela says stay in your limits. Yug says dadi why are you being so stubborn with her. Leela says Sharmila has ost her dignity. Do you wanna save her or not?
Sharmila says he wanted to do this, his sister stopped him. Chulbul says everyone thinks that you are raped. Yug says this is not sharmila’s mistake. Leela says world doesn’t work with this emotions of young age. sharmila has to marry neelkand. And you have to bring their daughter in this house.
Chunbul says sharmila you know your dadi. She wont even listen to yug. Nothing is more important to her than family name. I am your mom, even if you come back afterwards no one can say anything. Say yes, I will handle the rest.
Yug says I wont let this happen. Sharmila comes downstairs and says I am ready for this wedding. Yug says di please.. Sharmila says no this is my decision. Yug says I wont let this happen.

Maa saa says to Pari I asked you not to eat anything. Babita says pandit ji is here. Maa saa says count the puris. Pari says I counted them. They are all 100. Maa saa says let me see. Babita says these are 80 pari says no i made 100. Maa saa says this is what I expected from you. I had them made already. Go and check pandit ji. Maa says you know what a good daughter in law is? The one whose guests do not go hungry.

Vishwa comes home and says it happened. My mission is accomplished. Leela has said yes. Its yug and gauri and neel and sharmila. Kali listens this. She stands up. Kali says how do I feel. Gauri is getting married, I should be happy but why can’t I stop being sad?

Pari calls nani and asks about kheer. she says it takes a lot of time. No one makes it these days. Pari sees something on floor. Satu says don’t come on my side. Pari says you keep crying. I have a lot of work and study. He stares at her. She says do you remember the promises you made? He says dont start something new? She says you promised to be by my side always. She says come with me to buy pooja stuff. He says I am going to temple. She says no one cares about me. Suman comes and says chachi eat something, maa does that too. Pari says I can’t break the promise I made to maa saa. Suman says you are fasting for Satu’s long life. Pari says you will not take me? I will go alone. Suman says how will you go? Pari says I will faint what else. Someone will come and pick me up.

Vishwa says call milk tanker. Gauri says whats wrong with him. Kalyani says to save neel he is getting you married to that yug. But no one listens to me in this house.
Vishwa says prohit bring sweets. Gauri throws the sweets away.

Pari is out. She waits for a rickshaw. Satu comes with his bike. She says thank you. Pandit ji says you have to do pooja in temple. Maa saaa says today I have arranged pooja in shiv temple. pandit says send satu to amavasi temple. Maa says my new daughter in law will do this.
Pari buys all the pooja material. Satu says hurry up or I will leave. She says only one thing is left. She says maa saa asked me to make a kheer but no one knows.
Pandit says will she do this? The temple is far away and she must be fasting. Maa saa says there are just 1000 stairs. She will do this.
daddo says maa saa how will she? Maa saa says what she has done to this house, she is down in my eyes. She has to take this test to be part of my house.

Pari comes in with all the stuff. She says i will make the kheer now. I have brought all the pooja stuff. Maa says bring the pooja stuff. Pari shows her everything. Maa saa says you forgot something really important. Pari says tell me I will bring it myself. Maa says no one will tell you. You should know yourself. Pari says I will.. Maa saa says till 8 you have to do it. And then you will go temple and do the pooja. Pari says yes I will. She says please help me God.
Babita says our dream never came true in this house. Pari says don’t worry. she opens her arms. She says if you want something it comes to you naturally. She looks at satu and says I will do everything to make maa saa happy.
Daddo says to maa saa after eating the kheer. I ate this sorta kheer when I was 10 years old. Its the same taste. She gives blessings to pari.
Satu says to maa saab you always go to temple its tough. You should rest this time. Pari says I will go to temple. I wanna do everything that maa saab does. she is about to faint. Daddo says she has not eaten anything since last night. take her to room sattu, she will rest. she has to go to temple as well.
Satu picks her up and takes her to the room. He sees the burn on her hand and dresses it.

Vishwa says Gauri.. Kali says please listen to me. Gauri says he made you a prisoner. You tolerated it. I wont let him play with my life. Dont divert my mind with your emotional blackmail. I am not a boy you can’t sell me out. She goes in her room. Vishwa says to Kali, a few moments come when people can wash their sins off. But you have such chance. On this day, you have to convince Gauri for the marriage. If you are successful I will forgive you for manjiri’s murder.

Pari wakes up. She says my stomach is empty. I have to study as well. Babita comes in she says drink this juice. daddo sent it. Pandit ji said you can drink pooja’s juice. Pari drinks in. Babita says in heart now you cant walk.
Maa saab calls pari, pari wakes up. She says maa saab. Maa saab don’t you have to go to temple? Get ready in 10 minutes. She says satu drop her to that temple and then come to shiv temple.
Vishwa says yug has said yes for this relation and gauri is saying no but I know what is better for my princess. Can she find someone better than yug? Kali says no. Vishwa says then convince her and ask her to say yes for this relationship. You have won trophies and medals for her, win her a good life now. I have faith in you.

Pari comes to temple. She sees the stairs. Satu says how will you walk these stairs? I said that I will do it alone but you had to do this. He leaves. Pari checks her bag and says where are my shoes.
Babita recalls taking shoes out form her bag. Babita says how will she walk in high heels now. Pari starts walking. She says what is happening with me. She is about to fall, Kali holds her. She says sit here. are you okay? I am kali. Pari says I am pari.

Precap-Pari says you have nothing to give in pooja? Kali says I dont have anything to give. Pari says maa saab sent me to do this pooja I don’t know all this much because I never had a mom. Kali says you wil pass your test, Pari says you will get want you want too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow mam this is called as the real update… Such a great one you are. Keep it up dear ?

  2. i hate his dadi n vishwa… *weeps*
    i want to see kaali yug together 100%

  3. I want kali and yug soon..can’t wait to see them together..guys check out new ff “music sheet” by bella

  4. now this is a drag…i know n i think yug will marry gauri …

  5. wow
    pari n kali superb epi

  6. I have no doubt that Kali & Yug will end up together, the tiring thing will be the journey to get there. But, ever since Neel kissed Sharmila, I knew they’ll end up married. The circumstances under which they’ll get married are not not ideal for any girl but, she’ll be his saviour. Neels’ life is bad, he has a lot of repressed emetions and anger. I think this marriage will be good for him.

    1. 7738e7r7r7e8

      Thats true they will end up together bt in the baddest way and aftera lot of drag n time..if they show it in a better way it will be drag n if in a bad way then he will marry gauri n kaali will be her mistress sort of thing or he will marry divorce n then marry her..

    2. N maybe since gauri is not that bad so they 3 plot that kaali marries him….n then all the things turn fine

      1. Yeh maybe something of that sort might happen

  7. I think somehow KaYu will be married and then it will be awesome 🙂

  8. Today’s episode was gud this episode gives lots of clues
    There is lot of chances for yug misunderstanding with kaali to get clear
    On hearing his marriage proposal he will definitely think that the girl hw is going to marry is kaali
    Since till now Leela ma didn’t mention gauri’s name and yug too don’t know that neelkhand jha’s sis is gauri nt kaali

    Gauri nt yet agreed for marriage proposal bt wat I think is always gauri’s all work is done by kaali so this time also kaali will do gauri’s work I meant kaali will marry yug for gauri bt everyone will think that the girl he married is gauri only gauri knws it was kaali who got married
    One think is very clear that Sharmila neelkhands marriage will happen likewise yug and kaali’s marriage will also takes place
    I think sharmila has accepted to this proposal only to take revenge on neelkhand jha and his family members which includes gauri
    During this marriage arrangements surely there is lot of chances for manjima and vishwa ka meeting
    Lets wait and see how the story further progress

    1. I wan contradict u here, i dont think that kaali will marry him n in such an easy manner if she does its gonna be alot of drama…n once she marries him that kaala teeka thing won’t be left so it would be like the end of the show
      N secondly she won’t cuz she thinks that yug luvs gauri
      N thirdly i think misunderstanding will grow yug will say u went so down just to marry me u did all rhis n then a little later it will get cleared…
      I feel yug n kaali marriage will come to scene or yug n gauri marriage won’t happen if yug know tht he luvs kaali or kaali is kaala teeka or tht kundli part is exposed

      1. I agree with u in 1 thing that yug n kaali misunderstanding will grew up bt when yug comes to knw that neelkhand jha sis is gauri jha and not kaali definitely this problem will sorted off

        And secondly I don’t feel aft yug and kaali’s marriage the show will end because there r lot of other stories in this show other yugkaa I meant Kalyani and prohit exposure, gauri is also a lead in this story so she needs a pair , manjima and vishwa reunion , and im sure that Sharmila has this marriage proposal is only to take revenge on neelkhand jha’s family, before all this manjima has to gain her past memories
        So the story wont end aft yug kaali’s marriage

        And I feel that yug kaali marriage will take sometime and ya as u said kaali thinks that yug luvs gauri and once yug comes to knw abt the truth everything will be cleared but v ve to wait for this

        This is only my opinion I don’t know how far its going to be true

      2. well now i contradict myself..u r again completely true…this

  9. One more think is very clear that kaali has feelings towards yug

  10. I think kali is gonna eventually convince gauri to marry yug and may be she’ll keep a condition of marrying him if she will lead life as a free bird like before and if kali will accompany her to yug’s house..

    sharmila may undergo a change of heart upon knowing the real neelkanth . and that he was really sorry and asked forgiveness from the core of his heart

    I think kali will do all the house work whose credit gauri will take.. but it whatever will happen . it will be interesting

    1. If this happens the show will loose its charm

  11. If kali does everything for gauri she will marry yug for gauri also m nice to see pari n kali together

  12. ho this become common track in hindi serials
    1.bride change during marriage then divorce and so many marriage drama between leads(chotti bahu,ssk,ema,etc)
    2.groom change during marriage and he become d lead(swaragini,thapkki,tsm,etc)

    don’t know what gonna happen in kaala teeka…….!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chances are there for the first………since the CVs of kaala teeka are the same of EMA And chotti bahu.

      1. ho thats y kaala teeka also follows d same pattern as chotti bahu and ema……many events in kaala teeka reminds of me those shows

  13. i like yug n kali together.i think before d marrige leela come to knoe about d kundlis truth..

  14. Guys wat is this ema nd ssk

  15. Nd also tsm..

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