Kaala Teeka 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gauri pours water in Kali’s kheer, Kali says what have you done. Gauri ties her hand to a pillar. Gauri says now stay there. Kali says you have wasted the food you will punished.
Gauri comes back to kitchen and sees that kitchen is one fire. Leela says what have you done. Kali says I didn’t do it I was out, kaka says pandits are here. Gauri says I will bring food from restaurant in heart.
Leela says to pandit please visit Yug’s room.
gauri looks for food.
Kali tries to untie herself.
To distract them leela keeps talking to the pandits. They all sit down. Chulbul says if we don’t give them food on time they will curse us. Everything will be ruined.

Vishwa asks manjiri have you seen my cloth> Manjiri says let me look. Neel comes

in his dress. He says something wrong with it?It belongs to me. The head of the family you stayed for long time. You should rest now. As son of elder son of this house, I have everything right on it. All responsibilities of this house will on me now.You’re not needed. I will handle all the pooja preparations. Now sit. Sharmila says in heart my plan is working well. Manjiri and Vishwa are dazed

Leela says Chulbuli brings the food. Chulbuli says bring what? Mahraj ji says leela ji we have been waiting for one and a half hour. Leela says actually there was a trouble in our kitchen today. Other pandit says lets go from here. i think we are not respected here. Leela says please stop I can’t let you go from here hungry. Mahraj says you have already humiliated us. Lets go. Kali comes in and says stop. Her face is covered. Kali says food is ready. Please sit down. Leela says this is my daughter in law. Yug’s wife. She made food for you and she will serve you. Please sit. They all sit down. Manjiri says chulbuli bring pots. Kali brings in food and serves them all. She recalls cutting the rope and making the food again. Yug sees that kala teeka written on her hand is visible. Leela says in heart Kali saved us.
Mahraj says the food is so good stay blessed daughter. Leela says thank you. We can’t find girls like her in today’s world.
THey are all ready to leave. Gauri comes in with food. Mahraj says stay blessed daughter I hope you get husband of your choice in all lives.
Gauri says you all ate I brought the food. Raghu says you here? Then who is she? Gauri says oh she is the one who dreams to become daughter in law of this house. Leela says shut up.Gauri says why should I.. I can’t see bhramins insulted. Mahraj says what is she saying. Gauri says this girl you ate food made of..No one knows her parents. No one knows her caste and class. She is a servant.Mahraj says is that true? You have humiliated Brahmins. Gauri says I am right I know this girl. She has no worth. She wanted to be daughter there and daughter in law here. Yug says shut up gauri. Your father accepted her as his daughter. Mahraj says you have fooled us leela ji. Leela says she had face covered. I couldn’t know.. Kali says mahraj ji you know more than me.. All I know is that everything of me belongs to Yug. I married him in front of God. I am his wife.
Leela says she calls herself Yug’s wife but whole society know Gauri is Yug’s wife. Gauri says she took my right. Mahraj says the food you have brought is that pure? Gauri says I was cooking, kitchen was on fire. I brought it. I am confident this is pure. Mahraj says how can you say that? Gauri says they deliver pure food. Mahraj says Kali made pure food too. Gauri says but she has no caste. Mahraj says so the cook who made this food? Do you know his caste? Well leave it. The peasant who saw these vegetables.. you know his caste? This girl made food is scorching sunlight. Insulting her means we will be sinned not her. Kali smiles. Mahraj says stay blessed Kali. She touches feet of all of them. They all leave.
Mahraj while leaving says to leela people are not great or small because of caste. they are because of their nature. Whether she is your daughter in law or not my blessings will always be with her. Gauri throws away the food in anger.

Precap-Yug holds Kali’s hand and says sit here. Kali sits there. He holds her hand. He applies ointment on her burn.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Day by day gauri jha becomes really annoying with de bad manners.Hope one day someone can shut her big mouth from keep telling ppl about kaali worth.I think shez de one who no worth.not even married to yug but tried to have 1st nite with yug… yeaaakkss.

    1. I totally agree with u..someone has to shut her mouth and throw her out of that house…

      1. Give me five K… ??

  2. stupid gori got good reply.Oh god please bless Kali . Let her win this challenge. gori is so irritating i just want to kill her

    1. Welcome to the club… I want to kill that gauri too☺️

      1. Me too!!! ?????

  3. go to hell gauri… How dare to say kali lowercaste and has no parents…really u mind is too low bi**h.

    Precap looks good but just wondering how long that will last???for sure that devil will come and disturb that moment..and I hat that happen..

  4. I meant I hate that.

  5. Hi masz today episode is so good but that stupid gouri insulting kali birth. It’s so disgusting. She forgot all things what kali done for gouri.I hate gouri. Pls ramji help to your child. Precap is superb

    1. Hi anu.Datz y i said gauri jha is getting worst day by day… attitude becoming worsen yar… keep insulting kaali in front of people so many times.she wil for sure getting punishment for dat… no worries. like today her food vanished juz like dat bcoz shez abusing kaali..

  6. I doubt that leela will accept Kali In 7 days.

    1. Same here… I have also been thinking de same.Chaudrayan keeps thinking n giving priority to society assumption rather accepting de truth… shez de one who made all diz happened so shez de one who must make things corrected.

  7. U stupid gauri I really hate u how can u insult Kali she is perfect for your kayug Jodi is awesome and by seeing gauri I feel to kill u precap seems more interesting and romantic hope that gauri won’t disturb kayug

    1. For sure dat kayu scene wont be long… dat attitude prob gauri jha must be planning smething bad against kaali.but itz ok kaali already get blessing so she wil always be protected no matter what.

  8. Gauri shut the hell up . Want to talk about caste ,and she has no understanding she got insulted ,they insulted gauri in heights . I am glald gauri got isulted and kali got blessed. I like what mahraja say to leela. Good positive show for kali

  9. I enjoyed today’s episode. Especially when maharaj was talking to daadi, should be an eyeopener for her and the rest of that family. I enjoyed listening to him. A lesson for us all.
    I thought the caste system was dead and gone!!
    I’d love to see Kali get down to Gauri’s level sometimes and give her a taste of her own medicine….


  11. Wow..superb .I really like today’s episode. Gauri really bad but she gt humiliated by the pandit.i hope leela will accept kali cause mahraj also advise leela.so I think leela will accept. And yug also still care fr kali.

  12. today episode is very nice really waiting for 2morrow episode

  13. Gauri i hate you. You are not married but ask confidently that you are married to yug and insult kala who is yug real wife and the one who always save you gauri .you are a stupid ,disgusting girl and who are you to say about kali’s cost.idiot!

  14. Gauri is really dumb and today proved it….I loved how the Mahraj put her in her place sadly she’s so dense she didn’t even feel shame the fact that she purchased food cause she’s Guari jha….I want her to be put down so bad she would want to change her name and never show her face to kali and Yug

  15. Wow kaali ur just mind blowing. Aaj toh guari ki chehra dekhna hi tha bahut maza aagaya. Finally she got a nice reply. Precap is awsome. Luv kaali & yug

  16. Good i hope yug sees wat kali is doing for him n let gauri go or burn in hell

  17. Precap seem to me ….the writer putting butter on viewers cos every time we were excited then what happen disappointment….so guys be alert….there is nothing interesting will happen soon…yug putting ointment to kali… its only us glue it to the show that’s why..


  19. My gosh… How can leela says that Kali is little mentally ill that why she is telling everyone that she is marry to Yug…and Yug also listening to that…how can she tell that sage after what she did to save Yug ….I’m pretty sure this women will never going change….so I’m also agreeing that Kali will not win sat…?

  20. NIce drama wow awesome thank for sharing

  21. Thought to stop watching this show but again decided to watch it 😛 I think Leela will turn positive n maybe she may tell Yug the truth but I hope by then it’s not too late, btw awesome precap 🙂

  22. yeah nice drama…
    even I feel the same fatarjao…
    I guess on the 7 th day as per the challenge. .kali wont be able to prove her innocence n as the result she has to leave. .n at the least moment. .dadi should stop kali saying”ruko”..then she must spit out the truth…waiting for the dramaaaaaaa:)

  23. So……boring everything is same in ztv? same thing like kkb there dadi here manjari there pragya here kali,tanu gouri here fighting for yug there also same fighting for abhi …trick will be some what diffrent?? every serial are same?? same dragging?? here writers can’t think in any diffrent way ?? every serial are same oly and theyl make track also same ????? now i think vishkanya also becoming the same track of this?no.. 2 boys fight for 1 girl(tashan e ishq) or 2 girl fight for 1 boy (kkb,kala teekha,ye vada raha(now fighting for over)) writers please think diffrently) or ..guys tell me some nice serial other than this same track dragging ??

    1. watch kuch rang pyaar ek aise bhi or may be ekdv…

  24. Hey guys it’s so stupid. Leela said to maharaj she didn’t find who is inside in that parada. No one are identify kali voice including yug. It’s so disgusting yar. Kali not win today also Leela told her bahu is gouri

  25. U guys forget like Kali [having to act all good & sincere] so does Gauri, have an act to follow. Dont judge on a fictional show. It is after all a ‘show’ so keep that in mind. Thanks

    1. By the way…. We r not judging here… We know it’s fictional show…. We only commenting for that character only… Not the actual actress… And when it comes to a gauri… I’m asking honestly… Do think she acting?????kali improve a lot in her acting but gauri I don’t wheather she angry, sad or happy…..she didn’t even know how to show emotion in face….that u calling act????hmmm.

    2. Not only kaali n gauri have an act to follow risha.every each character in de serial has their own act to follow… everyone here is juz discussing about de serial scenes n de flow not more than dat i guess.no hurt feelings.Chill!cant wait for next epi. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. really gori is a devil .How did she dared to blame Kali a lower caste .i hate her so much

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