Kaala Teeka 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Mad says to Manjiri your sister is lost in the echo of that slap. You are not my sister from now. Manjiri says please forgive me. Mad says don’t do this drama with you. You are just my husband’s other wife now. She leaves. Manjiri is in tears. Kalyani overhears all this.
Kalyani comes to Manjiri, tears wont help. Kalyani says mad has to listen to me. she calls mad. Mad says yes? Kalyani says you have to apologize your sister. I want hatred to end in this house. Manjiri is your elder. You are younger and you have made the mistake. Ask for her pardon. I won’t listen anything else. Mad says I am sorry. Forgive me. Manjiri hugs her and says i don’t need your apology. Mad says done. May I go now?

mad says I had to apologize that manjiri. She will take

everything and her kali. I and my daughter will have nothing. Me and Gauri will become servants. Their papa will love kali now, wont love kali. Gauri is hearing all this. Mad says what will happen to me and gauri.
Kalyani says to swami there is no love in this house. He says we will bring it back here. I will convince vishwa. And you should talk to mad. i have hope in Manjiri and Kali. You know Kali said to me that she will convince neel to talk to me. manjiri says can I come in. Kalyani says yes. Manjiri says this is your room. I had to ask permission. Kalyani says you are the only good one in this house. We have hope in you. Manjiri says I came here to apologize for what you had to see in this house. Swami says its better that we saw it. Manjiri says I am glad that you are back. when elders are with you. You never lose your direction. keep your prayers with us. Swami says you all have that.

Manjiri comes to gauri and says why are you sitting alone? Gauri says papa will only love kali now. gauri says no you are your papa’s princess. Gauri says and kali? Manjiri says kali is your friend. If your papa loves her a little will that lessen yours? No. Love is never abated when shared. don’t think about all this. Manjiri leaves.

Kalyani plays a monkey toy in the store. she says that was other day when you had key vishwa and I was monkey. I didn’t know kali would have this fate. Now see how her fate becomes a curse for you. She picks up the toy and kisses it. Kali sees her and says what is she doing with this toy? What is she concealing?
Kalyani gives manjiri arti. Kali says neelu you said you wanted to meet your papa. See he is here to meet you. then why are you mad. manji maa says when you get something you should take it. Neel looks at swami. He touches his feet. Swami says stay happy. He hugs neel. Swami says i bless you both girls as well. What you said, you did it kali.
He gives her a stone and says color it, I will plae it in the temple. Kali colors the stone. She says the color has ended. I need a little more. Kali collides with Vishwa, her colored hand are stamped on his clothes. Kali says I am sorry. Kalyani says its okay. Go and play. Swami says the lines of her hands on your kurta. She has a fate. She is blessed. That is what i was thinking, since i have come here why i feel so good when i see this girl.
This is not an ordinary girl. And her fate will lighten up yours as well. You will be grateful to this girl.

Precap- Vishwa sets his shirt on ablaze. He recalls what Sawai said.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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