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Scene 1
Kali gives milk to Naina and she doesn’t take it. Kali says Pavitra its the favorite milk. We will give it guard uncle. Its the favorite chocolate milk though. Naina takes the mug. Kali and Nandu smile. Naina throws it away. Naina says you are not my family or parents. When my friends get to know what will they say? They will make fun of me. Naina goes out. Pavitra says mama don’t worry I will make her drink when she is alone.
Storm is raging on. Manjiri is walking on the road. Kali calls her and asks how are you manji ma? Are you coming home? Manji says yes I am coming. Kali says how is that man? I prayed for him. Manjiri says he is fine. She says in heart how do I tell you Kali who he is.

Kali is crying in her room. She recalls what Naina said. Manjiri comes

in. Kali hugs Manjiri and says Manji ma naina is so mad at me. She isn’t eating or drinking anything. My heart is aching. She is going away from me. I can’t live without her. Manjiri says don’t worry. She got to know about it now. Her reaction is natural. Your love and your care will bring her back to you the way she was. Don’t take stress. Kali asks how is that man? Manjiri says he is fine. Manjiri says in heart Kali is already worried for Naina I can’t tell her about him right now. She will be more stressed.
Manjiri is worried and scared all night. She says what new storm is coming now God.

Scene 2
Next morning, Naina wakes up. She sees breakfast in front of her. No one is there. Naina picking it up. Kali is peeking from the door. Naina recalls what Jakturi said she throws it away. Naina takes the trolly out. Kali says Naina come with me. Naina says mama leave me. Kali says shut up and come with me. She takes Naina to temple and says ask God. I made you asleep all night. I cried for your pains, I sang you lullabies. Yes I didn’t give you birth but I really love you. I swear to God I am your mom. I gave you everything you asked for. I can’t live a moment without you. Don’t go away from me. Nandu says Naina she didn’t give you birth but she struggled for you. Sacrificed like every mother does. She loved and took care of you and God is witness of it. Naina says who ram ji? She taught me about ram ji. When she isn’t my mom Ram ji isn’t my God. Naina runs. Kali says Naina wait stop. Kali is crying. Nandu hugs her.

Leela comes back home. Kali says you saw how she reacted? I don’t wanna lose her. Leela says I have faith in your motherhood. She won’t go anywhere she will come back to her mother. Kali touches her feet. Leela says stay happy. Jamna says its devri’s death anniversary today. I want to do pooja for it. Leela says whatever he was he has died now. He was your son. You can do pooja for him. Manjiri says in heart how I tell them he is alive.
Naina and Pavitra are walking down the stairs. The voice says shove her. She isn’t your sister naina. Pavitra says lets go didi. Naina says I won’t do this just shut up. She accidentally shoves Pavitra. Kali runs towards her. She saves pavitra.
Doctor calls Manjiri. He says can you come to hospital? Manjiri says I am coming. Nandu asks what happened? She says doctor called me. He says should I come with you? Manjiri says no no I will manage. He says okay come soon. Its anniversary pooja today.

The doctor says can you call someone from his family? she says no one. Doctor says parents.. anyone? Devri comes and says I have no one. Manjiri turns towards him. She is dazed. Devri says I am going. He leaves. Manjiri goes after him. His head hurts. Doctor says he can’t survive like this. Do something. Manjiri says I did what I could. Its not in my hands anymore. Devri falls on the floor and faints. doctors pick him up.
The pooja is going on. Nandu says to Kali sit with me in the pooja? Kali says you know I won’t sit. He had nothing to do with me. NAndu says he is my brother. For his soul we can do pooja. Kali says I won’t sit in this pooja. Pandit ji asks nandu to place the grains on roof for birds. He leaves.
Doorbell rings. Kali opens the door. Its manjiri. Devri comes with her. Kali is dazed.

Precap-Jamna sees devri. Kali says how can I trust this man? He goes out. Devri looks at Naina.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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