Kaala Teeka 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kaali and ram see the Ram’s servants. Ram hides. Kaali says where are you ram ji? Who will take me home? Manjiri is looking for her. Manjiri sees kaali. They hug each other. Ram sees them from the car and smiles.
Manjiri asks kaali how did all this happen? Kaali tells her everything from beginning. Kaali says don’t cry manji. Ram ji saved me. He gave me new clothes and food as well. Let me meet him. Then we will meet gauri and bady papa everyone.

Inspector says to Vishwa i have to take finger prints around the locker. Vishwa says yes find him so I can punish the thief.

Majiri says in temple that house is not my house anymore. Pandit says if you fight against the waves they will take you back. don’t fight with fate. Manjiri says but i can’t

stand injustice. My daughter kaali, i cant see her in pain. I will get her love and justice. Pandir says i dont know what you are talking about but you have to go in direction of waves and do your work as well. This is how its done. Manjiri says but my daughter. Shouldn’t they be punished? He says everyone pays on time for their sins.

Police is investigating. Jethi wonders what to do. Jethi throws down some jewelry. Mad is blindfolded. she sasy give me all the jewelry.
Kaali says to manjiri lets go home. How is Gauri? and bady papa neelu? If he is mad even then i will convince him. ram said how to get love. Lets go home. manjiri says what is written in her fate. but i know that i have to save her and for that i have to take her away from her. But is it right to separate kaali and gauri?

Neeli has brough aquarium for gauri. He says gauri will like it. jethi says you really care for her. Vishwa comes downstairs. Neelu says i brought this for you. Gauri says i cant even see. Bring kaali then i can see. If she doesn’t come then i will never be able to see. Neelu hugs her and says i will tell you what fishes we keep in there. He says I will even walk in fire for my daughter.

Kali and manjiri are on road. Kaali says i wanna go home. i miss gauri. when i was asleep i saw a dream that gauri is calling me.
Vishwa goes to temple and says don’t do this to my daughter. Today i have vowed. I did this and got Gauri. Take my life but giver her vision back. Manjiri recalls kaali being punished.

Precap-Manjiri says who will i fight in my own house? i have to take this plunge.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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