Kaala Teeka 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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The episode begins with KaYu sitting near a bonfire inside the jungle hut
Kali worries about her family members who will miss her. Yug assures her he will inform them ASAP
Outside it is raining, thundering and lightening .
Kali notices yug was little scared of lightening. He agrees he was scared of it. Kali says there was nothing to be sacred of lightening one should be scared of losing loved ones .
Yug asks what is more important. To lose loved ones or not being able to tell some one that you love him / her
Kali says both were equally bad

On the highway the vehicle the Jhas and Purohit were travelling stalls, Vishwa says they had no option but to wait it out in the car
Madhuri says they will surely search out kali otherwise that girl will make puchi pai’s

would be husband into not to be husband .
Gauri makes a face

In the jungle hut Kali teases yug and scares him by screaming RATS !!
They have a tom n jerry chase inside the hut .
Finally yug captures Kali and pins her to the wall, they have eyelock
Sajnaaa… Plays in BG

They feel hungry , Kali aska him to tie a tight rope on his stomach. He will not feel hungry. Yug asks does it help ?? Kali says she has done it many times
Yug feels so sorry for her n assures no one will even trouble kali ever again he, manji ma were there for her

KaYu play sitti bitti game with black and while stones
It is like truth n dare .Its kali’s turn and yug asks her of she even loved any one Kali confesses she loved Ram Ji
She gets emotional , while they are busy playing a portion of thatched roof capsizes .Kali screams and alerts yug and pulls Yug to safety .
The fallen thatched roof catches fire from their bonfire
Next morning KaYu wake up sitting close together leaning on each other
They wake up and decide to leave for home .

In This accident Kali’s bachpan ki nishaani slips out of her neck
Its a finger ring she searches for it frantically
Yug asks what was she looking for ?? She does not reveal. But continues to search He asks what was it that she was u able to reveal ?? Was it a boyfriend thing ??
Yug them notices a ring. He recognizes that ring , it is the same one he had given to his childhood love when they were dressed as Ram Sita
flashback of childhood cute Ramleela scene is shown .
Yug identifies it and kali notices that he recognized that nishaani
Yug confronts Kali and she steps back fearing his wrath for hiding facts from him .
As kali is about to run off yug grabs her wrist and pulls her back to face him . Kali
Stares at him as he says TUM HI MERI SITA HO !!
You were the one I was waiting for so many yrs !! Tell me !! Do not hide anything from me !!

On the highway Vishwa thinks kali will not break his trust .
He calls up Yug’s home , leela takes his call and informs Yug was not at home he had gone out for party .
Madhuri over hears this and is scared KaYu might be together . Her heart is sinking .Vishwa says leela might be right Kali might be alone some where while Yug might be with his friends afterall .

At jungle hut Yug says right then in childhood he had considered her his Sita for life and this ring on her person proved she too had considered him her Ram for life .he waits for her affirmation but Kali remains silent Teary eyed
Yug says so many years have passed , it seems it happened only yesterday . He asks what was she hiding from him ?? He was finding this unbearable .

They get flashback of their childhood ram leela scenes where they played Ram n Sita .
Kali says she could not see him heart broken. Yug asks her to speak the truth .kali says their truth was unacceptable for society. They Have no control over the circumstances .
Yug asks why did she hide this fact from him ??
Kali asks him not to say things which were hurtful now
Yug asks why did she not tell this to him earlier ?? Why ??
He holds her by her shoulders ? Kali says nothing can change now .
Yug asks Nothing ??
Yug says if that is what she thinks then if she suffers, he too will suffer with her .
Kali says she will remain his friend. Asks him for that ring.She was attached to that ring .
Yug refuses to give her back that ring as it was too personal to be given to a friend .He walks off leaving Kali teary eyed

Precap for tomorrow
Hauri confronts Kali on her reaching home
She accuses she harbored feelings for yug from the beginning and was just looking for a chance to spend the night with him. Madhuri looks at Kali with hateful eyes while badke papa is furious
Kali is stunned with gauri’s accusations

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. I hate u gauri!!!kayug were awesome love them!!!

  2. Oh my goodness that was a great episode except for the end though but loving it!!!!??

  3. Hate Gauri 4 shouting at kali. Stupid Girl. Kalyug scenes were the best.

  4. Finally they confessed indirectly..kaali cud have told reality..bt i think nw since yug attitude has been temporary n foecibly chnged he will romance with gauri n maybe marry her(n maybe at marriage what fatarjo n others r saying comes true)

  5. Finally the truth has been revealed? but one thing 4 sure is that Kali is going to be scolded to da highest degree?? .Hate gauri and vishwa?.
    For kayu hope Manjiri sets everything right so that kayu can fight for their love??.

    1. I completely agree with you Maya

      1. Ohh?meiyah sister.thanks

    2. Yeah but there is one more truth to be reveal which Kali birth chart….I hope this blash into gaur’s wedding…

  6. Finally yug came to know that kali?? was her sita.I hate gauri nd precap!!?? nd now plz call kali not kaali.

  7. N guys please continue ur respective ff bcuz i think soon there r chances for show to shoe less kayu n make it boring

  8. Yupp..dey both luk soon cutee !!! *___*

  9. Gauri you are selfish. ..

  10. im soooo feelin sorry for yug cuz he may end up at the shitty end of the stick…..cuz dont matter what kali will sacrifice for gauri and her mind is made up on that but sadly she ll convince yug to do the same and because he luv her he will marry gauri….hope cvs surprise us and dont make it a typical drama but instead show the 2 who actually in love end up together than wait for the end of the serial to do so

    1. I’m hoping the same…

  11. Gauri is one selfish girl

  12. wowwww….!!!! kayu scenes were awesome!!! ???

  13. Oh nice episode! !!☺?????????

  14. Today’s episode was soooooooo goooooooood , KaYu scene were superb aj ke episode ne mera dil hi khush kar diya luckily I watchd Kaala Teeka today , best episode till now . And precap Gauri just hate her and her dad , but today’s episode was awesome

  15. I’m getting more and more tense what is that gona happen?….after what gauri said in the precap…if Kali still want to sacrifice her love for gauri…. Is not a god idea…kali has to realize no matter whatever she does gauri or viswa r not going accept her in their family….

  16. wooow…
    sOooprb … Awzm…. kali nd yuh….
    plz unite kali nd yug…
    i dnt lyk it gouri….

  17. ab to maaza hi nahi aaa raha hai yaha twist hi nahi ho raha hai to maaza kya.

  18. Gauri is too damm selfish n cant do nothing for herself atleast kali find the love of her life n she should marry him for her since she does everything else for u gauri

  19. I loved todays episode…I wish instead of uniting kali and yug at the end of the show…why can’t they unite them now?…please writer give us surprise…don’t give us shock pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. that gauri need lesson…I hate her.

  20. Hate u gauri!
    But awesome episode ???

  21. i guess now gauri should slp her and her hands should imprint then yug will see n gt firocious..n 2-3 more such moments kaali should realise tht not evn gauri is on her side n tell yug tht he only is her ramji xD

    although tht wud hurt kaali bt latter help her to realize.. n kayu 4eva

  22. If Gauri will slap Kali,Kali should defend herself and leave the house with manji maa.Make a new life and forget everything including Yug.

    1. I agree with u….but yug has step like man and fight for their love ….if he ask Kali, she never going to accept her love.

  23. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally yug and kali know that they both have feelings for each other since childhood…. woowooo…..?????

    But hate gauri, how can she even think that…????????

  24. I think gouri’s anger is correct only…
    Since yug met kali so many times and told to her only that he loves her voice.at that she doesn’t even confess her love he told everything about childhood days at that time also she doesn’t even confess her love but she tried to unite gouri before talking with vishwa about gouri’s marriage.
    and then also she tried to unite gouri and yug..in the engagement also..after all gouri told kali about her love about yug after all this kali only made gouri to love yug ?. ..Since Every time kali s telling like always tell truth … y this kali made gouri shud b heart broken because of kali???

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