Kaala Teeka 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa points pistol at Manjiri. vishwa says to Kali this is all because of you. I should kill you first. Rocky attacks Vishwa and the gun falls from his hand. Manjiri says gauri go bring Yug. Vishwa looks for his gun.
Leela says where has Kali taken her. Leela says to Gauri tell us the truth. You didn’t learn after paying so much for your sins. I am shattered. I made a mistake by helping you. I was blind in my great grandson’s love. You kept accusing Kali. I called her murderer and got her kicked out by her husband. I stayed quite. God punished me because I helped a sinner like you. Gauri says Yug, please try to understand. I did all this for you. I really love you. Yug slaps her.

Inspector comes in and tells them that Vishwa and Prohit fled. But police is working,

you should be careful. Vishwa says that means Kali and Naina are kidnapped by them.
Manjiri and Kali are running. Vishwa hits Manjiri’s head with a rock. Kali says Manji ma.. Are you okay? Manjiri almost faints. Manjiri says go away from here. Vishwa comes there. Vishwa says where would go you now Kali? He has the revolver. Manjiri says run Kali. Vishwa stands in front of Kali. Vishwa comes towards Kali. Vishwa points the gun at her. He points it at Naina. Kali faints. Vishwa says she fainted already. Its won’t be fun to kill them now. but Kali you have to die. You will die and tell you ram ji that he lost from Ravan this time.
The caravan from temple is coming there. vishwa hears a lion roaring.
Manjiri gets up and sees a trishun there. Manjiri hits Vishwa’s hand with the trishun. The gun falls. Manjiri says till I am alive you can’t harm my daughters. Vishwa says you think you are powerful with this trishun. Manjiri says power is in the mother. If you try to harm my daughters I will kill you. Vishwa says you are a wife. You can’t harm your husband. Manjiri says I am a mother too. I won’t think once before killing you. He picks up his gun. Manjiri attacks him.

Manjiri sees Kali injured. she says Kali get up. She Naina is fine. Vishwa picks Naina and throws her away. Manjiri and Kali scream. Vishwa laughs. Kali runs after Naina. Naina gets hung my a tree. Kali tries to get her down. Vishwa says no one can do anything. I am safe. Kali catches Naina. Kali kisses Naina. Vishwa says I won’t leave this Kali and Naina. Manjiri picks up the trishun and says you saw you can’t harm my Naina. See the power of God. Niana is fine. Manjiri attacks him more. Vishwa recalls throwing Naina in river. Manjiri attacks him more. He falls.
Vishwa falls in a ditch he digged for Naina. Manjiri cries. Manjiri is crying and sobbing. Kali says Manji ma we saved Naina. Why are you crying. Manjiri says I am so unlucky. I killed my own husband.

A man comes there. He sees Vishwa’s body.

Precap-Kali says control yourslef. tHe man is coming towards Vishwa. He takes out a cloth and puts it on his wound. He sees Vishwa’s blood.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Arey year atiba please update fastly????

  2. Goooood slap yug keep it up at least a bit change in your behaviour?

  3. Y don’t you make Kali singer….. initially it was shown like that…plz make Kali singer

  4. I hope he dies in that hole

  5. Enzama Stella

    Well done yug. Vishwa repent or else you will die like a dog

  6. Angelk1

    This is just stupid. Where is nandu?

  7. Vishwa is dead, Nandu is the next baddie once he gets cured

  8. Good yug gauri really need a slap now reunite kayu

  9. Now gauri realize her mistakes and live yug for kali.and make kali yug and naina happy family.

  10. If Yug and Kali reunite, I’m not watching this serial after that. Who says a woman should bear so much atrocities because of religion, rituals and marriage and then live happily ever after? If those things are so relevant, then why the heck did Yug sleep with his sister in law in the first place? Didn’t he break the sanctity of the bond? Then Kali should be free to move in with her life and find happiness…..and not with Yug….. Kali’s whole life was fixing the wretched Jha’s family mistakes , so it’s time she spread her wings, and start a career in singing because she was a fine singer in the beginning. Her song used to make my hair stand on ends for her voice was awesome. So it’s time for a new storyline….i say.

  11. After all that has happened, if the writers make Kali go back to Yug and accept him happily, they will be portraying Indian women as helpless with no self respect.

  12. madhushree mandal

    let yug lose kali once after knowing the whole truth then he will understand her worth becoz if this time also yug gets kali very easily then he will never realize his mistakes never & ever. after yug’s realization of his mistakes they can reunite them before that plz. don’t make them one. plz. i am fadeup of seeing yug’s habit of never believing kali.pata nahi phir kay khel gauri dikhayagi phir yug kali ko phir disbelief karaga phir wohi …. oh God !
    Plz. Jab tak yug ko sach mein ek bara lesson na mila usa sach mein usski galti ki realization na ho tak yug aur kali ko ek na Kara plz. Barna yug phir sa wohi galti dohorayaga.

  13. The writers are blo*dy stupid idiots and they will portray what the viewers don’t want to see – so they will continue to portray Indian women as helpless and stupid and we the audience as biggest fools!!! And writers are in their opinion can write whatever rubbish that are illogical with no consequences on them – what a sad state of affairs on ZeeTV

  14. If Kali and yug reunite then naina shud take by gauri, afterall naina is her daughter and leave Kali and yug to live happily and have their own child….

    1. Kali can’t have children due to the fall. I prefer kali gets mania and yug gets guari.

  15. First yug has to realize his mistakes and value of kali in his life then only reunite kali and yug

  16. Yug have to bear all the punishment for not beliving kali then only reunite kayu

  17. Yug need to know the value of kali in his life and kali had to give punisments to yug if he realize all his mistakes then only reunite kayu

  18. Make Kali singer….let her leave yug for gauri

  19. Whatever yug has done to kali.each and every pain of kali he has to face and if kali forgive then they both live happy life.

  20. Is it naina is yug daughter….if it s thn how gauri becum pregnant, anybody
    knows plzzz update comment here…

    1. According to the show it happened when she drugged him.

  21. Is it naina is yug daughtr? If it s then how gauri got pregnant? I don’t understand plz anybody know update comments here….

  22. I know yug had change but if kali and yug love each other truely then reunite them

  23. End the charater of gauri all this things happening in kali life becoz of gauri.and reunite kayu once again

  24. Yug never belive kali but it is all becoz of gauri and vishwa.and in all indian serial this type of situation had shown.to give back kali her selfrespect yug has to bear all the problems of kali but reunite them

  25. It is kali mistake also that she trust gauri when yug want gauri to stay away from their life.but this time it is yug mistake that he belive gauri so he has to face all the problems face by kali and when kali forgive yug then reunit both of them.I like nandu but not as kali life partner

  26. If nandu is kali lifepartner instead of yug and same thing happen becoz it is all misunderstanding by gauri eatlier yug also good he change becoz of that vishwa and gauri.yug should not get kali easily he have to bear punishment for his mistake but dont nandu make kali lifepartner he is good but as friend

  27. But Kali have that apple to give a child to yug and their family…

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